[Accommodation Review] – Airbnb – Myeongsu’s Apartment (2-Bedroom Apartment), Jeju-do, South Korea (26 – 29 Nov 19)


Myeongsu’s apartment is a little isolated, on a quiet part of Jeju (Airbnb link to Myeongsu’s apartment). There are some orange plantations near Myeongsu’s apartment. However, if one is driving around Jeju, Myseongsu’s apartment is great for exploring Jeju as it is near a highway. The apartment is located around 15 to 20 mins drive from Jeju Airport and around 30 mins drive from Jeju City. There is a convenient store at the end of the street, about 15 mins walk from the apartment. I like the peacefulness created by the quietness in the surroundings of Myeongsu’s apartment.


Myeongsu’s apartment is located in this building in Jeju

The Apartment

Myeongsu’s apartment is a 2-bedroom apartment with two toilets, large enough to fit a party of six. The modern decor apartment has a total floor area of 99m² and is very comfortable to stay in.


Entering through the main door in Myeongsu’s apartment is a patio with large cabinets for our shoes. The patio is fitted with senor which lights up whenever we are in this area of the apartment. Another screen door separates the patio to the living room.

Living Room

The living room in Myeongsu’s apartment is minimalistic decored and is very spacious. The living room is decorated with wooden floorings and stone feature wall that makes this part of the living room feels very cosy and comfortable. There is only one three-seater couch that can be converted into a sofa bed and a TV mounted on the wall. At the far end of the living room is a three-panel floor to ceiling glass window, which allows a good amount of natural light into the living in the day. At night, the living room is brightly lited with the combination of lighting from the ceiling lights and the feature wall where the TV is mounted. A fake wall cum shelving separates the living room from the kitchen and dining room.


Living room in Myeongsu’s apartment

Kitchen and Dining Room

Separated by a semi fake wall that doubles up as a shelf, the dining room is well equipped with everything one needs to cook up a decent meal. There is a large fridge at the entrance that provided us with more than sufficient space to store the drinks we bought during our stay in Myeongsu’s apartment.  A small dining table with seats for four pax is placed in the kitchen where we had our snacks at night. Inside the kitchen, next to the fake wall is the entrance to the indoor laundry yard. Despite being in Korean, the washing machine cum dryer is intuitive to use. Myeongsu also provided washing detergent for guests should they want to wash their clothing.


Kitchen and dining room


Indoor laundry yard next to the kitchen

Master Bedroom

The Master bedroom in Myeongsu’s apartment is fairly large. The master bedroom is furnished with one queen-size bed and one single bed allows up to three pax to be accommodated in the room. The sleep quality on the beds is superb, allowing us to rest well after a tiring day of exploring Jeju. Opposite the beds are three large wardrobes where one can put away one week’s clothing for three pax. Myeongsu is also very thoughtful in providing ample hangers in the wardrobe. There is no lack of power outlets in the master bedroom. All power outlets in the room are well placed for guests to charge their lifestyle devices. There is also a good amount of lighting both from the natural lightings, thanks to the large windows in the room, and from the ceiling lighting.


Master bedroom in Myeongsu’s Apartment

Second Bedroom

The second bedroom in Myeongsu’s apartment is located next to the kitchen, to the right from the patio. The second bedroom is furnished with a queen-size mattress laid on the heated flooring, ensuring guests stay warm during colder months.  There are two wardrobes in the second bedroom, allowing the two guests staying in the room to hang out one week’s worth of clothing. Similar to the master bedroom, there is no lack of power outlets in the second bedroom and all power outlets are very well placed for guests to charge their lifestyle devices.


Second bedroom


Master Bathroom

Entering a door that separates the master bathroom from inside of the master bedroom is a small powder room for guests to put their cosmetics as well as to doll themselves up. Some shelvings in the powder room give guests ample space to stow their cosmetics. Through another door inside the powder room leads guests to the master bathroom. The bathroom has both a wet and dry area. The bathroom has both a shower booth, with both rain shower and regular shower head, and a toilet as well as a sink area. Myeongsu provides the shower essentials for guests staying in the apartment.


Powder room


The dry area inside the master bathroom


Shower stall inside the master bathroom

Second Bathroom

The second bathroom is accessible from the living room, next to the second bedroom. Similar to the master bathroom, the second bathroom has both a wet and dry area. The shower booth is larger than that in the master bathroom and is equipped with both rain shower and regular shower head. The dry area in the second bathroom has both a toilet and a sink. There is ample space for guests utilising the second bathroom to place their toiletries. Myeongsu also provided all the shower amenities needed for one to shower in the second bathroom.


Second bathroom

The Host

Myeongsu is an excellent host. He is very responsive to communications via the Airbnb app. Months before our trip to Jeju, I have been communicating with Myeongsu, generally enquiring about the apartment. Myeongsu replied within minutes of my messaging with answers that cleared my doubts. Myeongsu also texted me via the Airbnb app giving clear instructions on how to get to his apartment and how can we gain entry into his apartment on the day of our arrival. He was concerned if we had any problems in getting to his apartment and if we were comfortably settled in. Myeongsu even remembered that we wanted to have Korean BBQ that I have mentioned to him months ago and recommended some restaurants with maps and directions on how to get to these restaurants when we got to Jeju. I messaged Myeongsu at around 11pm regarding some of the facilities in his apartment on our first night and Myeongsu responded almost immediately.


Myeongsu’s apartment is very cosy and comfortable. The apartment is large enough to host up to six guests comfortably. There are numerous TV programmes on the TV in the living room, however, most if not all are in the Korean language. Myeongsu’s apartment is a tad far from the nearest town or city, but a convenient shop about 5mins drive allows guests to get some essentials. The apartment is near expressway, making it a good base to explore Jeju by car. Myeongsu’s apartment has ample parking space for guests to park their rental car. Myeongsu is an excellent host who is responsive to messaging via the Airbnb app. I would recommend one to consider Myeongsu’s apartment only if one is planning to explore Jeju via driving around.