[Accommodation Review] – Hilton Sukhumvit Bangkok (King Executive Suite), Bangkok, Thailand (24 – 27 Jan 19)


Hilton Sukhumvit Bangkok Signage


Hilton Sukhumvit Bangkok is situated on Soi 24 along Sukhumvit Road, which is the main artillery in downtown Bangkok. The hotel is situated slightly outside the city centre, which brings the advantage of missing out on the traffic jam that has plagued downtown Bangkok. The hotel is located within 3 minutes walk from the nearest BTS station, making access to downtown Bangkok as well as other parts of the city very convenient. There are a couple of upscale shopping malls within 4 mins walk from the hotel. Soi 24 also have a couple of convenient stores nearby the hotel as well as massage parlours for guests to enjoy Thai massages.

The Suite

Hilton Sukhumvit Bangkok has four types of rooms for guests to choose from, namely Deluxe Room, Junior Suite, Executive Suite and Presidential Suite. I stayed in the King Executive Suite with a total floor area of 77m². The choice of grey and earthy colours that runs coherently throughout the King Executive Suite at Hilton Sukhumvit Bangkok feels cosy and comfortable. The minimalist decor of the suite is functional, with every piece of furniture serving a purpose instead of being placed for ecstatic reasons. The view from the suite that I stayed in is superb. The King Executive Suite generally has three areas.


View of Bangkok from the living room of the King Executive Suite I stayed in

Living Room

The living room is the first area that greets guests as one enters the suite. The decor of the contemporary styled living room exudes a sense of earthiness together with a minimalist feel that makes every furniture in this room functional. To the right of the main entrance to the Executive Suite in Hilton Sukhumvit Bangkok is a small ledge that guests can use to stow their luggage or as a sitting area to put on their shoes. Next to this ledge is the mini-bar area, with a small fridge well hidden into the wooden cabinet. Further into the living room is a large work desk that comes furnished with a very comfortable chair. There are multiple outlets at the work desk including ports that allow guests to connect their computer directly to the television. Guests staying in this Executive Suite in Hilton Sukhumvit Bangkok do not have to worry about the different power sockets as all the outlets come equipped with international power outlets.

Opposite the work desk is a small table which I find very functional. It seems that Hilton Sukhumvit Bangkok to be deliberately kept empty for guests to put small items on. I put my day’s shopping at this table. Further into the living room is where guests will be greeted by the lounging area. This part of the living room in the Executive Suite of Hilton Sukhumvit Bangkok is furnished with a three-seater couch and a couple of armchairs. A large wooden coffee table forms the centrepiece to the lounging area. There are also a couple of side tables on either side of the couch, giving guests ample space to stow their smaller items. Mounted on the wall that separates the living room and the bedroom is a 42″ LED TV, placed opposite the three-seater couch. There is no lack of entertainment options on the television. Guests can find the major international channels as well as lifestyle channels on the TV. The choice of colour in the living room feels coherent and looks very classy and comfortable.


The centrepiece of the lounging area is the couch set, which is comfortable to sit on


There are two entrances to the bedroom on either side of the wall that segregates the bedroom and the living room. The earthy and cosy decor in the bedroom extends from the living room, giving me a sense of comfort. The first thing that I see as I entered the bedroom is the King bed that is tucked by the wall. Draped in crisp white clean sheets, the King bed was firm providing an excellent sleep quality. However, I did not have a great sleep on the first night of my stay as the pillows provided are a tad too soft for my liking. Hilton Sukhumvit Bangkok has a selection of pillow menus, that one can request online after making their booking at the hotel’s website. The hotel was able to provide a firmer pillow on my request the next day, where I had great sleep quality on the King bed after that. Placed on either side of the King bed are a couple of bedside tables with power outlet conveniently placed for guests to charge their lifestyle devices. Above the bedside tables are a couple of night lamps mounted on the wall as well as a reading light on either side of the bed.


The King bed in the bedroom which provides excellent sleep quality

Opposite the King bed, mounted on the wall that separates the bedroom from the living room is another 42″ LED TV with the same channel selection as the one in the living room. I find the distance between the TV and the bed to be just nice.


The 42″ LED TV in the bedroom


The bathroom in the Executive Suite in Hilton Sukhumvit Bangkok can be accessed from the bedroom. The moment one enters the bathroom, a wardrobe area would come into the path of the guest. This small area carved out as part of the bathroom comprises three wardrobes. The wardrobe next to the entrance to the bathroom allows guests to hang their clothes. An iron and ironing board is hidden in this wardrobe. The other two wardrobes are tucked into the wall opposite the door to the bathroom. There is a wardrobe with shelvings that allow guests to store more clothing. The in-room safe is also found in this wardrobe. The other wardrobe is a tad weird. There isn’t any shelving fixtures or bars for the hanging of clothing. This wardrobe, next to the one with the shelvings, seems to meant for guests to put away their luggage. There is another ledge on in this part of the Executive Suite for guests to stow their luggage on. I thought placing the wardrobe area inside the bathroom is a thoughtful design as guests staying in this suite can conveniently change into their clothings after showering.

Walking past the wardrobe area, the thing that caught my eyes is the large bathtub, placed next to a large glass that looks out to the bedroom. Opposite the bathtub is the sink area, featuring double sinks allowing two guests to use the sink at the same time. There is ample space at the sink area for guests to stow their bath amenities. The choice of marble inside the bathroom makes this area look posh and luxurious. The colour scheme used inside the bathroom is also coherent with the colour scheme used throughout the entire King Executive Suite.

Further into the bathroom are two cubicles. The cubicle next to the sink is where the toilet is located. I am pleasantly surprised to find a bidet controller inside the toilet. The toilet seat is constantly heated as well. The other cubicle next to the toilet and beyond the bathtub is the walk-in shower. There are both rain shower and regular shower heads inside the walk-in shower.

The Executive Lounge

Guests staying in the King Executive Suite are entitled to access the Executive Lounge in Hilton Sukhumvit Bangkok. The Executive Lounge is located on the 4th floor in the hotel. The Executive Lounge is decked in earthy tones which enables guests to feel relax in the bustling city of Bangkok. As a guest of the Executive Suite, I am given complimentary breakfast in the lounge. However, should I choose to have my breakfast at the restaurant, there will be charges incurred. Other than breakfast (running from 6.00am to 10.30am or 11.00am depending on the day of the week), Hilton Sukhumvit Bangkok also serves Afternoon Tea (from 2.00pm to 4.00pm daily) and Evening Cocktail (from 5.30pm to 7.30pm daily) at the Executive Lounge. The lounge is opened daily for guests to chill out and enjoy drinks outside these timings. This is a great place to rest and chill out from the warm weather or after a day’s shopping in Bangkok.

The breakfast served at the Executive Lounge has quite a spread, though I suspect it might be a scaled down version compared to the restaurant. However, there are options from western to oriental to local variety for breakfast. One of the advantages of have breakfast at the Executive Lounge is the crowd is much thinner and I was able to enjoy my breakfast without having to rush or queue for food.

Afternoon Tea served at the Executive Lounge was a much simpler affair. Guests are treated to a variety of Tea as well as an assortment of sweets such as cakes, macarons and scones. Evening Cocktail has more spread of food with salad, quesadilla, tacos and pizza. The hotel also serves up four choices of cocktail during this timing.


Food offering during Afternoon Tea

Swimming Pool

There is an infinity pool situated on the rooftop of Hilton Sukhumvit Bangkok. The pool overlooks the two nearby shopping malls. There is a Jacuzzi function at one corner of the salt water infinity pool. Though the pool isn’t big, guests at Hilton Sukhumvit Bangkok are still able to do some decent laps in the pool. There are numerous suntan chairs around the pool, however, only a handful are great for suntanning. There is a poolside bar by the pool, offering mostly drinks and some finger food.


Located next to the swimming pool, Hilton Sukhumvit Bangkok is also equipped with a small gym, which is accessible to guests 24/7. Despite being small, the gym is well equipped with the standard gym machines that allow guests to do some decent workout. Some of the gym equipment includes stationary bikes, treadmills, weights and weight machines.


The service in Hilton Sukhumvit Bangkok is impeccable. Every staff member I met in the hotel displayed the warm hospitality that the Thais came to known for and would try their best to make guests feel comfortable staying at the hotel. The good service I experienced started the moment I alighted from the cab, where the porter at the front door is ready to take over our luggage and have them delivered to my room. By the time I reached my suite, my luggage is already in the suite, such well oiled and seamless operations go to show that Hilton Sukhumvit Bangkok focuses a lot on guest comfort and convenience. I was assisted by a staff member – Mos during check-in. Mos was very personable and warm. The first thing she asked was how’s the flight and proceeded to find out if I have been to Bangkok. She seems to be ready to recommend places for me to visit, while at the same time processed my check-in. Mos noticed that I booked into two different categories of rooms, and took the initiative to upgrade my room to the suite that I will be staying to ensure that I will not be inconvenienced during the transition between the two rooms.

The service at the Executive Lounge is generally good, except for the last day of my stay at Hilton Sukhumvit Bangkok. For the first two days of my visit to the lounge, I received warm welcomes from the staff assigned to work at the lounge. The staffs are always very observant and left no empty plates are on the table for more than 2 mins. During cocktail service, the staff took the initiative to introduce to me the food and the cocktails that are available. During breakfast, the observant nature of the staff continued to be present. However, things seem to break down on the last day of my stay during breakfast time. Staffs were seldom seen in the lounge. The egg station was left empty for an extended period of time. There were no coffee mugs available for guests to grab a cup of coffee from. Food was not replenished and many were left empty. Empty plates on my table were not cleared, even when I distinctively saw a staff member of the lounge noticing the plates are being stacked up, but chose to ignore the empty plates.

Despite the unpleasant experience at the Executive Lounge on the last day of my stay, some of the background staff delivered great service. I called the operator a few times to request for additional shower amenities and ashtray, the items that I requested for were delivered within 5 mins of my call. I chanced upon a housekeeping staff and requested for additional coffee and sugar from her. Despite being busy cleaning up the room next door, the staff put down what she was doing and passed me the things I requested with a smile, and at the same time checked with me when she can clean up my suite. The diligent housekeeping staffs worked hard to ensure that the Executive Suite that I was staying is clean and fresh every day when I returned to Hilton Sukhumvit Bangkok after exploring the city in the day.


Friendly staffs at the reception who are always seen with a smile and ready to help guests


Hilton Sukhumvit Bangkok was well appointed in Bangkok. With the close proximity to the BTS station as well as to two big shopping malls as well as numerous small shops around, the location of the hotel makes it a great place to stay when visiting Bangkok. The spacious Executive Suite that I stayed in was cosy and comfortable. The design and the furnishing in the suite all made sense. The sleep quality on the king bed in the suite was excellent. I had great night sleeps on the King bed every night (less the first night when I find the pillow a tad too soft for my liking). The service rendered by the staffs in the hotel was superb starting with the staff at the lobby and the reception. Despite the minor hiccup in service at the Executive Lounge, where it appears the staffs were disinterested in providing any form of service, the service in the hotel remains exemplary. Hilton Sukhumvit Bangkok lives up to the promise of satisfying customers during their stay as it says on the card in the suite that I stayed in. I highly recommend this hotel to anyone travelling to Bangkok.