[Accommodation Review] – Svelte Hotel and Personal Suites, Delhi, India (15 – 17 Jun 11)


The Svelte Hotel and Personal Suites are well-appointed on top of the Select City Walk Mall in Delhi. The shopping mall is also interconnecting with the Metropolitan Mall and DLF Place. There is no lack of eateries and shopping around the location of the Hotel. The nearest Metro Station is around 15 mins walk from the hotel.

The entrance of the Hotel
The shopping malls that are connected to the hotel
The shopping malls that are connected to the hotel
The shopping malls that are connected to the hotel
Select City Walk Mall

The Suite

Living Room

I checked into the one-bedroom apartment suite. Upon entering the room, a living room was immediately spotted. The living room comprises of a 2 seater couch and single-seater chair, together with a nicely designed coffee table. There is a large LCD TV placed in front of the living room. The design of the living room is very contemporary and the furniture placed inside is functional.  It doesn’t feel clatter nor one can find any useless piece of furniture in the living room.

Contemporary Living Room


Connected to the living room is a kitchenette, which has a stove and microwave oven.  It is sufficient for guests to do simple cooking. Together with the kitchenette, cooking utensils such as pots and pans are also available in the room. In between the kitchenette and the living room is a simple yet functional bar table for guests to do their dining. There is also a study table next to the kitchenette where one will be able to do some work and connect to the wired internet. Wireless internet is not available in this hotel.

Kitchenette and study area
Besides the study table are the microwave oven and the fridge


The Bedroom is situated after the Kitchenette area. This is where one will find the entrance to the bathroom. The design of the bathroom in this hotel again seem to scream of functionality, as with the other areas of the room. I find it a tad disappointing that the bathroom does not have a bathtub, instead, a walk-in shower was installed. Nonetheless, the walk-in the shower still does a great job in keeping me clean. There is also the toilet bowl, which is next to the walk-in shower and a sink area just opposite the toilet bowl. Directly opposite the entrance to the bathroom is the wardrobe and safe, for guests to stow their belongings.

Walk-in Shower and Toilet Bowl
Sink area


The centrepiece of the bedroom is the queen size bed. The bed is placed in the centre of the room and does provide an excellent sleep quality. Sleeping on this bed enables me to fully recharge from all the walking and exploring in India. The pillows are just nice and not too soft. There is also another TV in the bedroom, which is rather thoughtful as guests can relax on their bed while watching TV. There isn’t much furniture in the bedroom. All fixtures have a purpose. One can get a pretty good view of the shopping mall area from the bedroom.

Entrance to the Bedroom
Comfortable bed


Staffs in the hotel are very professional. They make a point to ensure check in is fast and so does check out. They also provided me with a name card of the hotel for me to show the cabbies in case they do not know how to get to the hotel. This is a very thoughtful gesture, especially for first time visitors to India.  The staff also greeted me whenever I walk past the reception and offered advice on what to do and see in Delhi. They are never stingy with information about Delhi and its attractions. The helpful staff even helped me secure a transport to the airport, and ensured that check out was fast as well.


The hotel surpasses my expectation of it. The room is functional and contemporary, the sleep quality is great. The air conditioning in the room is powerful to dispel the heat from the mid summer sun. The only thing I find disappointing is the lack of bathtub in the room. The hotel is conveniently located on top of the shopping mall, which is both easy to find (just have to tell cabbies which shopping mall you want to go) and also no lack of eateries and things to do around the hotel.