[Accommodation Review] – W Hotel (Marvellous Suite), Sentosa, Singapore (18 – 21 May 19)


Signage and Main Entrance to W Hotel Sentosa Cove


Nested in the Eastern end of Sentosa Island, an island to the south of Singapore Mainland, W Hotel Sentosa Cove is a tad inconvenient to get to compared to the rest of the hotels on Sentosa Island. In fact, it is the most secluded hotel on Sentosa island. However, W Hotel Sentosa Cove provides regular shuttle service to other parts of Sentosa Island as well as mainland Singapore. There are numerous restaurants next to the hotel as well as two supermarkets and a 24-hour convenient store near the hotel.

The Suite

I checked into the Marvellous Suite, measuring an expansive 80m². The suite has several main parts: The Living Room, the Bedroom and the Bathroom as well as a huge balcony.

Living Room

Opening the main door to the Marvellous Suite in W Hotel Sentosa Cove, a short walkway leads guests into the living room. On the right of the walkway in the Marvellous Suite is where the mini bar area is located. The mini bar is designed to conceal inside the cabinets. Opening the panels, the top shelf is where one finds a Nespresso Machine, electric kettle and some snacks. Below the shelf is a cabinet where a small fridge is hidden. All mini bar items less the coffee and tea are chargeable. W Hotel Sentosa provides sufficient bottled water, thoughtfully placed throughout the suite for guests to hydrate.


The walkway into the suite

The living room is located at the end of the short walkway into the suite. Decorated with purple flower motives, the living room is a both chic and a practical place for guests to hang out. The main part of the living room in the Marvellous Suite in W Hotel Sentosa Cove is furnished with a large curve beige coloured leather sofa, which sits several guests comfortably. There are also two chrome stools on either side of the sofa with an ankle height large coffee table in the centre. Further in one corner of the living room, near to the door to the balcony hangs two cage theme light, which further adds sophistication to the decor of the living room. The living room looks cosy, thanks to the clever usage of soft lightings. Opposite the sofa is a large 40″ LED TV mounted on the wall with numerous channels, international and local, keeping guests in staying in the Marvellous Suite entertained. There are also some drawers by the wall where the TV is mounted for guests to store small items.


The living room is located at the end of the walkway from the entrance to the suite


A large curved shaped sofa in the living room with chrome stools and a coffee table


Opposite the living room is a 40″ LED TV


Connectivity panel beside the TV in the living room

A fairly large work desk is also found tucked onto the wall next to the entrance to the bedroom in the living room of the suite. The work desk is a tad more simple in decor, creating space for guests who needs to work on the desk. Here is where staffs of W Hotel places four bottles of drinking water daily to keep guests hydrated.


Work desk in the living room of the Marvellous Suite at W Hotel Sentosa Cove


View of the entire living room with the work desk from the balcony


The entrance into the bedroom is located between the TV and the work desk. The bedroom is decked out in floor to ceiling glass panels, when the curtains are opened, provides views of the marina as well as the WET Pool. The moment I entered the bedroom, an egg-shaped hanging chair in the room caught my attention. This chair is comfortable to sit in and the placement of this chair is not obstructive in the bedroom. There is a small walk-in wardrobe located behind the door to the entrance to the bedroom. The space in the wardrobe is generous for guests to hang out their clothing, coupled with a three-tiered drawer, of which only two are usable, providing guests with ample space to store their clothing. The in-room safe is found in the top drawer, keeping valuables of guests safe while they are out of the hotel. Inside the walk-in wardrobe is where a cloth steamer (first time I saw one in a hotel) as well as iron and ironing board.


The egg-shaped hanging chair in the bedroom is the first thing that caught my eye.

The centrepiece of the bedroom is the king bed, which is very comfortable to sleep in. However, I do find the standard pillows a tad too soft for my liking. W Hotel Sentosa Cove provides an extensive pillow menu for guests to choose to further enhance their rest on the bed. The wall feature on the headrest comes with several mood lighting, which screams chic in the decor of the bedroom. Beside the bed are two bedside tables which guests can place their lifestyle devices for charging. There is another 40″ LED TV in the bedroom. The placement of the TV in the bedroom of the Marvellous Suite is rather thoughtful. As the bed is facing the WET pool, the TV is placed in a way that guests are still able to watch TV on the bed, but not obstructing the view of the surrounding from the bed.


King bed in the bedroom of the Marvellous Suite in W Hotel Sentosa Cove


Mood lighting in the bedroom


The TV is placed in the bedroom without obstructing the view of the surrounding


Pillow menu


The Marvellous Suites in W Hotel Sentosa Cove are equipped with one and a half bathrooms. There is a toilet by the entrance to the suite, where guests of occupants can utilise without going into the main bathroom located in the bedroom. This toilet has a toilet bowl and a sink. Despite being an annexed toilet, the decor in the toilet is rather chic.


Chic guest toilet

The main bathroom is another centrepiece in the entire suite. The bathroom, located inside the bedroom is very spacious. The first thing that caught my attention entering the bathroom is the large jacuzzi tub placed one corner of the bathroom. With large ceiling to floor glass panels and blinds that can be drawn for privacy, the bathtub is placed with a view of the WET Pool. There is a small ledge mounted on the wall where guests can place small items on. The bathtub is also placed with a view of a 26″ TV hanging from the ceiling of the bathroom.


Large Jacuzzi tub in the bathroom


Guests can watch the TV in the bathroom while soaking in the bathtub

The bathroom has two sinks, which provided convenience for both guests in the suite to use without the need to fight over who uses the sink first. The spacious sink has ample storage space for guests to place their toiletries. W Hotel provides quality Bliss bath amenities for hotel guests, and this is the only hotel that I have stayed so far that provides facial wash on top of the usual shampoo, conditioner and shower gel for guests. Guests staying in the suite rooms are provided with large size amenities.


Double sink in the bathroom of the Marvellous Suite. I like the design of the lighting on the mirror

Next to the sink and behind the bathtub are two cubicles, sharing one glass panelled sliding door. On the left is the shower cubicle which not only has the standard rainshower head and a regular shower head, it is also equipped with a body shower head, which is rare in hotels. The shower cubicle is very spacious as well with ledges hidden behind the shower where guests can place their toiletries. The cubicle to the right is where the toilet is found in the bathroom.


Spacious toilet in the bathroom


There are two configurations of balconies for the Marvellous Suite in W Hotel Sentosa Cove. I called the hotel to state my preference for the larger L-shaped balcony (and was happy that this request was granted when I checked into the hotel). The L-shaped balcony, warped around the exterior of the entire suite from the living room to the bedroom, is spacious and provided me with excellent views of the marina as well as the signature WET pool in W Hotel Sentosa Cove. The balcony area next to the living room is furnished with a table and two cane chairs, with views of the marina, is a great place to relax and enjoy the tranquillity of the surroundings around W Hotel. The balcony area outside the bedroom, facing the WET Pool is decked with a day bed, which is also another great place to laze by watching hotel guests taking a dip in the pool. I highly recommend guests staying in the Marvellous Suite at W Hotel Sentosa to request for the L-shaped balcony.


Chairs and table furnished at the balcony area next to the living room with colour changing LED lighting


The entire balcony wraps around the exterior of the suite


Day Bed in the balcony area outside the bedroom

WET Pool

The centrepiece of W Hotel Sentosa Cove would have to be the free-form WET Pool. The pool is large enough to accommodate numerous guests to have fun in as well as guests who want to get a decent swim in. There are several floats in the 24-hour heated pool for guests to have fun in. At the sides of the pool is numerous jacuzzi area where guests can soak in if they choose not to swim. The placement of the sundeck chairs is excellent in that it provided direct access to the pool. W Hotel recently upgraded the pool facilities to include a tube slide which added more fun for the guests. I tried out the slide and found it to be rather exhilarating. There is a pool bar at the end of the pool for guests to chill out in the water. On top of that, guests can order poolside food from the staffs who are seen patrolling regularly around the pool in the day time to serve guests.


WET Pool in the evening


View of the WET Pool in the day


Hotel guests enjoying in the WET Pool


The FIT is the in-house gym in W Hotel Sentosa Cove is located on level 1, opposite the in-house AWAY Spa. FIT is one of the biggest I have seen in hotels and is well equipped with work-out machines, treadmills and stationary bikes, capable of ensuring guests having a great workout.


Opposite the gym is the in-house spa facility – AWAY Spa. This is where guests can get massage treatment. Hotel guests have complimentary usage of the facilities inside the AWAY Spa without having to purchase spa treatment from the hotel. Other than the usual sauna and steam room, the AWAY Spa is equipped with whirlpools and jacuzzi tubs for guests to use.


Whirlpool inside AWAY Spa


Jacuzzi in AWAY Spa


The service at W Hotel Sentosa Cove has improved tremendously since my last stay at the hotel six years ago (read about it here). This time around the service that I received throughout my entire stay was top notch, every staff that I met was very friendly and were always wear a smile on their faces. Vijay, the duty manager was the first person I met was during check-in. I was initially unhappy about the level of the suite that I was assigned to. Vijay quickly sprung into action and check if there is another suite with a higher level that he could check me in. However, due to the hotel running full capacity, there was no other suite available. Vijay patiently listened to my concerns spent time to address my concerns and assured me the suite was one of the best in the hotel. Indeed the suite that I was assigned too was one of the best in the hotel, with great views of both the marina and the pool. My initial concern was unfounded.

Dora, the staff at the reception made me feel welcome as well. As I was heading out to mainland Singapore, I requested for complimentary parking tickets. I initially requested for one ticket. Dora took the initiative to present me with two tickets instead, stating that in case I needed another ticket, I would not have to approach the reception again. Dora ‘s action indicated that she put herself in the guests’ shoes and suggested actions that would remove any inconveniences for the guests. After passing me the tickets, Dora even checked if there are any other concerns that she can help me to resolve. Dora was very forthcoming in her assistance and appeared to be ready to help guests.


The complimentary birthday cake by W Hotel Sentosa Cove. It even comes with three helium-filled balloons.

One team of unsung heroes in W Hotel Sentosa Cove was the housekeeping staffs. They always keep the rooms clean and tidy every day for guests to enjoy their stay and they did this with the limited time given. My suite was always clean and tidy in all corners, all amenities restocked every day after housekeeping. One of the housekeeping staff who tidied the Marvellous Suite that I stayed in is Alfiane. We met Alfiane a few times along the corridor and every time she was always wearing a smile (despite her work was tough) and was always greeting us. During day three of our stay, we returned to the suite early and found Alfiane was about to finish cleaning the suite. Alfiane spotted us and apologised for making us wait (despite not having to do that). She even asked if we needed any additional amenities. We approached Alfiane a few times while she was working on other rooms to request for additional amenities, Alfiane would always put down her work and attended to our requests. Other than Alfiane, we were greeted by smiling housekeeping staffs who brought the things that we request such as additional pillows, towels, bath amenities, ice buckets.

I called the Whatever/Whenever line several times to request for items.  One of the staff at the Whatever/Whenever line was Charlene. Charlene listened to my requests and ensured that my requests were being fulfilled. There was a time that I called and hung up as the phone was not answered after a while. I received a call back in the suite moments later, it was Charlene on the other line and the first thing she did was to apologise for making me wait too long. I was surprised Charlene would call back to check if there is anything she could help me with.

The staffs (unfortunately I did not manage to get their names) at the WET Pool were always smiling and diligently go about doing their jobs. I saw them walking around the pool to remove any rubbish on the floor and on the tables to ensure guests using the pool have a clean surrounding. I spotted occasions where the staffs actively help guests look for empty chairs by the pool and even moved some bean bags for guests to sit on when they couldn’t find any empty seats for the guests. The staff manning the slide was always seen wearing a smile despite the hot day.

The staffs at the main entrance to W Hotel Sentosa Cove were fantastic too. A few times I was heading out to the nearby eateries for food when these staffs saw me coming, they quickly rushed to open the door before I could do it myself. They were observant and swift in their actions. They welcomed me back to the hotel every time I walked past them.


My stay in the Marvellous Suite at W Hotel Sentosa Cove was indeed marvellous. The suite was spacious, comfortable and cosy. The decor of the suite is unique and practical. I had great nights of sleep on the King bed and the bathroom was stunning. The balcony in the suite provided with great views of both the marina and the WET Pool and is a great place to chill. This is my second time staying at W Hotel Sentosa Cove, the greatest change I saw was the service. Everyone in the hotel was always smiling and seem to be eager to ensure that guests had a great stay with W Hotel Sentosa Cove. Staff were attentive to guests and made me feel welcome. It is people like Vijay, Dora, Alfiane, Charlene and many more that I met during my stay that makes the stay in the hotel enjoyable. The service we received makes us want to come back to the hotel to try out other types of rooms.