[Airline Review] – Thai Airways B777-300 (TG659) ICN-BKK – Business Class (7 Jan 16)

The bird that will bring us to BKK from ICN

On The Ground


Thai Airways check-in area is located at row J, to the left side of the terminal on level 3. As with most other airlines, Business Class passengers have a dedicated check-in counter (J21 and J22). Check-in was swift, thanks to the mobile check-in on the Thai Airways app. However, after checking in our luggage, the staff at the check-in desk requested us to wait by the side for around 5 mins for our luggage to be x-rayed before proceeding to the airside as we were informed that there were some problems with the x-ray machine. There was however no one to inform us if our luggage has cleared the x-ray machines and we were free to proceed to the immigration area.
Thai Airways uses Row J for Check-in
Counters J21 and J22 for Royal Silk Class Passengers
Quite a queue for Economy Class Check-in
Looks like a full flight in Economy Class


Thai Airways uses Asiana Airlines Lounge for its premium passengers. There is one located at the satellite terminal of Incheon Airport. A friendly staff (from Asiana Airlines) greeted passengers when collecting their boarding pass for verification. After the verification, the staff directed us to the Business Class section of the lounge, whose entrance is located to the right of the lounge. Past the entrance, the earth-toned lounge opens up to the lounge area, furnished with armchairs and small coffee tables, the lounge is rather conducive for one to relax in while waiting for one’s flight. There is also a small dining area, with dinner tables for 2 located next to the buffet area. The buffet area is tucked in one corner on a kitchen island, with mainly sandwiches, bread and salads on offer. The beverage area is located behind the buffet island with both hot and cold options. There are rest areas, with massage chairs, and shower/toilet area tucked in one corner of the lounge. The staffs at the lounge are very friendly and welcoming. They are also attentive and cleared empty plates fairly quickly.
Asiana Lounge in the Satellite Terminal
Entrance to Asiana Lounge
Business Class Section of the lounge
An earthy tone that felt comfortable and relaxed
Passenger Rest area of the lounge
Salad and pasta at the buffet island
Bread on offer
Beverage section
Snooze area
Inside each pod is a massage chair
Shower facilities in the lounge
View of the terminal from outside the lounge

There is no lack of shopping at the airside in the main terminal. Luxury brands such as LV, Bottega Veneta are found in the main terminal. There is also an area for passengers to experience Korean Culture through arts and craft. However, at the satellite terminal, shopping options are rather minimal. Incheon Airport has an open waiting area concept and the gates are not separated by rooms or partitions.

Airside at the main terminal
Signage at the main terminal
Shopping at the main terminal
Main terminal
Korean Cultural Experience Centre in the Satellite Terminal
The open waiting area in Incheon International Airport
Business Class passengers have a separate queue when boarding
At the aerobridge
Familiar Thai Airways livery
Business Class boarding gate

The Cabin

TG operates B777-300 for this ICN-BKK leg. Entering the iconic Thai airways purple-themed cabin, 34 seats Business Class cabin with 2-3-2 configuration, except for one row which has 2 seats in the centre, welcomes the passengers onboard.
Thai Airways Business Class Cabin
B777-300 serving ICN-BKK

There are 2 lavatories in Business Class and both were located just before the entrance to the cockpit. The lavatories were a tad cramp. Amenities available in the premium class lavatories include hand soap, moisturiser and Eau-de-toilet. Other than using tissue papers, handkerchiefs were available in the lavatory. I particularly like the sensor tap in the lavatory.

Amenities inside the lavatory
Sensor tap
Both handkerchiefs and tissues are available
Toilet Paper

The Seat

As with most TG flights, Thai Airways uses shell seats in its Business Class cabin. Each seat has a pitch of 70″ and width of 20″. The seats can be reclined to an angle of 170 degrees, which provided an almost flatbed for passengers who would like to snooze during the flight. Legroom is superb in this cabin. The seats come with a massage function in the form of vibration. Seat controls are located on the left side of the seat. The headphone jack is located under the right armrest, together with a power socket. There are no USB plugs on the seats. An additional reading light is located on the top of the seat, other than the ones on the ceiling of the cabin. There are a couple of cup holders and some slots for reading materials behind the seat in front of us. Amenity kits and pillows, as well as blankets, are already distributed on the seats waiting for passengers at the time of our boarding.

Business Class seat
Amenities Kit using Samsonite bags uses by Thai Airways
Seat controls
Additional Reading Lamp
Legroom is superb onboard
Some reading materials in the seat pocket
Seat in the fully reclined mode
Seat in lounging mode


TG has fantastic AVOD onboard, featuring a 15″ touch screen TV. However, I thought the touch screen function isn’t that responsive. There is no lack of options to keep passengers entertained throughout the flight. I particularly like the way the movies are being organised with the latest release and Thai Movies some of the options. Passengers can also list to music onboard with a wide range of genre, one is bound to find a genre of music that one prefers. The controller for the AVOD is located under the armrest, however, the controller is of an older model. Noise-cancelling headphones were made available for Business Class passengers

Large 15″ touch screen TV in Business Class
Noise-cancelling headphones
AVOD control
The backside of the AVOD control

Meal Service

Once settled into my seat, a friendly pursuer me by and distribute welcome drinks as well as a warm towel. Drinks options include the signature Thai Airways “Violet Bliss” (I highly recommend this drink, it goes very well with Pierre Carbonated Water), Champagne, Orange and Apple Juices. As soon as the seat belt sign went off, the pursuers were seen springing into action and served nuts and more drinks. Another pursuer came around distributing menus and returned moments later to take our orders.

Welcome drinks were served the moment passengers board the aircraft
Meal menu
Drinks menu

Due to the long flight time, meals were served course by course. The first meal was served about 1 hour into the flight. Pursuers came around setting the table with white table cloths. Moments later, they came back and served the appetiser. We had fried shrimp roll for an appetiser. The prawn was still crispy and tasted very well especially when eaten with the Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce that served with the appetiser.

First course – Fried Shrimp Roll

After seeing that we have emptied our plates, the pursuers came by with the second course – Salmon with Black Sesame Seed. The smoked salmon tasted fresh and goes very well with the salad that came with the dish.

Appetiser – Salmon with Black Sesame Seed

Soon plates were cleared and we were served the main course. I opted for the marinated pomfret with steam rice. The pomfret tasted a little sticky, however, it tasted good with the sauce that comes with it. My friend opted for the curry chicken. The dessert served was 3 grapes a slice of pear, which looked rather pathetic on the plate.

I had the pomfret with spicy sauce
Curry Chicken Pa-naeng which my friend had
Dessert – Fresh fruits

Around 1 hour before landing, the pursuers came around distributed chicken wrap. I particularly like the chicken wrap, which has a tingle of spiciness, but too overpowering. Drinks were available throughout the flight.

Second meal – Chicken Wrap


The pursuers were extremely friendly and caring on this flight. They truly embraced the warmth and friendliness that Thais are famously known for. They took note of our preferences and came around asking if we need more of the beverage we had been having. They were very observant and plates were cleared shortly after we finished our food. Pursuers were seen patrolling the cabin whenever the seat belt signs were off. One particular pursuer strike conversation with me and was very knowledgeable. She was seen coming to our side of the cabin and constantly asked if we need our drinks topped up.

Pursuer going around serving pre-flight drinks
Caring pursuer listening attentively to the needs of passenger


Despite the cabin being a little aged, the angled flat seat still was able to provide good rest. The legroom was superb and the seat felt very comfortable. The pursuers were attentive and made me feel like a VIP when flying with them. Food kept on coming and if we were hungry, the pursuers gladly fixed something for us. Overall, I enjoyed this ICN-BKK flight on Thai Airways.

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