Korea Day 5 (07 May 09) – Shopping and more (boring) Shopping

Time to finally check out of this cramp hotel. We packed our luggage and met at the hotel lobby. The itinerary for today is pretty light as we have to catch an afternoon flight to Jeju Island. Our first stop (after breakfast) was the so called Woman’s shopping district. This place got its name due to the Woman’s university nearby. My sis was looking forward for a good shopping in this area. However she was disappointed when we arrived here as she commented there was really nothing much here. We were given 4 hours for our shopping, but we covered most of the shopping in barely 45 mins. We spent our remaining time in a cafe and walking around like zombies looking at the things repetitively. Indeed the shops here mostly sell the same stuff, the goods are neither unique nor cheaper then elsewhere. Feels like shopping back home. The 4 hrs was really a torture, we constantly look at our watches hoping that the time would fast forward. End up we did not buy alot of things, my sis just bought a pair of earrings, as for me, i bought nothing at all. Roaming around this area we came across some of our tour mates, they were also commenting that this area has nothing to buy and that they too are roaming around aimlessly just to kill time.

Shopping around “Woman’s Street” (got its name due to a all girl’s college in the district)
Shopping around “Woman’s Street”
Shopping around “Woman’s Street”
Shopping around “Woman’s Street”
Shopping around “Woman’s Street”
Shopping around “Woman’s Street”

After some repetitive scenes and spending longer then we would breaks in Starbucks, we finally killed the 4 hrs that was given to us. We couldn’t be happier to be able to head towards the airport for our flight into Jeju Island. This was originally planned at the beginning of our tour, however due to strong winds flights to this island was cancelled. The flight from Seoul to Jeju Island took around 2 hrs. The first thing that caught my eye as we came out of the airport terminal is a huge Volcano – Mt Hana. This is a dead volcano, but the sheer size of it just impresses me. We were driven to the hotel to check in and then to our dinner. After dinner we were told to go to one of the underground shopping centres near the hotel. By the time we finished our dinner and proceeded to the underground shopping centre, the shops are already closing. We were too tired to even bother about this and went back to the hotel for a night’s rest.

Seoul domestic airport
Getting ready for our flight to Jeju Island
One of the guardian statues on Jeju Island
Seafood hotpot for dinner
Temple across the street where we stayed on Jeju Island

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