[Accommodation Review] – Marina Mandarin (Marina Bay Suite), Singapore (24 – 26 Mar 17)

The facade of Marina Mandarin


Marina Mandarin Singapore is located in Marina Centre, right in the centre of Singapore. The hotel is connected to the Marina Square Shopping Mall and is also well connected to other nearby shopping malls such as Suntec City and Raffles City. Marina Mandarin is situated right in front of the Marina Bay area, next to the Esplanade Theatre. The hotel is accessible to 2 MRT stations, making it convenient to access anywhere else in Singapore.
Interior of Marina Mandarin Hotel
Marina Mandarin Singapore is located above Marina Square Shopping Mall

The Suite

I checked into the Marina Bay Suite, which is facing the Marina Bay area. The expansive 66㎡ suite is the 2nd most luxurious suite in Marina Mandarin, just one category below the President Suite. The suite makes up of a living room, a bedroom and a bathroom.

Living Room

Guests would find themselves in a large living room upon entering the Marina Bay Suite in Marina Mandarin Singapore. Immediate to the left side of the spacious living room is the dining area. Designed by the wall is the mini bar, where guests would be able to enjoy complimentary drinks and snacks, topped up daily. There is no lack of storage space for guests who prefer to bring their own snacks. However, there is only one power socket at the minibar area which is to be shared between the Nespresso Coffee Machine and the electric kettle. The glasses and mugs are found in the rightmost cabinet in the minibar area. The fridge is found inside the left most frosted glass cabinet in the minibar area. There is a small glass round table with 3 chairs, serving as the dining table by the mini bar area.
The dining area of the Marina Bay Suite
Minibar area in the Marina Bay Suite
All the contents in the fridge are complementary and are topped up daily
Complimentary snacks
The hotel even gives complimentary signature pineapple tarts, but these are not topped up daily

Further into the classy decorated living room is the couch area. There is a generous 3 seater couch placed close to the balcony in the living room. A single-seater armchair is placed next to the 3 seater couch. Diagonally opposite the couch is a large flat-screen TV, placed on top of a TV console. As the TV console is placed on the TV console, there is no swivel function on the TV and guests would have to shift the TV to angle it to face the couch. There is a glass top coffee table placed between the couch and the TV console.

Spacious living room in Marina Bay Suite
TV console and the entrance to the bedroom from the 3 seater couch in the living room of Marina Bay Suite
Armchair in the living room, next to the 3 seater couch
The interior of the Marina Bay Suite seem a little dated with the analogue switches for air conditioning
Living room in Marina Bay Suite

Further into the Marina Bay Suite, placed in front of the floor to ceiling glass panels separating the living room and the balcony is a work desk. The work desk is of a fair size, sufficient for one to do some decent work on. There is a small cabinet tucked by the wall side where one can find the telephone and a complimentary mobile phone on top of this cabinet. There are 2 power sockets hidden in a ledge on the work desk. However, these sockets are used to power the table lamp on the study table and the charger of the mobile phone. There are no additional power sockets in the entire suite.

Work desk in the living room, just before the balcony in Marina Bay Suite
The work desk is rather big. A copy of the newspaper was placed on the table when I checked in. The newspaper was not replaced daily
There are limited power sockets in the entire suite. There are only 2 power sockets at the  work desk but both are used for the desk lamp and the complimentary mobile phone in the suite
Telephone and a side cabinet at the work desk
Marina Bay Suite guests are provided with a  mobile phone that one can make complementary calls locally and selected countries. Guests can also enjoy 4G network on this phone


The Marina Bay Suite in Marina Mandarin Hotel has 2 balconies, one of which is located in the living room and the other is located in the bedroom. Despite being next to each other, these balconies are separated by a solid wall, which means there is no access from the balcony in the living room to that in the bedroom. The balcony in the living room faces Marina Square Shopping Mall and one will be treated to views of Marina Bay from the balcony. The balcony in the living room is decked with 2 chairs and a table, whilst the balcony in the bedroom has no furniture placed in it.
The balcony at the living room with chairs and table
View of Marina Bay area from the balcony
Balcony in the bedroom, which is bare and has no furniture


The double panel large wooden door opposite the 3 seater couch separates the living room from the bedroom. Entering the bedroom, guests will be greeted by a large King-size bed with a bedside table on both sides of the bed. The king bed is very comfortable to sleep on and I fell asleep shortly after lying on the bed and felt very refreshed the next day. The sleep quality is excellent and the pillow is of the right firmness. There is an armchair placed next to the king bed, in front of the floor to the ceiling glass panel that separates the bedroom from the balcony. Diagonally opposite the bed is another TV console with a large flat-screen TV on top. Left from the entrance to the bedroom is where one will find the bathroom and a dressing area. A 2-panel wardrobe is placed opposite the entrance to the bathroom. The wardrobe is a tad small for travellers who prefer to hang their clothes and will be staying there for more than 1 week, as the capacity is rather small. There is a cabinet with 3 glass drawers on the left panel of the wardrobe, capable of storing more clothing folded up. An in-room safe is placed on top of the 3 drawer cabinets. Further into the suite, next to the wardrobe is a small power area. Here is where one can find a huge ledge for one to place large luggage on. There are 4 large drawers beneath the ledge. In the corner is where one can find the dressing cum power table.
King bed in the bedroom
TV console in the bedroom
Armchair in the bedroom by the balcony
Phone and clock by the bedside in the bedroom of Marina Bay Suite
Wardrobe and powder area in the bedroom
The right closet is for the hanging of clothes. The space is rather limited
The right closet has more storage and an in-room safe
Powder area in the bedroom


The spacious white marble laden bathroom is enclosed with frosted glass, giving it a very clean and bright feel. Entering the bathroom, the walk-in shower separated by the glass is the first thing that greets guests in the Marina Bay Suite. There is only a regular shower head in the walk-in shower. Next to the entrance of the bathroom is a single sink with loads of storage area for additional toiletries that guests might bring with them. A bathtub sits next to the sink, in the furthest end of the bathroom. The bathtub seems rather low, however, when soaked in it, one would find it rather spacious. The toilet bowl is located next to the bathtub and opposite the sink. Even the toilet bowl seems a tad low.
Entrance to the bathroom
Walk-in Shower
Sink area
Bathtub and toilet bowl
Marina Mandarin provides quality bathing amenities for their suite guests

Meritus Club

Guests staying in Marina Bay Suites in Marina Mandarin Hotel are entitled to visit the Meritus Club lounge located on 21 floors of the hotel. The dark wooden themed lounge is a rather comfortable place to hang out. The lounge maximises the use of window to allow guests to sit by and relax. There is a substantial amount of dining and sitting area in the lounge. Guests get to enjoy breakfast, afternoon tea and evening cocktails in the Meritus Club. As the lounge has a no children policy, the lounge is exceptionally quiet and a great place to chill. The food served during breakfast is a scaled-down version of what is being served in the breakfast restaurant, however, guests get to enjoy the breakfast without crazy queue and at a peaceful environment. The hotel serves sandwiches and pastries during their afternoon tea time and a selection of local food as well as some finger food together with wine and beer are available for guests during the evening cocktail at the lounge.

Meritus Club is located on the 21st floor of the Marina Mandarin Hotel
Plenty of seating in Meritus Club
A more dinning area in Meritus Club
Snacks are available all-day
More snacks for guests in Meritus Club
Afternoon tea
Evening cocktail
Evening cocktail
Evening cocktail
Buffet area in Meritus Club

Swimming Pool

The swimming pool in Marina Mandarin is located on the 5th floor of the hotel. The hotel has a mineral pool, which means the chlorine content in the pool is rather low. This is a great place to swim, with the amount of sunlight one can get at the pool and the poolside area. There are a large number of suntan deck chairs around for guests to enjoy themselves at the pool. There are several gazebos by the side of the pool for guests to enjoy at no extra charges. The pool itself is rather big and has a depth of 2.5m at the deepest end of the pool.
Entrance to the swimming pool on the 5th floor
Mineral swimming pool
A small pool for children
Great place for suntan at the pool area
Hotel facade at the swimming pool


Gym in Marina Mandarin is located on the 5th floor of the hotel. The smallish gym has a few treadmills, stationary bicycles and an area for weights. One can still get a decent workout at the gym despite its size. Throughout my stay at the hotel, the gym usage is rather low as it is empty most of the time (including no staff manning the gym).
Entrance to the gym on the 5th floor
Gym in Marina Mandarin hotel
Some gym equipment
Weight area in the gym on level 5


Guests in Marina Bay Suite has the option of having breakfast at Aquamarine Restaurant. The restaurant is large with heaps of sitting to cater for the guests in the hotel. There is a huge selection of food from local dishes to the more international dishes available for breakfast in the restaurant. As the restaurant is halal certified, no pork is served in this restaurant. The quality of the food served is good and flavourful, however, dining here for breakfast can be a nightmare due to the number of guests coming here for breakfast.
Breakfast in Aquamarine Restaurant
There is a huge variety of food for breakfast

Guests staying in Marina Bay Suite also have the option of having their breakfast in the Meritus Club. The variety of food for breakfast is limited in the lounge, however, the quality of the food is good. Having breakfast here means one does not have to crowd with the rest of the guests at Aquamarine Restaurant. However, the chef at the egg station seems to be producing a lacklustre quality of eggs. I ordered pouch eggs with no mushroom, which usually comes with a muffin, but was given just the pouch egg with hollandaise sauce. My friend’s sunny side up came with egg yolk that is damaged.


Breakfast in Meritus Club
Breakfast in Meritus Club
Badly made eggs by the chef who does not seem to listen to guests and shabby effort in making eggs


The service in Marina Mandarin is impeccable. The staffs make me feel welcome and are eager to do their best to satisfy my requests. I requested for baby cot and baby bath amenities before my checking into the hotel, these items were already placed in the suite when I enter. When I requested for extra towels from the housekeeping department, the items were brought to my suite without me having to wait for too long. The staff who delivered the items to my suite were always smiling.

The great experience in Marina Mandarin started with the moment I stepped into the hotel for checking in. The staff at the concierge processed my check-in without me having to wait unnecessarily, after which I was escorted by another staff – Vivy to my suite. Vivy was very friendly and introduced me to the various facilities in the hotel. She even recommended me to try out the Meritus Club lounge during evening cocktail time for the food that will be served. At the suite, Vivy introduced the facilities inside the suite.

Whilst at the lounge, I met with one of the staff Maria, who was as welcoming as anyone else I have met. She kept on checking if I need more food or drinks during afternoon tea. Maria cleared the empty plate on my table as soon as I left my table. Maria was attentive and friendly. She shared with me her experiences working with the hotel and recommended me to return for an evening cocktail. Chatting with Maria is like chatting with a friend.

I am surprised by another staff at the lounge, Richie, who seems to have a photographic memory. My interactions with Richie was minimal and he only asked for my room number. I was surprised the next day, Richie recognised me and even welcomed me back to the lounge despite the short interaction time. This showed that Richie is very observant to all the guests who come into the Meritus Club Lounge.

Nurjarnah the housekeeping staff who made up my suite during my stay is a gem in the hotel. She kept the suite clean and tidy, ensuring that I have a clean and comfortable suite to return back every morning. Nurjarnah also smiled and greeted me whenever I saw her at the corridor. There were a few occasions I went up to her to request for additional bath amenities, despite her being busy cleaning up another room, she always smiled and fulfil my requests. When I apologised for disturbing her work, Nurjarnah assured me that I wasn’t disturbing her at all.

The star of the hotel during my stay got to be Vignes, the Duty Manager. Vignes was very welcoming and went all out to ensure that my stay was comfortable and without incident. Vignes will always come up to me and chat whenever he saw me around in the hotel. Chatting with Vignes is like chatting with an old friend. Vignes shared with me his experiences working in the hospitable industry and running a hotel from his perspective. I learnt a lot chatting with Vignes. Vignes never fail to check if everything is okay during my stay in the hotel and would get things sorted out whenever I made requests to him. Vignes even took the trouble to find me in the lounge to check if he can do anything to make my stay at Marina Mandarin more comfortable before he knocks off during my stay in the hotel. On the day of my checking out, Vignes came to my suite and bide me farewell. He personally processed my check out swiftly.


My stay at Marina Bay Suite in Marina Mandarin Hotel is a great experience. Despite showing signs of ageing in the suite, the suite is very comfortable and well maintained by the staffs in the hotel. The view from the balcony in the suite is superb, great even when sitting in the balcony relaxing. The suite is very spacious and the sleep quality is excellent on the king bed in the bedroom. The staffs are very friendly and welcoming and they are not stingy with their smiles. My guests and I had a great time in Marina Mandarin and I highly recommend one to check out Marina Mandarin.

Atrium in Marina Mandarin Hotel at night from the floor I was staying