[Airline Review] -Scoot B777-200 (TZ202) – ScootinSilence, SIN-TPE, (30 Apr 14)


Scoot check-in counters are located in the mid-section of Terminal 2 in Singapore. Check-in took quite a while as they are the same counters serving passengers bounded for other destinations with Scoot. As there were no seats that are together, my friend and I opted to upgrade to the ScootinSilence section of the flight. The procedure for the class upgrade took a while and we were made to head to another counter to pay the difference. Once that is settled, the not-so-friendly ground staff handed our boarding pass and instructed us to proceed to the gate at the specific timing.
Boarding pass
The bird that will fly us to TPE behind the Silkair aircraft


Scoot uses B777-200s for all their flight. All the aircraft in the Scoot fleet is decked in the standard 3 classes, namely Business Class, ScootinSilence, and Economy Class. The crew inflight was much friendlier than those on the ground. We were promptly welcomed on board and shown the aisle that will lead us to our seats. At my seat, I saw a blanket laid over on my seat, to get a blanket one would otherwise have to pay extra for it. My friend commented that the seat could be soiled and I did not bother seeing what was underneath the seat. The seat we opted is the bulkhead seat, which gives passengers extra legroom to stretch out. This section of the aircraft promises that there are no passengers under the age of 12 to give passengers a quieter cabin, which is essential for an overnight flight.
ScootinSilence Cabin just behind the Business Class
Peeping into Business Class
The legroom is indeed generous on the seats that we purchased. The yellow seats were located just behind the business class section. The seat boasted an 89cm (or 35″) seat pitch, which allowed me to stretch all the way for a better night rest onboard the aircraft. The seats are rather comfortable, enabling me to rest sufficiently for the short 4-hour fly time to TPE. I was able to sleep mostly throughout the flight. As there are no personalised entertainment onboard Scoot flights, controls of the seat are only limited to the button for one to adjust their seating position.
Very generous seat pitch
Lavatory onboard this section of the aircraft is located behind the section between the ScootinSilence and the Economy Class cabins. Similar to Business Class lavatories, access to these lavatories is exclusive to ScootinSilence passengers. The lavatory has very standard Economy Class amenities that one can find in other airlines.
Lavatory onboard
Lavatory onboard


Service onboard is mostly non-existence. The only time I had interaction with the cabin crew is when I was boarding the aircraft, which is rather standard where the cabin staff will direct passengers to the aisle to reach their seats. Other then the food sales service, cabin crews are nowhere to be seen. Scoot is a no-frills airline, one only pays for the seats. Anything extra is chargeable, from food to comfort kits and even check-in baggage. Hence the cabin crews are more interested in making sales onboard then providing any services.


Scoot is a decent choice and is certainly above the rest of the budget carriers. The seats are comfortable and the cabin is quiet. I managed to sleep throughout the flight. They deliver the promise they sell the seat to passengers. While service is almost non-existent the experience onboard Scoot is way above the rest of the budget carriers.
View of the air bridge from my seat
Taking off from SIN
Arrival at TPE
The bird that flew us from SIN to TPE
Baggage collection at TPE

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