Bali Day 1 (15 Sep 13) – The Island Of Gods

Flying to Bali

Our flight to Bali leaves at 4pm Singapore time. However we went to Singapore Changi Airport very early and reached there at about 1pm. We had thought of going there with ample time to shop around and laze. Seems like my friend and I had under estimated our time. We shopped from Terminal 1 (where we checked in) to Terminal 2 and ended up in Terminal 3. As we were buying Godiva Chocolates, we heard our names being called out. Apparently we were one of the few passengers on our flight to Bali.
Getting ready to fly off to Bali
Pushing back
Flying to Bali

The flight to Bali on KLM was uneventful. The flight feels more like budget airlines with the perks of checking in our luggage and food/beverages being served onboard. There isn’t any pillow nor blankets being disturbed out to the passengers, even the amenities in the toilet is only limited to hand soap. Luckily the flight time to Bali is a mere 2 hours, plus the in-flight entertainment system served its purpose of keeping the passengers occupied. Soon we found ourselves landed in Bali.

Dinner time onboard
Almost reaching

Arrival in Bali

Immigration was a breeze, despite the numerous visitors visiting the Island of gods, we cleared immigration fairly fast. I read from the Lonely Planet guidebook, that there will be alot of touts outside the airport paddling their business to earn more from uninformed tourists, however there is a taxi counter where the prices are fixed and are alot cheaper then the touts waiting outside the airport terminal. We approached the taxi counter, however they quoted us a price that is higher then that was being written on the board. We left the counter without booking a cab and check if there is another counter at the other side of the terminal building. As my friend and I was walking, a few touts approached us and asked if we wanted taxi. All of them quoted a price that is significantly higher then that from the counter. We couldn’t find another counter and went back to get a taxi from the taxi counter.
Sheraton Resort isn’t that far from the airport. It took us about 45 mins to reach Sheraton. Sheraton is right next to Hard Rock Hotel, and there are plenty of shopping around the area. It is right in the middle of Kuta area. Beneath the hotel is a shopping mall. We checked into our hotel and left our luggages there before heading out to explore Kuta area abit. Kuta is famous for its beach and a mega shopping area. The amount of tourists flocking to this area explains why the beach is exceptionally crowded and the numerous surf shops in the area, not forgetting the amount of touts, ranging from small shop keepers trying to get tourists into their shop to buy souvenirs to the honking by the cabbies hoping to get passengers into their cab. Speaking of cabs, it is important to ensure that one asks for meter to be on prior to boarding the cab. I read on Lonely planet that one of the scams tourists will often face is ripping off from cabbies, Indeed throughout our stay in Bali, we have witnessed a few incidents whereby tourists and cabbies argued and some of them even got into a fight!! Kuta is the place where one can find more international cuisines then Balinese or Indonesia food.
Lobby of Sheraton Bali
Nice artwork in the lobby
View from our room
Walking around Kuta area
Walking around Kuta area
Walking around Kuta area
Walking around Kuta area
Walking around Kuta area

After walking for a couple of hours, we were tired and decided to return to our hotel and rest for the night. Our stay in Kuta is a mere one night as we had gotten accommodation in Seminyak area.

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