[Accommodation Review] – The Nibbana Villas (4 Bedroom Private Pool Villa), Bali, Indonesia (8 – 11 Aug 18)


The private pool and the gazebo in the villa


The Nibbana Villas is located in Seminyak area, an upscale and less crowded part of Bali, north of Kuta. The location of The Nibbana Villas is a tad far from Seminyak town centre, approximately 20 mins walk to Seminyak Square. However, the villa is within 5 mins walk to Bintang Supermarket, where a night market full of local food is located. Seminyak is also where most of the villas in Bali are located, mostly comes with their own private pool. The Nibbana Villas seem to share the same facilities as Jineng Villas. Visitors who might have difficulty communicating with their taxi drivers can quote the address for Jineng Villas. There is a small 24-hour convenient store across the road where The Nibbana Villas is located.


The walkway to our villa

The Villa

We booked a 3 bedroom villa, however, we were surprised to know that we were given a 4 bedroom villa upon our arrival. Since we paid for 3 bedrooms, the staff welcoming us during our arrival informed us that the 4th bedroom, located on the second floor will be locked. However, he is kind enough to let us view the 4th bedroom in the villa, which is slightly smaller than those rooms on the ground floor.

Garden and Pool Area

The villa that we booked comes with a private swimming pool. Walking through the 2-panel wooden door that serves as the main entrance to the villa premises, we arrived at the outdoor area of the villa. From the entrance, it is apparent that the villa is designed with the private pool as the centrepiece in mind. The building structures of the villa are built surrounding the swimming pool. There is a large gazebo placed near at one end of the swimming pool, near to the main entrance to the villa. This gazebo is a perfect place for those who are not swimming to relax in. The private swimming pool in the villa is quite big, occupying almost the entire real estate of the villa, with a few trees planted on either side of the pool. The size of the pool is perfect for its occupants to get a good swim or just to chill out when the day in Bali gets hot. There are a few pool size deck chairs placed around the pool for guests to rest onto while not swimming.

Living Room

The living room is the first room that is near to the main entrance of the villa. The entire living room is air-conditioned, which is a feature I wanted when looking for a villa for my stay in Bali. My previous experience in Bali was met with a war with mosquitoes, hence an enclosed living room for my friends and me to chill out becomes one of the factors when scouting for an accommodation for our trip to Bali. The size of the living room is excellent for us to chill in. The decor of the living is modern, yet comes with a touch of Balinese in the feature wall with the Balinese wood carving. A 3-seater couch together with 2 single seat armchairs (large enough to squeeze 2 persons on) forms the centrepiece of the living room. In front of the 3-seater couch is a coffee table large enough for us to play card games on and to put our snacks on. Tucked by the wall, in front of the couch is a TV console where the cable TV, as well as some books, is placed. The only hairdryer in the entire villa is stored in one of the cabinets in the TV console. There are a couple of chairs and a small side table placed behind the 3-seater couch by the wall, which provided additional seating space for the occupants of the villa. The living room has powerful air-conditioning provided great cooling for the occupants of the villa.


Living room in the villa


There are more chairs in the living room to chill out

The Bedrooms

The bedrooms in the villa are identical, except for the placement of the furniture inside the bedrooms. The decor of the bedroom is simple and the lighting in these rooms are bright. The villa uses yellow lighting in the bedroom which gives out a cosy and comfortable feel to the bedrooms. The air-conditioning in all the bedrooms are powerful enough to cool the room within a short period of time. The sleep quality on the king beds is excellent. My friends and I were able to get quality sleep on the beds.

Bedroom #1

This bedroom is linked to the living room with a wooden door separating the rooms. There is another door that faces the swimming pool where guests can gain access into the room. As we enter this bedroom, a king size bed that is placed in the centre of the bedroom caught our attention. The king bed is placed facing the main entrance to this room.  Bedside tables are placed on either side of the bed, each decked with a bedside lamp and power outlet, providing convenience for guests to charge their lifestyle devices and to put small items onto. Behind the king bed is where the dressing tables with a large mirror tucked by the wall at the corner with the exception of one of the bedrooms where the dressing tables are placed beside the bed. A large wardrobe with a safe is placed between the 2 dressing tables. I like the clever use of a headboard in this room as it divides the bedroom into 2 areas and allows access to the wardrobe behind as well as the dressing table. Hangers are provided inside the wardrobe. Despite being able to store a large quantity of clothing, however, there are no hanging racks inside the wardrobes. A TV, facing the bed, is mounted on the right corner of the room next to the entrance to the room. An armchair placed below the TV for guests to relax.

Bedroom #2

Bedroom #2 is located next to the kitchen and dining area. Unlike bedroom #1, the king bed is placed by the wall facing the bathroom as we enter this bedroom. Similar to bedroom #1, bedside tables are placed on either side of the bed, each with a bedside lamp and power outlet for guests to charge their lifestyle devices and to put small items onto.  The dressing tables with a large mirror tucked by the wall at the corner with the large wardrobe are placed beside the bed. Similar to bedroom #1, a safe is placed between the 2 dressing tables. Hangers are also found inside the wardrobe. The TV in the room is mounted on the left corner of this room, between the main entrance to the room and the bathroom. Similarly, the armchair for guests to relax in is placed under the TV.

Bedroom #3

The decor and placement of this bedroom are similar to bedroom #1. Bedroom #3 is the largest of the all the bedrooms. A king size bed, facing the entrance to this bedroom, placed in the centre of this bedroom immediately caught our attention as we enter the room.  Bedside tables are also found on either side of the bed, each with a bedside lamp and power outlet for guests to charge their lifestyle devices and to put small items onto. Similar to bedroom #1, the headboard separates the dressing area and the main resting area in this bedroom. Behind the king bed is where the dressing tables with a large mirror tucked by the wall at the corner. A large wardrobe with a safe is placed between the 2 dressing tables. Hangers are also found inside the wardrobe, but there are no hanging racks inside the wardrobes. We had to hang our clothes on the handle of the wardrobe. The wardrobe is large enough to store a substantial amount of clothing. The TV mounted on the wall to the left corner of the room and faces the king bed similar to the other 2 bedrooms. The armchair in this bedroom is placed in the right corner of the bedroom.

The Bathrooms

All of the bedrooms in The Nibbana Villas comes with an ensuite bathroom. The bathrooms in all the bedrooms are identical, with the only difference being the orientation of the facilities in each bathroom. The bathroom in all 3 bedrooms are bright and clean and is rather large in terms of the size. In all 3 bathrooms, the sink area is placed next to the entrance to the bathroom. The sink area is rather sizable with sufficient space for 2 persons to place their personal toiletries. On one side of the sink, one can find a power outlet mainly to charge electric shavers. The sink is placed in the centre of the sink area with a mirror hanging on the wall above it. In the centre of the bathroom is a large bathtub with Jacuzzi function. The tub is clean when we check in and the Jacuzzi function works very well. There is a walk-in shower next to the bathtub that has both a rain shower and a regular shower head. In front of the walk-in shower, next to the entrance of the bathroom is where one will find the toilet. The villa does not provide a full set of bath amenities, soap is provided instead of shower gel. However, toothbrushes are provided in The Nibbana Villas (some hotels do not provide toothbrush).

The Kitchen and Dining Room

Located between the rooms and in front of the swimming pool is where one finds the kitchen and the dining room. The villa uses an open concept for the kitchen and the dining room, likely to cater for cooking needs in the villa. Tucked by the wall of this area is a small kitchenette, fully equipped with 2 stoves, microwave oven, toaster and an electric kettle, allowing its occupants to do some simple cooking. This is also where the staffs of the villa come in every morning to prepare the breakfast that is included in the price of the villa. Along the same kitchen bench is a sink where one can wash their plates in. The villa is also fully stocked with plates and cutlery, sufficient for 8 occupants, to enjoy a decent meal in. There is a water dispenser, capable of dispensing hot (sufficient to make a hot cup of coffee), cold and room temperature water. I find this water dispenser very functional and saves us time to boil water. Next to the water dispenser is where a large fridge is located. The dining table is placed in front of the kitchen area, which is large enough to seat 6 comfortably. This is where the staff would serve breakfast every morning. There is a small stand-alone toilet beside the kitchen and dining area, which is very functional for the villa’s occupants.


The kitchen in the villa is fully equipped


Dining table with the fridge and water dispenser in the background


The service we received at The Nibbana Villas is nothing short of excellence. The great service started with the booking. As I booked the villa through a third party website and asked some questions regarding the booking. I was surprised to have received responses from the villa management. The reply was very prompt and the staff relentlessly answered all my queries. When I arrived in Bali, I received WhatsApp messages from the villa informing me that they took note of my arrival time and that the villa was ready waiting for our arrival at the villa. I was also given directions and the exact location of the villa. The staff responding to my WhatsApp messages even told me to give them a call should our driver got lost. I also received text messages from the housekeeping staff to confirm our arrival time. At the villa, we were greeted by a housekeeping staff, who introduced himself to us and showed us around the facilities in the villa. The staff helped us with our luggage, served us welcome drinks and took our order for breakfast the next morning. The same housekeeping staff, came in the next morning to prepare our breakfast and brought together with him another housekeeping staff, who are equally friendly and approachable.

The housekeeping staff are meticulous in cleaning the villa. We would always come back to a clean villa and tidy bedsheets. The housekeeping staff even changed our towels despite us not placing them in the bathtub every day (some hotels will only change towels when they are being placed on the floor or in the bathtub). The housekeeping staff always wore smiles on their faces whenever they bumped into us in the villa. They even helped us with our luggage on our departure date when the front of the villa was flooded. Breakfast is always served on time and the staff would prepare coffee and tea.


While the location of The Nibbana Villas is not central, my friends and I enjoyed the tranquillity of the surroundings that this location has to offer. Walking to Seminyak Square takes a little longer, but the presence of the nearby Bintang Supermarket more than makes up for the distance. For SGD1,300 for a 3 bedroom private pool villa that comes with breakfast, I thought The Nibbana Villas offer good value. The bedrooms are sizeable and the air-conditioned living room makes a great place for us to gather late at night without worrying about mosquitos. The swimming pool is rather big and the sleep quality on the beds are exceptional. The bathrooms in the villa are bright and clean and the Jacuzzi tubs gave us a relaxing soak. We felt welcomed by the warmth and friendly staffs who are also very helpful. I highly recommend The Nibbana Villas for visitors to Bali.

[Accommodation Review] – Holiday Inn Resorts (1 Bedroom Suite), Batam, Indonesia (26 – 27 Aug 17)

I recently received an offer email from Holiday Inn Resorts Batam. The offer is a value for money, which includes ferry tickets for 2 pax, 1 night stay in a 1 bedroom suite with breakfast for 2, a 60-min massage in the Tea Tree Spa in the resort grounds and return land transfer from the ferry terminal to the resort for the price of SGD240 nett.

Hotel signage at the entrance


Holiday Inn Resorts Batam is located on the western part of the island, in a rather isolated part of Batam. The resort is about 30 mins drive from the shopping district of Nagoya Hill. Other than Waterfront City Ferry Terminal and a sleepy town of Waterfront City, which is just opposite the resort, there is not much happening in the vicinity of Holiday Inn Batam. Patrons can forget about shopping options around the resort. However, the Holiday Inn Resort Batam provides complimentary shuttle transfers to and from the resort to Nagoya Hill City from 6 am till 10 pm daily. The hotel also provides regular shuttle service to the 2 nearby ferry terminals of Waterfront City and Sekupang. These shuttle services are tied to the departure timings of ferries.

Complimentary shuttle service from the ferry terminal as well as to Nagoya Hill shopping district
Reception building in Holiday Inn Resorts Batam

The Suite

Dining Area

As I entered the 60㎡suite, I immediately entered into the dining area. The dining area of the suite is simply furnished with a round table with 4 chairs. A small kitchenette, built by the walls of the suite is found behind the table, next to the main entrance of the suite. Rather than calling it a kitchenette, this area serves more like a pantry where one can find an electric kettle and a container where complimentary drinks such as coffee, tea and a couple of drinking water welcomed guests. The mini-fridge is well hidden inside one of the cabinets here. There are several cabinets in the pantry area, however, these cabinets are empty, which makes this area seem poorly furnished.

Dining table in the suite
Sparsely furnished kitchenette
These are the only items found in the kitchenette on top of the mini-fridge
The main entrance to the suite and the dining area

Living Room

Connected to the dining area further into the suite, is where one will land into the living area. The living area is furnished with a 2 seater couch. A coffee table is placed in front of the couch. Tucked in one corner is where one can find a 32″ LCD TV placed on the TV console. There are no ceiling lightings in the living room, rather it is lighted with a couple of floor lamps, which gave me a warm and cosy feeling in the night with the lights turned on. Similar to the dining area, the living area is furnished with a very minimal number of furniture, making entertaining guests a tad difficult due to the lack of sitting area. The plus side of having only the essential furniture makes the living room look large.

A cosy 2-seater couch and a coffee table in the living room
The TV is placed in one corner of the living room, next to the entrance to the bedroom


Beyond the living room is a small balcony that overlooks the main swimming pool in Holiday Inn Resort Batam. The balcony is furnished with 2 wooden chairs and a wooden table. The balcony is a great place to hang out and relax.

Wooden chairs are found in the balcony


Opposite the 2-seater couch in the living room is the entrance to the bedroom. The bedroom is separated from the living room with a 2-panel sliding wooden door. Inside, the bedroom is furnished with a queen-size bed, placed by the wall. A couple of bedside tables provides space for guests to place some small items onto. A dressing table is placed in one corner of the bedroom, next to the windows. There is a small table placed next to the bed for guests to put their luggage onto.

The bedroom is fairly large with the Queen bed and side tables
Desk in the bedroom, there is no TV in the bedroom of the suite
Table for guests to put their luggage on is found in the bedroom


Inside the bedroom, one can find a small corridor that leads to the wardrobe. The wooden wardrobe looks worn, but still serves its intended function of allowing guests to hand their clothing onto. The suite that I stayed does not come with a bathrobe. Other than places to hand clothing, an in-room safe is also found inside the wardrobe.

The corridor that leads to the wardrobe and the bathroom inside the bedroom of the suite
A rather small wardrobe with in-room safe

The entrance to the bathroom is located next to the wardrobe. The bathroom is rather small for a suite. The toilet bowl seems to cramp beside the bathtub, which is also where guests would take their shower in. There are no separate walk-in shower stalls. Opposite the toilet bowl is where one would find the sink. The sink area provides sufficient space for guests to stow their toiletries. There are no power sockets in the bathroom for guests to charge their shaver. The hotel seems to undergo some form of cost-cutting measures. Holiday Inn uses standard house brand toiletries throughout the world. However during my stay, only a single bottle of shampoo is their house brand, the other bath amenities are not that of the Holiday Inn brand amenities.

Bathroom with bathtub. There are no separate walk-in showers
Shower in the bathtub
Sink area in the bathroom

Swimming Pool

The centrepiece of Holiday Inn resort is the large free form swimming pool, located in the centre of the resort. The swimming pool is a great place to get a tan or relax by. There are several suntan chairs by the pool for guests to tan on. There is also a jacuzzi area by the side of the pool. Beside the swimming pool is another pool area for children. There are a slide and a small river structure to ensure young guests have a great time in.

View of the free form pool from the balcony
Part of the children pool
Swimming pool in the evening

There is another lap pool on the hotel premises. The indoor lap pool is located beside the only Chinese Restaurant, Dragon Inn in the hotel. The pool was still in good condition and is functional during my last stay. However this time around, the pool seems abandoned. Even the towel counter beside the pool is covered with a layer of dust.

The disused and poorly maintained lap pool in the resort premises


The resort has a functional gym, located behind the blocks where the rooms are. The gym occupies the entire single-level building and is rather spacious. There is equipment such as treadmills and a weight machine that allows guests to get a decent, but limited workout. The equipment, however, looks poorly maintained as there are rusts on the weight machine.

The gym
There are limited equipment in the gym
Some of the equipment in the gym

Tea Tree Spa

Tea Tree Spa is Holiday Inn Resort Batam’s in-house spa facilities. Numerous spa villas will be assigned to patrons who come here for a massage. The villas have a Balinese feel to it and one will feel relaxed when entering the spa premises. Walk past the reception, one would come to a Balinese gateway to enter into the spa premises. A large straw hut Jacuzzi welcomes patrons and hotel guests to soak their tired bodies away. Entering into the spa villa, one is immediately being transported to Bali, a sense of zen and tranquillity plus the use of aromatherapy oil during massage guarantees to wisp whatever fatigue one might have away. After the massage, one would be given options of ginger tea or lemongrass tea to complete the massage session. I always enjoy the top-notch spa massages in Tea Tree Spa, the masseuse who was assigned to me, though petite in size, she applied great strength when giving me the massage, while constantly asking if the strength is okay. Do come here and book your session early, as they are always fully booked.

Tea Tree Spa
Massage menu
Massage Menu
Entrance to Tea Tree Spa
Jacuzzi inside Tea Tree Spa grounds
The massage villas have a Balinese feel to it
Sauna in Tea Tree Spa
Bathtub in the massage villa
Inside the massage villa


Breakfast is served at the Terrace Cafe, located on the first floor in the building where the reception is. The breakfast served is rather standard, similar to those that one can find in any other hotels. Other than the usual pastries and the continental choices, there are also some local delights. The food tasted decent and nothing impressive, although it does the job of giving me the energy to get the day going.

Indoor seating in Terrace Cafe
Outdoor seating in Terrace Cafe where breakfast is served


The service in Holiday Inn Resorts Batam is exceptional. Upon our arrival, the hotel staff checked us in promptly. They took note of my IHG membership and welcomed me as an IHG member. I was given a letter that comes with the perks exclusively for IHG members staying in the hotel. However, when asked if I could have a higher floor suite as stated in my preference when I booked the package, I was met with a cold answer that the hotel was fully booked, with the staff did not even appear to be checking the system to see if a suite has opened up. Other than this little incident, staffs around in the hotel are generally quite welcoming.

The good service at the reception continued the next day when I was enquiring about the shuttle service to the ferry terminal. I was well advised on the timing of the shuttle that I should be catching for us to make it in time for our ferry back to Singapore. I called the reception from the suite when I realised that I have mistaken the timing, the staff at the other end of the line replied very politely about my need to change the timing of the shuttle and gave advise on the time I should be at the lobby to process the check-out procedures and make it in time for the shuttle. Upon check-out, I was handed a small moment from the hotel with products from Tea Tree Spa in recognition of me being an IHG member. This thoughtful gesture is welcomed and goes to show that the hotel paid particular attention to IHG members.

The staffs at Tea Tree Spa is forever welcoming.  I was there on 2 occasions, once when booking a time slot for the complementary message and the other time for the massage. Both times the staff ensured that  I was made to feel welcome and attended to me promptly. I was offered tea where the staff took prepared without letting me wait for longer than it is necessary. The masseuse at the spa was excellent, not only with their skill of massage but also with their service. They introduced themselves and welcomed us to Tea Tree Spa. Before any procedures, they would take the time to give a brief introduction of the materials being used for the massage. Every now and then, they would always check if the strength used was okay.

The service at Terrace Cafe is good as well. Staffs were seen clearing the plates promptly and would promptly attend to our requests while having breakfast.

Reception in Holiday Inn Resorts Batam
Welcome gift for IHG members


Holiday Inn Resort Batam is a great place to unwind and relax, especially so with the package that they offer through email (it is not available on their website). The lack of amenities outside the hotel and the distance from the shopping belt in Batam did not bother me as I was expecting to stay in the resort premises throughout my stay. The suite, however, feels dated and maintenance could be better, nonetheless, I had a relaxing time lazing around the suite. There are signs around Holiday Inn Resorts Batam that goes to show the lack of maintenance, however, the main pool is well maintained. Service is good with staffs that are always welcoming and smiling at guests, even when one walks past the reception. I would recommend Holiday Inn Batam for those of us who just want to stay in the resort, make use of the facilities and have a massage session with the Tea Tree Spa.

[Accommodation Review] – BVilla+Seaside (2-Bedroom Villa), Bali, Indonesia (29 Jan – 1 Feb 16)

Hotel Signage


BVilla+Seaside is located in Seminyak, an upscale area in Bali. Compared to Kuta, Seminyak is less crowded. The location of the villa is just a stone’s throw away from Seminyak Square and a newly opened shopping mall – Seminyak Village. There is no lack of restaurants around the villa, with Indonesian and Mexican Food just right across the street. Seminyak beach is just 5 minutes walk away from the villa. Getting to places such as Legian and Kuta is a breeze from the villa, which is just around 1 hour away from the villa via cab.
Hotel lobby
Checking into our villa at the reception
Rest area at the reception
The road outside the villa

The Villa

Pool Area

The area inside the villa is fairly large. The front pouch of the villa features a large private pool that greets guests upon entering the villa. The square-shaped pool is perfect for guests to spend time swimming and soaking in. The pool is around 1.5m deep at its deepest point. Beside the pool is a couple of queen size tanning beds, which is a great spot for tanning as there is no vegetation around to block out the sun. These beds are also great to lie on at night for stargazing in the private sanctuary surrounded by the walls of the villa.

Private pool in the villa
View of the pool with the tanning beds
Private pool
The pool is great for swimming or even soaking in

A walkway leads guests from the main door to the living space in the villa. Across the tanning beds on the other side of the pavement is a small garden. Despite its small size, the greenery of this small garden not only provided a sense of zen and tranquillity, but it also brightens up the pouch of the villa. What I like about the villa is the absence of excessive vegetation, which not only “dirties” the compounds of the villa (with the dead leaves and such), it also minimises chances of bugs calling our villa their home.

Small garden in the villa opposite the tanning beds

Common Area

Further into the villa is the open-air common living area. This area consists of a dining table for 4 pax as well as a full kitchen at the past the dining table behind a bar table. A TV is placed on the cabinet where one cutlery are stored facing the dining table. There are a full set of cutlery and cooking utensils as well as a full-size fridge for guests to stow the drinks they bought from the local convenient stores. The kitchen features 4 gas stoves. There is a coffee machine by the side of the gas stove. At the side of the kitchen, tucked by the wall is the sink. The dust bin is well hidden in the kitchen area, behind the bar table. Unfortunately, I find the dues bin a tad too small. On the extreme ends of the sheltered common area, one can find a long beach with cushions. This is an area where one can sit on, serving as the sofas at the common area. I would prefer to have a proper living area where guests can gather, rather than gathering only at the dining table. As the common is open-air, it can get rather warm, despite a fan is placed beside the cabinet.

Dining table area
The couch in the common area
Another couch is found in front of the second room
Water dispenser, unfortunately, there is no water inside
Cabinet of cutlery with LCD TV placed onto
Sink in the kitchen area
Gas stove in the kitchen
Illy coffee machine is available in the villa
Full-size fridge in the kitchen


The villa has two bedrooms, which are essentially two separate buildings within the villa located at the extreme ends of the compounds of the villa tucked in the furthest rear of the villa compounds. Both rooms are of the same dimensions, each with the same bathroom outfits. The only difference is one room is furnished with a king-size bed, while the other has twin beds. Entering the sliding glass door of the bedroom, the centre of attraction is the bedding. The sleep quality on the bed is excellent, provided me with a good night rest, leaving me felt recharged and fresh every morning. To the right of the entrance to the room, one can find an open wardrobe. This wardrobe is segregated into two sections. One section has four-tiered shelving, with the bottom tier the large enough to stow a 22″ luggage into. Towels to be used at the swimming pool are placed on one of the shelves here when we checked into the villa. The other side of the wardrobe has a top shelf and place for one to hang their clothing. The hanging space of the wardrobe is a tad small, allowing only five days of clothing to be hung. There are also limited hangers to go around for hanging clothes. I am sure that more can be requested from the reception. Connected to the wardrobe is a small table where the in-room safe is located. This table, complete with a chair, also doubles up as a work desk. An LCD TV is suspended onto the wall mounting in one corner of the room facing the bed. For the room with the King beds, the bedside table is located on either side of the bed. There is a red coloured lamp placed on each bedside table. Power sockets are, unfortunately, hidden behind these bedside tables.

Twin bedroom
King bedroom
Wardrobe and work table
TV in the bedroom


The bathroom is located behind the beds in both of the room. The bathroom is very spacious, stretching across the width of the entire room. Upon entering the bathroom, one is greeted with oversize bathtub nicely placed inside the bathroom by the wall. Opposite the bathtub is where one can find huge sink area, which stretches from the door to the bathroom to the shower area, providing guests with a lot of space to stow their toiletries. Twin sinks are sitting on top of the sink area and the hotel provided standard bath amenities. However one point to note, they do not provide dental kits for guests. There is a separate standing rain shower located at the end of the sink table. Opposite the shower area is the toilet. One point to note is that the bathtub is rather dirty. We spent some time cleaning up the bathtub, after leaving the water to run, there seems to be dust accumulated in the water. It is a pity that we did not get to use the bathtub due to the filth.

Huge bathtub in the bathroom
Large sink top table with twin sinks
Shower area
Toilet opposite the shower area
Amenities in the bathroom, no dental kits are available

Breakfast in Villa

The villa does not seem to have a restaurant on its premises. Breakfasts are served in the villa. What I find unique about the breakfast serving in BVilla+Seaside is instead of pre-cook in a central kitchen, breakfast is cooked inside the villa kitchen. Guests would have to go to reception every day and inform the staff of your choice of breakfast from the menu. The staff at the reception would check what time we wanted breakfast to be served. Each morning the chefs will come into the villa about 30 mins before the stipulated time for breakfast and do their cooking while we were sleeping. When breakfast is done, they would knock on the bedroom doors and wake us up for breakfast. We can still remember the ever familiar “Knock Knock, Breakfast” each morning during our stay in the villa. Upon seeing that we woke up, the staffs would leave the villa. Having breakfast in the villa by the pool feels relaxing. The breakfast was still piping hot from the kitchen and they tasted very delicious. There is a choice of western style breakfast or Indonesian style breakfast. I particularly liked their fried rice topped with a sunny side up. An assortment of bread as well as cereals are also served as part of the breakfast. We were also given options of freshly squeezed juices on top of the coffee and tea.

Staff cooking breakfast in the villa kitchen
Bread selection for breakfast
Very tasty fried rice
Scrambled egg with sausage and bacon


On our last day in Bali, after checking out, we headed for the in-house spa in the villa. The spa area is converted from their 3-bedroom villa. Inside the spa grounds, there is a swimming pool, just like the one that is in the villa we were staying in. The villa offers guests a generous 30% discount off the menu price. We opted for a 2-hour spa package, which includes a body scrub, Balinese massage and bath soak in the tub. The masseuses were not only very skilful in their trade, taking away the aches and pains from our tired bodies, they were also excellent in terms of service. Throughout the massage session, we were asked if the strength of the massage was okay. After the massage, we were served tea for relaxation. Massage treatment was done in the villa rooms, which were converted from bedrooms for massage treatments. The price of the massage packages was very reasonable (around SGD 70 for a 2-hour treatment) and is very cheap compared to those we would find in Singapore.
Spa treatment villas
Spa reception area (converted from the kitchen in the villa)
Swimming pool inside the spa grounds
Massage treatment rooms
Bath soak after a massage
Spa grounds
Staffs serving tea after the treatment


Service in the villa was nothing short of excellence. The staffs were very friendly and professional in the conduct of their work. Their warmth made us feel welcome in the villa. Our check-in was done expeditiously so that we do have to be held up unnecessarily. The staffs even brought our luggage into the villa while we were checking into the villa. We were escorted into our villa, and the staffs took the effort to explain to us the various facilities in the villa. We were served welcome drinks when we entered the villa that we were staying. Staffs at the reception greeted us whenever we walked past the reception area. Breakfast was done very professionally and staffs coming into the villa without causing much disturbance to the guests. Our villas were well made up every single day without flaws. Every evening, we would come back to a fresh and clean villa after a long day in Bali. The staffs at the spa were excellent not only in their trade but also in their service. They made us felt so welcome and were not waiting for tips, unlike spas in other places where masseuses would purposely make their presence seen, anticipating tips from customers. The masseuses were even surprised when we approached them and tipped them.

Welcome drink was served when we were escorted into our villa


We had a wonderful time staying in BVilla+Seaside during our stay in Bali. The villa is very spacious and the size of the pool is rather generous. We had quality sleep on the bed. The bathroom felt luxurious, however, the condition of the bathtub was disappointing. Service rendered by the staffs were excellent, from the reception to those at the spa. We were made welcome by every single staff we met in the villa. Despite the proximity to the road, the villa was surprisingly quiet, coupled with the proximity to restaurants, shopping and the beach, BVilla+Seaside is an ideal place to stay whilst in Bali.


[Accommodation Review] – Bali Island Villas & Spa, Bali, Indonesia (16 – 20 Sep 13)


Bali Island Villas & Spa is located in one inconspicuous area of Seminyak in Bali. Seminyak is an upscale area of Bali and is quieter than Kuta. This area would allow guests to have far greater privacy then one would find in Kuta area. The villa is about 10 mins walk from Seminyak Square, where one can find more dining options. The area around the villa is rather dead, with limited dining and shopping options. The villa is also located a fair distance away from the beach and the beach is not directly accessible to guests staying here. Not many cabbies know the location of the villa, hence, one would have to use certain landmarks to guide the cabbies. One such landmark would be W Hotel Bali, which is located just next to the villa. In terms of location, the villa is rather out of the way.
Hotel Signage

The Villa


As one walk into the villa from the entrance, a full kitchen complete with microwave and a full set of utensils were made available in the villa. There is even a kitchen island between the kitchen area and the living room. At the side of the kitchen is a small storeroom, where one will find a water dispenser, capable of dispensing both hot and cold water. This made the kettle rather redundant. The fridge and iron and ironing board were also available in this small room.
Full-size fridge and water dispenser
Full-size kitchen in the villa

Living Room

The living room of the villa features a 3 seater and a 2 seater couch. The 3 seater couch can be turned into a queen-sized bed which can hold up to 2 adults. There is also a bookshelf with all sorts of books and some display by the shelving where the TV was placed. The decor in the living room is functional and yet contemporary.
Living room
View of the living room from the kitchen
TV and shelving in the living room
Shelving in the living room with books to keep one occupied
The walkway into the bedroom

Plunge Pool

Facing the living room is our private plunge pool. The pool is rather small, however good enough for one to enjoy a quick dip. The suntan chairs are right beside the pool, by the entrance from the bedroom. besides the suntan chairs is a staircase leading up to the open terrace, where one will find a day bed under a pavilion. There is a ceiling fan up the pavilion and illumination for one to enjoy the night. There are also a couple of suntan chairs up on the terrace.
Private lap pool
Private lap pool
Private lap pool
Stairway to the upper terrace in the villa
Upper terrace
View of the pool from the upper terrace
Tanning chairs
View of the pool and garden from the upper terrace
View of the pool and garden from the upper terrace
Upper terrace


As one walked into the bedroom, a huge king size bed greeted us. There is access to the suntan deck beside the pool from the bedroom. In front of the bed is another TV. The decor of the bedroom is simple yet stylish. The bed is comfortable, but the quality of the blanket is rather bad, insufficient to keep one warm should one adjust the air con to the lowest temperature.
King bed in the bedroom 
Another TV in the bedroom

Wardrobe Area

There is a small corridor that doubles as a walk-in wardrobe as well as access to the bathroom. The storage space for the wardrobe is massive, it is designed with a 4 person in mind. The safe, however, is a little disappointing. It is manual and lacked instructions for its use. It is also not secured to any fixtures, which makes it look as though it can be easily removed. We did not end up using the safe.
Walk-in wardrobe


The bathroom has 2 sinks, so couples need not fight over sinks. As with the other parts of the villa, there is more than sufficient storage space in the bathroom. The centrepiece of the bathroom gotta be the oversized jacuzzi bathtub. water pressure from the jacuzzi function of the tub is lovely and of the right pressure. The tub has a small stairway that allows users to step safely into the tub. However, when filling the tub with water, one is a caution not to turn it to the maximum volume, which will lead to small blackish particles into the tub. Signs of poorly maintained piping. There is a separate shower in one corner of the bathroom. The disappointing part about this shower is there is not only any rain shower, but the normal showerhead of the villa we were in seemed poorly maintained and the water pressure also is not consistent.
Sinks in the bathroom
Bathing amenities
Jacuzzi tub
Toilet and shower area
We were promised internet access in the villa, however, we only got internet 1 day before checking out, due to some issues with the internet provider. If one were to bang on the 3G network inside the villa, one will be disappointed. the 3G connection inside the villa is very poor. Most of the time we did not get any 3G signals.


Before our arrival, I had made arrangements for the complimentary transfer, despite my friend and I arrived Bali 1 day in advance, the villa still gladly picked us up from our hotel in Kuta. The driver was early for the transfer, however, he only made the call to our room at the appointed time. Very pleasant service right from the start.
As we arrived at the villa, we were escorted to our room and the villa already has everything ready for our arrival. The check-in was done in our villa, and one staff is already on standby in our villa, with the necessary check-in paperwork and welcome drinks already awaiting us. My friend and I were pleasantly delighted with such fantastic service right from the start. Checking in took a mere 5 mins and we got a short brief of the facilities in the villa from the staff. After which, the staff quickly retire themselves to give us the privacy that we need to explore the villa.


Overall, the location of the villa seem fair, however, it just takes 10 mins to walk towards Seminyak square. The entrance to the villa is rather inconspicuous. Most of the cabbies in bali might not know the exact location of the villa. The stay is pleasant, the staffs are wonderful. The flaw with the internet and the bathroom area can be further improved to overcome these negative aspects of the stay.

[Accommodation Review] – Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort, Bali (Ocean View Room), Indonesia (15 – 16 Sep 13)


Sheraton Bali Resort is located in the heart of Kuta Beach, where all the actions in Bali are located. The hotel is situated on top of one of the few shopping malls in Bali – Beachwalk Mall. Here is where one can find most of the big chain restaurants and cafes such as Starbucks and Coffee bean & Tea leaves. There are several eateries and restaurants, pubs within a stone’s throw away from the hotel. The Hard Rock Cafe/Hotel is located within mere minutes from the hotel by foot. Opposite the hotel is the Kuta Beach, which is famous in Bali. There is no lack of shopping and eateries around the hotel. There is also free scheduled shuttle service from the shopping mall to Nuasa Dua.

The Room


The room was huge for being the most basic room. There were 2 armchairs in the outdoor balcony for one to relax in and view life pass by in this part of Bali. There were limited views of the sea despite being named the “Ocean View Room”, one can view mainly the street.
Fixtures on the Balcony
View from the balcony at night
View from the balcony in the morning
View from the balcony in the morning

Sleeping Area

The centre of the room is a huge king-sized bed. The bed is very comfortable providing guests with excellent sleep quality, however, air-conditioning seemed to be set at 23°C, which was rather warm. There is a small dining table which doubles up as a working desk by the side of the room, as well as an armchair in the room beside the bed. Despite all these furniture, the room, by all means, does not feel small at all.
View of the room with the King bed
Armchair by the corner of the room
Corridor into the room
Dining table which doubles up as a work desk


The bathroom and the room is separated by a glass wall, where there are blind that can be rolled down from the bathroom to provide more privacy for guests who opt so. The wardrobe is located in the bathroom, which is rather intuitive design. The bathtub is large enough for 2 to soak into. Beside the bathtub are a single washbasin and 2 cubicles, one for the toilet and one for a walk-in shower with rain shower head and the normal showerhead. Both showerheads seemed to be poorly maintained, as the water pressure is not strong enough, despite putting it into full blast.
Good quality showering amenities
Toilet bowl
Walk-in shower
Open wardrobe
Hug bathtub

Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is rather small but has a great view of the ocean and sunset. It is certainly a great place for suntanning.
Swimming pool at night
Swimming pool in the day
Swimming pool in the day


We arrived pretty late in the evening, at around 8 pm. There was only one counter serving customers, which was the counter for SPG members. Being an SPG member, it did not feel any different. We were being made to wait, despite a few staff walking around the check-in counter. Finally, after 20 mins, we were being served by another staff who took the initiative to open up another counter to check us in. He immediately identified me as an SPG member and welcomed me. Other then that, the hotel did not seem to make any effort to make an SPG member feel special. Having said that, once we were being served at the check-in counter, the procedure for check-in was swift and we were informed that our room was being upgraded to ocean view room. Our requests for the room was being met. The staffs are great and tried their best to accede to any requests by the guests.
The lobby of the hotel
Artwork at the lobby
Artwork at the lobby
The corridor outside the room
The corridor leading to the rooms


Overall, the hotel is good, but certainly with room for improvements. Sleep quality was fantastic in the hotel, despite being the “lowest category” room, the rooms are fairly huge. The location of the hotel is great as it is close by to shopping and eateries.

[Accommodation Review] – Holiday Inn (2 Bedroom Suite), Batam, Indonesia (26 – 27 Oct 12)


The hotel is located in an isolated part of Batam Island. It is far away from the main shopping district or the nearest decent eatery. The isolation also meant guests can relax in the hotel and not busy running to the nearby shopping mall. The hotel is also close to a jetty which only called upon by a couple of ferry operators. There is nothing much around the area, this also means that guests would have to subject to the hotel’s eateries or calling room service when one’s hunger strikes.

The Suite

The room that we were assigned was a two-bedroom suite, upgraded from our original booking of a one-bedroom suite. We requested a high floor, corner room as the hotel was fully booked, we were assigned the two-bedroom suite.

Dining Area

Upon entering the suite, a marble-floored small dining area with a counter for all the food and drinks welcomed us. The dining table seats a party of four and was nicely tucked in a corner of the suite that is not obstructing. The simply designed suite signals all fixtures were there for a purpose and it is hard for one to find a piece of equipment in the suite that is redundant. The simplicity also meant that there is less clutter in the suite.

The dining area of the suite
Opposite the dining table is a small bathroom which only has a toilet bowl and a standing shower. This bathroom seems to suggest it is meant for guests staying in one of the 2 bedrooms.
Bathroom opposite the dining table

Living Room

Further ahead into the room is the living room, featuring a 2 seater couch placed in front of the TV. The 2 seater couch is large enough to fit 3 persons. By the side of the 2 seater couch is a one-seater couch facing the entrance to the balcony. The curtains are thick enough to blackout the living room. There is sufficient lighting in the living room to provide sufficient illumination to the entire living room.

Living room


There is a small balcony with 2 deck chairs and a small side table for one to relax and relax by the sight of the fantastic swimming pool, which seemed to be the centrepiece of the entire hotel. Other than that the view is nothing to shout out for.

View from the balcony

Second Bedroom

The living room is in the centre of the 2 rooms. Upon entering from the main door to the suite, the room to the left features 2 single beds. There is also a small wardrobe tucked at the corner of the room. This room is rather small for a bedroom on its own. However, it seemed that the hotel encourages its guests to spend more time in the living room than the bedrooms. There is also a dressing table opposite the beds in this room. The decor of this room is rather minimalistic.

Wardrobe and the dressing table in the room
2 single beds

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is located on the right from the main entrance. This room is larger than the other room opposite it. The centrepiece of this room is the queen size bed, which provided a decent sleep quality. I did not sleep well in this room, mainly due to the soft and flat pillow. The decor of this room feels cozy and homely. There is another TV in this room, placed on the dressing table. There seems to be more storage space in this room as compared to the previous room.

Master bedroom


There is an attached bathroom in the master bedroom. This marble bathroom is larger than the one in the living room. There is a bathtub, which feels rather small. There aren’t any walk-in showers in this bathroom, the showerhead is together with the bathtub.

Bathroom attached to the master bedroom
Standard bathing amenities

The overall decor of this suite feels dated from the living room to the bedrooms and the 2 bathrooms.


The overall service rendered by the staff in this hotel is fantastic. They were always spotted smiling and were very attentive to guests. We were served with cold drinks upon arrival while waiting for our turn to check-in. The attentive staff even recognised me to be a member of the hotel chain and accorded me member privilege without even producing my membership card. The staff at the reception apologised immediately for our waiting due to her checking in another guest before us. As mentioned earlier on, I had put down my request for high floor and corner room into the system when I booked the stay, without me mentioning it, the staff processing our check-in apologised for not having the room that I requested ready due to high occupancy rate. She refused to let us wait till 2 pm and gave us a complimentary upgrade to the location of the room I requested without even me asking.

The staff at the Tea Tree spa was great. They are welcoming and did provide excellent service in their massage. I was frequently asked how’s the strength of the massage and is the massage ok during and after the spa session.

My only complaint is the staffs from the main restaurant in the hotel. I was by the pool and tried to wave for someone to send the menu over, it took me around 30 mins to get some attention. More can be done by the staff here to be attentive to their guests.


The stay at the Holiday Inn Batam was fantastic. Despite the aged suite and the poor sleep quality due to the pillows. Majority of the staffs here displayed exemplary service standards. This is a place to be should one wants a relaxing time without the mad rush of shopping. The air conditioning in the suite was great and managed to cool down the suite in a short period of time.

[Accommodation Review] – Furama Villas & Spa Ubud Resort (1 Bedroom Villa), Bali, Indonesia (27 – 29 Jul 12)


The villa is located in one quiet area of Ubud, central Bali. Ubud is also mainly used for rice cultivation and hence the terrain around the villa is mountainous, the climate is slightly cooler due to the higher altitude. Within the resort, one can find some rice plantation, which seemingly is in the hotel grounds. If one is looking into immunising oneself in the arts and crafts of Bali, the location of this resort is perfect. The Ubud town is around 15 mins drive from the resort, which the resort provides regular drop off and pick up service from Ubud Town.

Resort signage that welcomed us upon our arrival

The Villa


The villa that we stayed in comes with a small garden, a private pool and a building where one would find the bedroom and bathroom. Upon entering the doors to the villa, one will be greeted with a small garden with a massage gazebo tucked in one corner. There is a small walk path from the main door to the villa building. The garden is simply landscaped but does provide a refreshing and comfortable view each morning guests wake up.

The garden that leads to the villa inside the private compound
Massage gazebo which massage can be arranged in the privacy of the villa

Private Plunge Pool

From the garden to the left of the villa, one will be able to locate the private plunge pool. The pool is rather large and sufficient for one to do some serious swimming. However, the water is a tad cold perhaps due to the higher altitude of the location of the villa. There is also a statue by the side of the villa as decor, this statue pours water into the pool and will be switched off by nightfall. There is also jacuzzi function at the side of the pool, nearing to the suntan chairs. The pool is fantastic for a dip should the sun be a little hotter. There are a couple of tanning chairs in the villa, outside the door leading into the bathroom of the villa, however placing the chairs under the shade make suntanning not possible. We shifted the chairs to the pavement leading from the main door to the villa to get the best spot for a suntan.

Suntan chairs by the door to the bathroom
Suntan chairs and the entrance to the pool
Balinese statue by the pool

Dining Area

Outside the villa is a small dining table with 2 chairs are placed in the front porch of the villa. There is a sink at the side of the porch providing convenience to guests staying in this villa. This dining table also provides a great view of the pool, allowing one to grab some chow whilst swimming.

Dining area in front of the main door


The bedroom is rather simple in decor. The four posture king size bed forms the centrepiece of this part of the villa. The bed is comfortable and provides a great quality sleep for nights when we were in the villa. There is also a vintage dressing table by the side of the bed. The air conditioning in this area of the villa is a bit weak that we did not close the netting that comes with the bed. There are also limited power points for one to charge their electronic gadgets. The LCD TV is placed at a counter opposite the bed, which enables one to watch TV from the bed. There is a single-seater armchair in the left corner of the room, by the door into the villa. From the placing of the armchair, it seems to suggest that the armchair is for one to relax in and not to watch TV. The entrance to the bathroom is directly opposite the bed.

Four posture bed in the room
Comfortable bedding in the villa
Hotel logo on the bed runner
Nice touch on the bed and the flower is being changed daily


The bathroom is huge and features an indoor area and an outdoor area. The indoor area has a huge bathtub. The Bathtub is so large that it can double up as a small swimming pool for kids. Due to the large size of the tub, it takes a while to fill up the water. Beside the tub, nearing to the entrance from the pool is where one will find the sink. The sink area is rather small for guests to store their toiletries. The shower is located outdoor, behind the villa. This outdoor shower has some stones on the ground to provide foot massages for guests. The toilet bowl is just opposite the bathtub.

Huge Bathtub
Sink area
Bathing amenities, which is being topped up daily
Outdoor shower area


Service is fantastic in this villa. First of all, despite us arriving at around 10 pm, the staffs sprung into action and welcomed us immediately. We were served a welcome drink, despite being late at night while our check-in is being processed. Checking in was a breeze and we found ourselves being driven by buggy to our villa is no time. The staff took time to explain the different features of the villa. We were also being informed to not hesitate to ring the reception should we need any help. Guests were given options either to have their breakfast in the villa, which staff are always glad to take our orders, or in the main restaurant. Even with the huge assortment of breakfast being served, the staffs are never stingy with their smiles.

Service in this establishment is so impeccable that even the housekeeping staffs were always wearing smiles whenever we walked past them. There was an occasion we went to the villa in the midst of making up, the staff were still smiling and asked if there are any requests that we would like to make. It is difficult to fault the housekeeping staff with their high standards of cleanliness, as they ensured no corners are left uncleaned.

Breakfast in the villa by our private plunge pool


The location of the villa is far away from the usual tourist congregation area of Kuta beach, it is also a distance away from the Ubud centre, however, it does provides guests with the tranquillity and allows guests to enjoy a different side of Bali. The hardware is well maintained and provides guests with both maximum privacy and excellent sleep quality. However being outdoor themed, there are bugs at night around the villa. Service is top-notch in this establishment and not once I come across a grumpy looking staff. Excellent property and excellent Staffs.

[Accommodation Review] – The Phoenix Hotel, Yogyakarta, Indonesia (12 – 13 May 12)


The hotel is conveniently located in the heart of Yogyakarta, in Malioboro district and is close to several sites around Yogyakarta and eateries. It is within walking distance towards the city centre and the Tugu Railway station. The hotel is located in the quieter edge of the city and is a great area to be near the city but not amid the busyness of the city.

Signage and the hotel at night
Courtyard and cafe in the hotel grounds
Hotel rooms

The Room

Sleeping Area

Entering the room, we were welcomed by the contemporary decor of the room. As with many hotels around the world, the bathroom is near the entrance of the room. The well-decorated room feels cozy, decked out with mostly yellow golden colours.  The double bedroom that we were assigned opens up to the main bedroom passing the corridor with the bathroom to the right of the entrance. The tastefully designed room, though not too big, but does not feel cluttered with too much furniture. The furniture in the room is functional and does not have any piece that felt out of the way. The beds are placed in front of a TV console enables guests to watch TV while lazing on their beds. Further into the room is a small coffee table, where a plate of fruits welcomed us. Beside the table is a single-seater couch for guests to relax in should they choose not to lie on their beds. The sleep quality on the bed is fantastic, giving guests a great night’s sleep.

Sleeping area in the room
Comfortable beds
Welcome fruit found in the room
Art pieces in the room

The minibar and drinks area is located opposite the entrance to the bathroom. The mirrors in front of the minibar create a sense of spaciousness. The minibar is where one would be able to find complimentary coffee and tea and a teapot for one to boil water in. The fridge is where one would find drinks like soft drinks and some liquor. There are also a couple of bottles of mineral drinks for guests to stay hydrated.



The bathroom is decent in size, decked in brownish marble. It does not come with a bathtub. Upon entering the bathroom, one can find the toilet bowl to the right of the door. To the left of the door is where the sink is located. One can find the walk-in rain shower, which provides great pressure and certainly gave me a great shower.

Toilet bowl in the bathroom
Walk-in shower
Swimming pool in the hotel

Around the Hotel

The hotel seemed to be a museum in itself, displaying several colonial collections throughout the hotel. The phoenix theme is apparent throughout the hotel and even in the guest room. One can find sculptures of phoenix on door handles and even on the curtain bar above the bed. There is a room next to the lobby for guests and visitors to understand a little more about the history of the building the hotel is in and the area around the hotel. Relics and displays of Indonesian origins spread across the hotel grounds and it is not difficult for guests to spot hints of Indonesian history by walking around the hotel.

Decos in the hotel
Phoenix sculpture on the handle of the main door
Phoenix sculpture on the curtain bar in the room


The service rendered by the front desk staff is amazing. One can feel the warmth of the welcoming staff upon checking in, who are never stingy with their smiles. The well-groomed staffs paid attention to details and were never stingy in sharing information about the hotel and the surroundings around the hotel. The front desk staff even gave us advice on saving for transfer to the airport upon our checking out and advised us on how much to pay for the trip to the airport. They even helped us hail a cab to the airport. The restaurant staffs were amazing in their service as well, taking care not to cross in front of the customer, even to the extent of walking a few paces beside the customer to place their food.

Having said that, the staffs in the gift shop lack service standards though. They seem more interested in playing on their mobile phones and reading then noticing guests or even serving guests. I was interested in getting some items in the shop, the cold-shouldered staffs do not even seem to know their merchandise well and gave me the impression of “do not disturb me”.


The hotel is located at the edge of the city, but is within walking distance to most of the attractions around. The rooms are well decorated and cozy and provides a good night sleep for patrons. Generally, the service of the staffs is excellent except for a few black sheep in the gift shop.

[Accommodation Review] – Manohara Hotel, Borobudur, Indonesia (11 – 12 May 12)


The main draw for staying in this hotel is its location. This is the only hotel in this area that is located inside the grounds of Borobudur. It also means guests staying in this hotel gets unlimited entry to Borobudur Temple at any time of the day as long as the temple is open.  Other then the proximity to the temple, there is no other incentive of staying here. The hotel is rather far from restaurants and the main town of Magelang. This means patrons who stay here would need to make their arrangements for transport to the town. Otherwise one would have to dine in the hotel. The hotel also has an auditorium that shows a film that educates patrons of the Borobudur temple and the carvings on it.

Hotel Signage
Gardens in the hotel grounds
One can see Borobudur Temple from the hotel grounds
There are several such statues around in the hotel grounds

The Room

All the rooms in the hotel are located on the ground floor. The rooms do not come with a card reader and key cards, they used traditional keys to lock the door. The room that we were assigned is room 19.

Room number on the door of the room

Sleeping Area

Upon entering the room, a huge sleeping place greeted us. The decoration of the room looks pretty aged but functional. The room in this hotel is rather simply decorated and all the furniture shout of functionality. There isn’t any piece that is placed inside the room just for decoration, other than a pictorial book which introduces Borobudur. The room we were assigned is a 3 bedded room, which can accommodate up to 3 persons. 2 beds were placed side by side, located to the right of the main door, and the other right in front of the door. There are side tables beside each bed and power points are plentiful in the room. The sleep quality on the bed is decent and is good enough for the guest to rest for the night. Just before the lone bed opposite the front door, a TV was placed for some basic entertainment for guests.

Single bed in the room
Main door and TV in the room
The 2 single beds on the right of the main door


The bathroom is simply furnished as well. Other then the toilet bowl, there is a small bathtub in the bathroom, with shower head. The bathtub doubles up as the showering area in the bathroom. Beside the bathroom is a small sink.

Aged but functional bathroom

Bath amenities are provided by the hotel, which is stowed on an oldish looking shelf by the door to the bathroom. The hotel provides the standard shower gel, shampoo and conditioner as well as toothbrush and toothpaste for the convenience of guests.

Bath amenities

Rear Porch

To the left of the lone bed is another door that leads to the rear porch of the room. This is a small area for guests to relax out in the open. This area is where one would find 2 wooden chairs and a small coffee table. This area also doubles up as a smoking area for guests and opens up to a shared garden in the hotel grounds.

Rear Porch of the room
Rear entrance to the room
As this is a 4-star hotel, it does not come with a swimming pool for guests to relax in.


The service in the hotel is reasonable, however, one would not be accorded with the standards of a 5-star hotel. The staffs are responsive but do not seem to go all out to make sure that guests’ needs are being taken care of.  Having said that, guests would be served with a welcome drink upon arrival on the hotel grounds, while the staffs prepare to check one in.

Welcome drink for guests checking in


The rooms in the hotel are aged but functional. Despite the aged furnishings, there is nothing in the room that is broken or malfunction. The sleep quality on the bed is decent and does its job of providing guests rest for nights. The service is decent but not impressive. It seems that the selling point of this hotel is not on the hardware or the service, but its proximity to Borobudur Temple. If being close to the temple is a primary consideration, this hotel will be a perfect choice. However if one is particular about comfort and the decor of the room as well as service, one should look elsewhere.