[Accommodation Review] – Moevenpick Heritage Hotel (Heritage Suite), Sentosa, Singapore (23 – 24 Mar 13)


The hotel is located in central Sentosa. It is within reach to most of the attractions on the island. The nearest Subway station on the island is a mere 5 mins walk. Despite the central location, guests would have to walk for at least 10 mins to the eateries and other attractions. There is bus service plying the island, however, the nearest bus stop is also a good 5 mins walk away. To get to elsewhere in Singapore, one would have to take the subway out of the island to mainland Singapore and venture from there. The location of the hotel is only good for those who wanted to just stay on Sentosa.

The Suite

Living Room

As I entered the suite, I was welcomed by the living room. The living room has a minimalist concept with a 2 seater couch, a cushioned stool and a small side table facing the LED TV. The lighting in the living room was rather cozy. The deco here is simple yet functional. There is access to the bathroom from both the living room as well as the bedroom.

Main door and the living area of the suite
2 seater couch in the living area of the suite
TV in the living area


The bathroom is large and has 3 sections to it. From the living room entrance to the bathroom, one can expect a walk-in shower by the door. There are rain shower head and a regular shower head in the glass cladded walk-in shower cubicle. Toilet cubicle, in half frosted glass, is located next to the walk-in shower. By the side of the toilet, the cubicle is a huge bathtub. An oversized sink with no lack of counter-top space is found opposite the bathtub. The hotel provides the essential amenities that one would find in any other hotels, however, I do find some degradation to the amenities provided. During my previous experience staying in a deluxe room in Moevenpick Heritage Hotel, Ferragamo bath amenities were given. This time around, despite being in a Suite, standard house brand bath amenities were provided. What I find ridiculous is the lack of facial towels. Unlike other hotels (even the 3-star ones), one would expect 2 face towels and 2 handkerchiefs, on top of the bath towels to be standard issue in the room. I found only 1 handkerchief in the bathroom. When queried, the answer I have gotten is that the hotel ran out of face towel. I also found a lack of racks to hang towels on in the bathroom. 

Walk-in rain shower
Sink area
Huge Bathtub
Entrance to the bedroom from the bathroom
Love the bathtub


Between the bathroom and the bedroom is a walkthrough wardrobe. The fixtures are simple yet functional. There are 2 types (in total 4) bathrobes in the room. The thinner more Japanese style ones and the thicker and more comfortable bathrobes. There is also sufficient space to stow away luggage in the wardrobe.

Walk-in wardrobe between the bathroom and the bedroom


The bedroom in the Heritage Suite is huge. In this part of the suite, the king-sized bed is placed by the entrance to the bathroom, and the TV cum refreshment area is at the other end of the room, by the door to the living room. The bedroom can be accessed via the bathroom or the living room. The size of the room is rather spacious and again the theme in the room is minimalistic, where the entire bedroom does not look or feel too clattered. The king bed is large and very comfortable to sleep in. There are 2 side tables by the bed where one can find the controls for the lightings and the blinds and curtains. The refreshment table has a Nespresso machine and a kettle for guests to boil water for the TWG teas that were provided in the suite. The mini bar fridge is hidden, yet accessible on the shelf where the Nespresso machine is stowed. beside this shelf is the working desk. Like most 5 star hotels, there are various connection ports for one to plug in their computer to the TV in the bedroom. When we checked in, we found some ants crawling on the work desk. not too sure if the hotel has upkeep the room properly, however we were lucky that there wasn’t a massive ant invasion in the room.

King-size bed in the bedroom
Complimentary minibar in the bedroom
Nespresso Machine in the bedroom
Complimentary Minibar

Crystal Lounge

I headed for the Crystal lounge to chill out a bit before hitting the pool. The lounge itself is small. There is only 1 staff at any time in the lounge multitasking, taking care of guests, making and serving drinks, cleaning up. Unlike some of the hotel lounges we have been to, this one is very small and feels unwelcoming by the decor. I was there for the evening cocktail, and the selection of food is pathetic. Maybe it is constrained by the space that does not allow the hotel to put more in the lounge. Perhaps the hotel can consider either allocating a bigger space for the lounge or remove the lounge.


There is also a small 24-hour gym just by the lounge. The gym has the standard weights, weight machines and treadmills. This underutilised gym feels like a waste of space, as we have not seen anyone using the gym during our stay there.

Swimming Pool

The pool is a great hang out place for one to soak up in the sun. The infinite pool is not too large nor too small. the size is just right for one to tan and take a dip. The unique thing about the pool is the see-through the glass at one end of the pool.

The decor of Crystal Lounge
Hotel Swimming pool

Breakfast was served at the Tablescale restaurant. the selection in the restaurant is rather limited, with the usual egg station, cold cuts, salad bar, fruits, bread and hot sections. I saw 2 guests asking about the price of the breakfast and they were told costs $40++. I thought at this rate vis-a-vis the amount and the quality of the food being offered, the breakfast is severely overpriced.


This is the second time I have been here, both times I am not impressed with the service with the hotel. I read upon checking in, Moevenpick Ice-cream will be served to guests to welcome them. However both times I was at the hotel, there was no ice-cream served. This time round I thought that they do not do that anymore. However, when I checked out, I noticed that ice-cream was served to the guests checking in. Such inconsistent treatment for guests is seriously frowned upon. How can this happen to a 5-star hotel?

The check-in experience was equally bad. I had to wait for the staff to answer the phone while she was checking us in. I thought that is rather disrespectful to the guests in front of her when checking us in. I had requested for a pool facing corner room and was told that the room assigned was a pool facing corner room. To my horror, I was assigned a room right opposite the lift and was in the middle of the corridor. I wonder did the staff who checked us in understood what I meant by corner room. What a huge disappointment. The view of the room that I was assigned did not face the pool, rather it was facing the check-in lobby.

This is not the only time I had a rather shocking service. I asked the housekeeping staff for some more shower gels, as the gels they gave is a rather small quantity, he gave us a shocked look and passed some to us, looking irritated after arguing that there are already some in the suite. After settling my stuff in the room, I headed to the Crystal lounge to check things out. Upon entering, the staff there gave me a rude look and told us to wait by the door while she checked with the lobby staff I saw her talking over the phone, guessing she might be checking if I am eligible for access to the lounge. This is rather rude of her to treat guests this way and she does not seem to know the rules of the hotel well, as I understand all heritage suite guests do have access to the lounge. The hotel should wake up and see how they can improve their service.

Other then these bunch of somewhat rude staffs, the rest of the staffs are rather welcoming and warm in their service. From the desk at the heritage wing to the other staff in the lounge to those at the Tablescale restaurant.


Overall the stay in the room was good but not great, due to the various negative encounters with the staffs. The hotel ought to relook into its customer service and offer a more consistent service. sleep quality is excellent and the soundproofing in the room was good. The other flaw is the view of the room, which is rather depressing to look at and privacy inside the room is only achieved with the curtain closed.