[Accommodation Review] – Furama Villas & Spa Ubud Resort (1 Bedroom Villa), Bali, Indonesia (27 – 29 Jul 12)


The villa is located in one quiet area of Ubud, central Bali. Ubud is also mainly used for rice cultivation and hence the terrain around the villa is mountainous, the climate is slightly cooler due to the higher altitude. Within the resort, one can find some rice plantation, which seemingly is in the hotel grounds. If one is looking into immunising oneself in the arts and crafts of Bali, the location of this resort is perfect. The Ubud town is around 15 mins drive from the resort, which the resort provides regular drop off and pick up service from Ubud Town.

Resort signage that welcomed us upon our arrival

The Villa


The villa that we stayed in comes with a small garden, a private pool and a building where one would find the bedroom and bathroom. Upon entering the doors to the villa, one will be greeted with a small garden with a massage gazebo tucked in one corner. There is a small walk path from the main door to the villa building. The garden is simply landscaped but does provide a refreshing and comfortable view each morning guests wake up.

The garden that leads to the villa inside the private compound
Massage gazebo which massage can be arranged in the privacy of the villa

Private Plunge Pool

From the garden to the left of the villa, one will be able to locate the private plunge pool. The pool is rather large and sufficient for one to do some serious swimming. However, the water is a tad cold perhaps due to the higher altitude of the location of the villa. There is also a statue by the side of the villa as decor, this statue pours water into the pool and will be switched off by nightfall. There is also jacuzzi function at the side of the pool, nearing to the suntan chairs. The pool is fantastic for a dip should the sun be a little hotter. There are a couple of tanning chairs in the villa, outside the door leading into the bathroom of the villa, however placing the chairs under the shade make suntanning not possible. We shifted the chairs to the pavement leading from the main door to the villa to get the best spot for a suntan.

Suntan chairs by the door to the bathroom
Suntan chairs and the entrance to the pool
Balinese statue by the pool

Dining Area

Outside the villa is a small dining table with 2 chairs are placed in the front porch of the villa. There is a sink at the side of the porch providing convenience to guests staying in this villa. This dining table also provides a great view of the pool, allowing one to grab some chow whilst swimming.

Dining area in front of the main door


The bedroom is rather simple in decor. The four posture king size bed forms the centrepiece of this part of the villa. The bed is comfortable and provides a great quality sleep for nights when we were in the villa. There is also a vintage dressing table by the side of the bed. The air conditioning in this area of the villa is a bit weak that we did not close the netting that comes with the bed. There are also limited power points for one to charge their electronic gadgets. The LCD TV is placed at a counter opposite the bed, which enables one to watch TV from the bed. There is a single-seater armchair in the left corner of the room, by the door into the villa. From the placing of the armchair, it seems to suggest that the armchair is for one to relax in and not to watch TV. The entrance to the bathroom is directly opposite the bed.

Four posture bed in the room
Comfortable bedding in the villa
Hotel logo on the bed runner
Nice touch on the bed and the flower is being changed daily


The bathroom is huge and features an indoor area and an outdoor area. The indoor area has a huge bathtub. The Bathtub is so large that it can double up as a small swimming pool for kids. Due to the large size of the tub, it takes a while to fill up the water. Beside the tub, nearing to the entrance from the pool is where one will find the sink. The sink area is rather small for guests to store their toiletries. The shower is located outdoor, behind the villa. This outdoor shower has some stones on the ground to provide foot massages for guests. The toilet bowl is just opposite the bathtub.

Huge Bathtub
Sink area
Bathing amenities, which is being topped up daily
Outdoor shower area


Service is fantastic in this villa. First of all, despite us arriving at around 10 pm, the staffs sprung into action and welcomed us immediately. We were served a welcome drink, despite being late at night while our check-in is being processed. Checking in was a breeze and we found ourselves being driven by buggy to our villa is no time. The staff took time to explain the different features of the villa. We were also being informed to not hesitate to ring the reception should we need any help. Guests were given options either to have their breakfast in the villa, which staff are always glad to take our orders, or in the main restaurant. Even with the huge assortment of breakfast being served, the staffs are never stingy with their smiles.

Service in this establishment is so impeccable that even the housekeeping staffs were always wearing smiles whenever we walked past them. There was an occasion we went to the villa in the midst of making up, the staff were still smiling and asked if there are any requests that we would like to make. It is difficult to fault the housekeeping staff with their high standards of cleanliness, as they ensured no corners are left uncleaned.

Breakfast in the villa by our private plunge pool


The location of the villa is far away from the usual tourist congregation area of Kuta beach, it is also a distance away from the Ubud centre, however, it does provides guests with the tranquillity and allows guests to enjoy a different side of Bali. The hardware is well maintained and provides guests with both maximum privacy and excellent sleep quality. However being outdoor themed, there are bugs at night around the villa. Service is top-notch in this establishment and not once I come across a grumpy looking staff. Excellent property and excellent Staffs.