Iran Day 7: Qazvin (7 Mar 11) – An Uneventful Day

Qazvin – The Gateway to Alamut Castle

Today is rather uneventful. We spent the 5 hours driving from Kashan to Qazvin. The journey was tiring, though scenic, as the road was decorated with endless mountain ranges. Nothing much happened today. When we reached Qazvin after some 5 hours later, we checked into the hotel, and our guide went to rest for the day (I’d be exhausted after driving for 5 hours). Since we are not that tired, we headed to the town to explore a bit. Before we headed to the town, I was craving for some fast food and we came across this fried chicken restaurant. We ordered ourselves a 2 piece chicken. Not knowing that it came with fries, we ordered fries separately. When our chicken came, we realised we had over-ordered. For the first time after 7 days of no chilli, this restaurant saved us! Though they do not have chilli sauce, they have hot ketchup! It tasted like Ketchup, but with a splash of spiciness to it. Well, this is the closest they have to chilli sauce and I am very happy about it. After eating we headed to the town. On our way we saw this sign that says “Historic Monument”, so we followed it. After walking for about 30 mins, we came across a park and no “Historic Monument”. I felt so cheated and we decided to head back.

The mountainous scenery in Iran never seem to bore me
Driving towards Qazvin 
The scenery along the way to Qazvin from Kashan
On the highway to Qazvin
Panoramic shot on the way
This abandoned town is one of the sites we saw along the way. According to our guide, this used to be where the caravan would stop over to rest for the night when travelling along the silk road
Along the way to Qazvin
Along the way to Qazvin
Arrival at Qazvin
Arrival at Qazvin
Iranian Fast Food

The Hospitable Iranians

On our way back we stumbled upon this garden with a very old building in it. There is a sign at the entrance of the garden that says “Chehel Sotun Palace”. This palace certainly looked aged and decapitated. Looks like no one bothered to do any maintenance on it. We decided to head back to the hotel since there is nothing much to do around. As we were walking back, we passed by this fruit juice store. Feeling thirsty, we headed in and ordered ourselves a cup each. As we were drinking, the staffs of the shop were very friendly and welcoming. Certainly like any other Iranians, we have interacted, these guys are curious with foreigners as well. After we had finished our juices, one of their friends joined them and asked if we wanna play pools. I told him we were very tired and we didn’t know how to play pools. We told them of our intention to get back to the hotel to get some rest. These 2 guys (their English is as limited as our Farsi), said something and followed us. We were getting a bit suspicious as to what they are up to. As we were near our hotel, these 2 guys signalled to us that our hotel is up ahead. This is the time I realised that they are afraid that we might get lost and not know our way back to the hotel, thus they took the liberty to escort us back to our hotel, making sure that we find where we suppose to go! How thoughtful of them.

Streets of Qazvin
The Chehel Sotun Palace
Walking around Qazvin

In the evening we met up with our guide for dinner at a nearby restaurant and rested for the night pretty early as we have a long day to go tomorrow at Alamut Valley.

We had Iranian Kebab for dinner
Dinner time


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