Taipei Day 5 (4 May 14) – Farewell Taipei

Leaving any place is always the tough part, especially when one enjoys the place and feels more can be done there. This is the feeling we got today. There are simply 2 things on our list today, get to the airport and make sure we board the plane on time (though there is always the hope that we will miss our flight and get to spend another day here). We woke up later than what we planned today, partly because my friend and I stayed up till 5 am the night before to pack our luggage, and perhaps partly due to we simply don’t feel like going home, going back to reality.
Realising that we are already late, we hurried to prepare ourselves, did a few scans in the hotel room to make sure we did not leave anything behind and proceeded to the lobby for checkout. By this time, our airport transfer is already waiting for us. The ride to the airport is uneventful. Once at the airport, we quickly proceeded to check-in (we were the last passengers to check-in), and made our way through the immigration. We boarded our flight back to Singapore.
Rushing to the airport
The empty counters mean all checking in has been completed
DFS shopping in Taipei Airport
DFS shopping in Taipei Airport
Throughout our stay in Taipei, I feel we are a little too ambitious. Given 4 days (well today can’t be counted), we did 2-day trips resulting insights in Taipei were missed. With this little amount of time, the 1-day trip is just nice. We also did not cater sufficient time for Taipei 101, underestimating the number of visitors the once titled tallest building in the world would receive daily. The subway in Taipei is a convenient and inexpensive way to get around Taipei. It is fast and comfortable, and also allows us to rub shoulders with the locals. If anyone has only time for the one-night market, Shilin Night Market is the one to be at. With its sheer size and the amount of merchandise and food on offer, it is a one-stop night market for all. The night market is part of the Taiwanese lifestyle and should not be missed. I will return to Taipei again, as I had so much fun in Taipei. The locals are hospitable, the food is fantastic. The next time I return, I will cater more time for Taipei, as for now, it is just a matter of when I will come back.

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