[Airline Review] – Thai Airways B777-200ER (TG409) – Economy Class, BKK-SIN, (30 Dec 13)


The check-in counters for Thai Airways is located in the midsection of the Airport in Bangkok. There are several counters for Thai Airways thus it is imperative that passengers check the correct check-in row from the screen located in the centre of the airport terminal. The queue at the check-in counter bounded for Singapore was light, there was practically no waiting time, partly due to the numerous counters were opened for this flight. The Check-in process was swift and the staff waste no time in processing our check-in. I requested for the last row of seats, which was promptly assigned.
Check-in counters in Bangkok International Airport
There was a huge crowded bounded for Singapore on this flight when I reached the boarding gate, most of the passengers were already there waiting for their outbound flight. It seemed that this flight is full. Despite an almost full flight, the ground staff at the check-in gate managed to process the boarding with ease like a well-oiled wheel, and wait time is reduced to a minimum. TG409 is located at the far side of the airport, buses were arranged to ferry passengers from the terminal to the tarmac. Again, this is where one can see the well organised Thai Airways in managing a nearly full flight of passengers swiftly and with minimum delays.
Waiting for boarding at the boarding gate
View of the Tarmac at the boarding gate
Boarding at the gate
The bus that ferries passengers from the terminal to the aircraft


Pursuers are seen at the door of the aircraft greeting passengers and directing passengers to the correct aisle according to their seat assignment. The flight that brings me to Singapore on this leg is serviced by the 2 class Boeing 777-200ER. As with other Thai Airways flight, the Economy Class cabin is decked out in their iconic purple colour with seats in both purple and bright yellow colours, which adds a certain liveliness to the cabin. There seemed to be an overhaul onboard this aircraft. As I walked from the Royal Silk Class to my seat, I observed that the seats in the Royal Silk Class being different from that when I flew into Bangkok.
Bright Economy Class cabins
The Economy class cabin is spotless and bright when I walked in. The newly overhauled seats in the Economy Class seats are both comfortable and bright. The seat pitch is slightly longer at 86 cm (or 34″) apart compared to the 82 cm (or 32″) in the other Thai Airways aircraft. Being in the last row did give me more legroom than those upfront. Only the last seats in this aircraft (apart from the Royal Silk Class) are dual configured in 2-3-2, whereas the rest of the Economy Class is configured in 3-3-3. As with the other aircraft, the seat controls for reclamation is located on the armrest, while the control for the AVOD is located below the screen. There is a hook by the side of the AVOD screen and also a USB outlet.
Pursuers saw helping passengers with their luggage
The AVOD screen is larger than the other Thai Airways aircraft, at a 10.6″ screen. Perhaps due to the recently overhauling of the aircraft, the AVOD is very responsive and is packed with loads of entertainment options from Movies (both Hollywood and Thai movies to games to short sitcom clips) to cater to passenger’s preference.
The new AVOD system onboard TG409
The meal was tasty as well. I opted for the Thai Curry Chicken set, which is mildly spiced and the chicken is tender. The only downside is the portion is a tad small, perhaps due to the tastiness of the food, one would want more of that.
Close up of the Thai Curry Chicken
The lavatory is located right behind my seat. The newly renovated lavatory is spotless and seems larger then one would experience in a typical Economy Class lavatory. Other then the hand wash (which is the only option in Economy Class of most airlines these days), TG409 also has eau de cologne in the lavatory for passengers to smell good after their flight.
Toilet seat
Eau de cologne available in the lavatory


The service onboard this flight is far better than my inbound flight in Royal Silk Class. I can feel the warmth of the pursuers onboard this flight. After settling down I approached a pursuer to ask for a deck of playing cards, she mentioned that they have given out all the playing cards in the previous flight, however, she told me that she will look around and see if she can find one for me. The pursuer returned to my seat a little later with a deck of playing cards and told me with a genuine smile that this is the last deck of cards she can find and apologised for that.  The pursuer told responsibility for a fault which is not hers, this goes to show that they value customers on this flight.
Before taking off, the pursuers were seen going from seat to seat to distribute blankets, leaving no seats uncovered. This is a stark difference from the Royal Silk Class which I flew in. The pursuers on this flight took initiative throughout the flight ensuring that passengers are comfortable and well hydrated. They are seen walking around asking passengers (including me) if I need more drinks. Once they saw the empty cup, the pursuer would start to ask if passengers wanted more drinks or shall she clear the cup. This level of attentiveness is what should be accorded in the Royal Silk Class during my inbound experience.
Taxiing to the runway
Taking off
Take off
During mealtime, pursuers were spotted going around distributing food to a nearly full flight with a relatively short amount of time taken. After 30 mins into meal service, it seemed that all passengers have gotten their food and were enjoying their meal. Meal trays were promptly collected after the meal as well.
View of the sky


TG409 is a pleasurable flight to fly in. The cabin is newly overhauled with comfortable seats and responsive, power-packed AVOD. The more important aspect is the warmth in service projected by the pursuers. They go all out to ensure that passengers feel comfortable during the flight.

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