Gold Coast Day 6 (5 Jul 16) – Harbour Town and Warners Brothers Movie World Revisited

Harbour Town Shopping

For the past few days, we visited Harbour Town only at night when most of the shops have closed. On the last day of our trip, we decided to return to Harbour Town to do some shopping. We woke up slightly later than other days today, mainly to have a good rest before we return home, back to our work. My friend and I arrived at Harbour Town at around 10 am. This time we had a good look at how cheap the stuff is in Harbour Town. Our first stop in Harbour Town is one of the cafes for our breakfast. The breakfast was served in a huge portion (we did not manage to finish everything) and the price is fairly cheap. After breakfast, we walked around Harbour Town to do some shopping. Went into several shops and managed to grab some really good bargains. We bought a sweater for half the price at Levi’s and a beanie for A$12 each. There is a UGG shop here that offers massive discounts. We roam around, mainly to those shops that we did not manage to go in a few days before to check things out. For shopaholics, do cater a full day at Harbour Town.
Harbour Town has really good deals with most of the shops offering more than 50% discount on already reduced prices
Taking a wefie between shopping
We had brunch at this cafe and the food came in huge portions
Around the cafe
The coffee here is a great way to start the day
Our brunch
We ordered a pancake to share in case we are still hungry, but by the time we finished our food we hardly had any room left for the pancakes
Taking one more wefie after shopping

Warners Brothers Movie World

After spending 2 hours at Harbour Town, we returned to Warner Brothers Movie World. Since we have an annual pass that allows us to return unlimited, we decided to come here and ride the roller coasters before we head back. We took the Green Lantern, Akham Asylum, Scooby-Doo and Superman Escape rides. We rode on the Superman Escape ride at least three times today as we find the ride thrilling. After riding the roller coasters, we headed into one of the theme park shops to get some clothing for my to-be born nephew. We stayed briefly at the Warner Brothers Movie World before heading towards Byron Bay Lighthouse.
Warner Brothers Movie World revisited
We like this Scooby-Doo coaster ride
Went on Arkham Asylum ride again
Arkhan Asylum ride coming into the station
We had a go at some of the game stores in Warner Brothers Movie World
My friend in front of  Scooby-Doo ride

Towards New South Wales

Byron Bay Lighthouse is situated near the border of Queensland and New South Wales. It took us about 1-hour drive from Warner Brothers Movie World to Byron Bay Lighthouse. As the sky gets darker, I am not too sure if we would make it in time to the lighthouse before dark. The sky has turned dark when we near Byron Bay and has turned completely dark as we entered Byron Bay town. We drove to the foot of the lighthouse and though it is too dark to continue further into the lighthouse as the streets here are not lighted. My friend and I decided to make a u-turn back to the apartment as it gets too dark to continue the journey. The drive back to Gold Coast is another 1 hour, by the time we reached our apartment, it is already 7 pm. We headed to the nearby Cavil Avenue for dinner and hit the beach of Surfers Paradise to have one last look before we head home tomorrow.
Taking a wefie at Surfers Paradise
We had ribs for dinner
Night view of Surfers Paradise from the balcony of our apartment
Night view of Surfers Paradise from the balcony of our apartment

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