[Airline Review] -Scoot (TZ201) – Economy Class, TPE-SIN, (4 May 14)

On the Ground

Scoot check-in counters are located at the first row of Terminal 1 in Taipei. As we were one of the last passengers to arrive at the airport, checking in was a swift. Despite us being rather late for for checking in, the ground staff who processed our check-in was claim and composed and reassuring. He kept reassuring us we will make it in time for boarding in a claim manner. We were pleasantly surprised that we were being upgraded to Stretch seats. Before leaving the counter, the staff pointed out the gate and the time for us to be at the gate for boarding.
Airport check-in counters
Row 1 check-in for Scoot

The Cabin

Scoot uses 777-200s for all their flight. All the aircrafts in the Scoot fleet is decked in the standard 3 classes, namely Business Class, ScootinSilence, and Economy Class. We were promptly welcomed onboard and shown the aisle that will lead us to our seats. The legroom for the stretched seat are decent, and I can see we got an extra or 2 inches as compared to the rest of the seats. These yellow seats were located up front in the Economy Class section. The seat boasted a 86cm (or 34in) seat pitch, which allowed me to stretch onboard the aircraft. The seats are rather comfortable for the short 4-hour flytime to SIN. There are no personalised entertainment onboard Scoot flights, controls of the seat is only limited to the button for one to adjust their seating position.


Lavatory  onboard this section of the aircraft is located in the front section between ScootinSilence Cabin and Economy Class Cabins. The lavatory has the standard Economy Class amenities that one can expect in any other airlines.

Cabin view
Standard lavatory onboard
Standard lavatory onboard


Service onboard is rather prompt.  about 30 minutes after taking off, the crew came by with our pre-ordered food. The food portion is rather small, sufficient as a snack more then a proper meal. Having said that, the food that we bought is rather tasty. Cabin crew will request your boarding pass and check off before serving food. Cabin crew is also seen selling food and duty free to passengers onboard. The crew cleared the tray in good time, allowing passengers to slowly enjoy their food. Scoot is a no-frill airlines, one only pays for the seats. Anything extra is chargeable, from food to comfort kits and even check-in baggage.


Rather small portion of food
Meal onboard
Menu of items being sold onboard
Cabin crew going around in their trolleys selling


Scoot is a decent choice and is certainly above the rest of the budget carriers. The seats are rather comfortable for the 4 hour flight. The food portion is rather small, other passengers who pre-order food are seen buying extra snacks.

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