[Accommodation Review] – Mayfair Bangkok – Marriott Executive Apartments (2 Bedroom Suite), Bangkok, Thailand (9 – 11 Dec 16)


Mayfair Bangkok is a serviced apartment managed by Marriott Group. The Aparthotel is centrally located in downtown Bangkok, about 7 mins walk to Chit Lom BTS Station. The famous Erawan Shrine, is around 12 mins by foot from the hotel. Siam Square and Siam Paragon is reachable 20 mins by foot from the hotel. There is another BTS station, Ratchadamri Station, which is located behind the hotel. However due to no direct link to the main road from the hotel, to access Ratchadamri Station, one would have to walk one big loop to reach that station. There are two 7-Elevens along the road where Mayfair Bangkok is located, one being around 2 mins walk from the hotel.
Hotel signage at night
Hotel facade
Hotel lobby
Christmas is in the air

The Suite

I checked into the 100m² bedroom apartment suite. As the property mainly consist of Apartments, the suite has everything one would need for long term stay. The suite design is modern and does not lack comfort and gives me a sense of cosiness. The air-conditioning is powerful and is sufficient to cool me down in the midst of the humid weather of Bangkok.
Entrance to Mayfair Bangkok 2-bedroom suite
The view from the living room isn’t that great. It faces an office building

Living Room

A dining table with chairs for four is the first thing that I saw when I entered the suite. It is a small area sharing the same space as the living room. Tucked nicely in one corner of the suite, the dining table does not feel out of the place. Behind the dining table is a cabinet with both functional storage space and aesthetics, with a traditional Thai flavour on the design. The living room is furnished with a maroon 3-seater L-shaped couch and a couple of square chairs at the side, surrounding the relatively large coffee table. The TV console is well positioned directly opposite the couch, allowing guests to watch the TV either on the couch or at the dining table. The space in the living room is sufficient for up to four pax to lounge around.
Dining table with chairs for four
The living room is a great place to chill


Next to the living room is the kitchen, separated by a kitchen counter which also doubles up as storage space for your daily shopping or food. The kitchen is fully equipped with over, stove, microwave oven a dishwasher as well as a large full fridge. The kitchen is also fully furnished with cutlery and dining set for four. On top of that, there are also cooking utensils such as pots and pans, kitchen scissors and knife neatly stored inside the cabinets in the kitchen area. The kitchen also comes with a sink for guests who chose to wash their dishes after using them. Neatly tucked in the corner is where a set of six mugs and a coffee machine can be found. The electric kettle is found on the kitchen countertop that separates the kitchen area from the living room.
Fully equipped kitchen
The kitchen comes with a full fridge and is so well equipped that guests can cook in the kitchen
The washer and dishwasher are placed in the kitchen area

Master Bedroom

Further in the room are the bedrooms. Furthest into the suite is where the Master Bedroom is located. From the entrance to the bedroom, a maroon armchair with a footrest immediately caught my eye. This chair is placed in a corner of the room, that does not sacrifice walking space. I welcome the small coffee table beside the armchair as it provides space for one to lounge in the chair drinking a cup of coffee or tea. On the right of the entrance to the Master Bedroom is where one can find the King Bed. The King bed is placed facing the ceiling to floor window, giving one a sense of spaciousness, other than allowing its occupants to look out into the streets of Bangkok. As one would expect, there  are a couple of bedside tables on either side of the King Bed. The King bed is very comfortable and provided me with quality sleep throughout the night, the bed is large enough to sleep three adults. Furthest to the corner of the room is a work desk, where one can find the only power socket outlets in the room, tucked in one corner. For those who prefer to have their lifestyle devices by their side while sleeping would find this arrange a tad inconvenient. The TV in the Master Bedroom is placed on top of this work desk, angled to face the TV.
Master bedroom in the 2-bedroom suite of Mayfair Bangkok
A nice comfy king bed that provided me with a great night sleep. The placement of the TV is rather weird
View from the master bedroom
To the left of the entrance to the Master Bedroom, one can find the wardrobe space. There are no lack of space for guests to store their clothing in the three wardrobes found in this room. The in room safe is also found stored inside one of these wardrobes. The Master Bedroom has an ensuite bathroom, accessible from opposite the wardrobe area.
There are tons of wardrobe space in the master bedroom
In room safe is found inside one of the three wardrobes in the master bedroom
More storage space in the wardrobes in the master bedroom

Second Bedroom

The second Bedroom is the first room on the right that guests would find while walking towards the Master Bedroom. This room is a lot smaller than the Master Bedroom. Despite its size, it is also well furnished with one queen bed, which also provides excellent sleep quality. There are also bedside tables found on either side of the bed. The work desk cum makeup table is located opposite the queen bed, next to a set of two wardrobes which are rather sizable. There is a smaller TV placed on top of the workdesk/makeup table. As the table is rather long, despite having the TV there are still space for one to stow their makeup kits. There is also a floor to ceiling window just next to the queen bed.
Queen bed in the smaller second bedroom. It feels rather cosy in here
Despite its small size, the second bedroom is still very well furnished with a TV, a dressing cum work table and a 2-panel wardrobe


There are two bathrooms in this Mayfair Bangkok 2-bedroom apartment. One of the bathrooms is located inside the Master Bedroom. This is the bigger of the two bathrooms. What caught my eyes as I enter this bathroom is the bathtub, placed at one end, next to the sink area. The Bathtub is rather small and shallow, but does the job of providing one with a good soak. The sink area is next to the door. There is only one sink, sitting on the marble laid counter top. It is rather roomy at the sink area for guests to place additional toiletries. Opposite the sink area, and in a rather weird place is the toilet bowl. When one open the door to the bathroom, the toilet bowl looks somewhat hidden behind the door. There is also a walk-in shower that comes with a rainshower head and a regular shower head, separated by a glass door, which segregates the wet and the dry area.
The marble counter top at the sink adds a sense of classiness to the bathroom.  The bathtub is only available in the  bathroom inside the master bedroom
Walk-in shower and toilet bowl. The toilet bowl is hidden behind the door to the bathroom when opened
The walk-in shower in the master bedroom has both a rain shower head and a regular shower head
The second bathroom is simpler in fixtures compared to the one in the Master Bedroom. What is missing in this bathroom is the bathtub. However I find the layout in this bathroom is better. The toilet bowl is opposite the entrance, unlike the one in the Master Bedroom. There is also a walk-in shower with only the regular shower head in here. Similar to the one in the Master Bedroom, I like the idea of separating wet and dry area. There are also plenty space at the sink for guests to put their toiletries on.
The second bathroom is simpler in its fixtures, it does not come with a bathtub. However it gets the job done
Only regular shower head in the second bathroom


Breakfast is served in the restaurant on level 2. There is a wide selection of food for guests to choose for breakfast. Other than the usual continental and american breakfasts, there are also a small selection catering to local and even an Indian section. I noticed that the menu changed slightly on the both days I went for breakfast. I thought this change in menu is a thoughtful gesture on the hotel part to give guests more variety in choices.
Breakfast is served in the restaurant on level 2
There is a wide selection of food for breakfast. Menu for breakfast changes slightly each day
More food being served for breakfast

Swimming Pool

The Swimming pool is located on 25th floor of the hotel building. The covered salt water swimming pool allows guests to swimming even during inclement weather. However guests who want to get a tan during their swim will be disappointed. There is also a Jacuzzi area inside the swimming pool.
The covered swimming pool on level 25
There is a jacuzzi in the swimming pool
Sauna is found in the changing room where the swimming pool is located


The gym is located on 26th floor, which is accessible via a flight of stairs from the swimming pool. The lift does not service the level where the gym is located. The 24-hour gym is equipped with treadmills, stepper machines and stationary cycles. There are also several weight machines in the gym. There is a gym for children outside the entrance to the gym. The lack of equipment makes this area look more like a play area for children than a gym.
A small but well equipped gym
More weight machines in the gym
A small gym for children (looks more like a play room than a gym)


I received very good service throughout my stay in Mayfair Bangkok. Staffs are warm and welcoming and seemed to take it upon them to ensure that guests are well taken care off. The great service started the moment I walked in to the main doors of the hotel, where staffs will always eager to open the door for guests, followed by a “wai” (the traditional Thai greeting gesture) greeting guests at the same time. The staff at the door are so attentive that I find it challenging for an opportunity to open the door myself. Service I received from the staffs at the reception is by no means lacking. They tried their best to ensure that my requests are being met. As I arrived ahead of the check-in timing, the staffs apologized for not having the suite ready for us. We left our luggage with the concierge and returned later to check into our room. To my surprise, the staff had already brought our luggage up to the suite. Whenever I walk pass the reception, there are no lack of “wai” and greetings. Checking out is done promptly as well.
The service at the restaurant were great as well. I ordered egg from the egg station and indicated that I would return to collect the egg at a later timing. Instead of letting the egg sitting on the table turning cold, the staff brought it to my table. It is evident that the staff at the restaurant not only displayed customer centric behaviour, she was also observant in taking note of the table I was seated at. Empty plates are also cleared promptly and there are not situations where I returned to a table of uncleared plates.
Reception area


For the price I booked for the 2-bedroom suite, I find the hotel to be of great value, given its location and the size of the suite. One would expect to pay at least 10% more for other hotels in the vicinity, moreover the rate that I paid comes with breakfast for four. The suite has sufficient living space for four persons comfortably, and the fully equipped kitchen is a bonus for guests who prefer to pack food back to the hotel for consumption. The excellent service I received during my stay adds to the enjoyment of my stay at the hotel. Despite not having tuk-tuk service to ferry guests to the nearest BTS (some of the hotels in the vicinity offers that service), I do not find this a bother as the BTS station is not exactly that far away from the hotel. I would recommend this hotel to those whom plan to visit Bangkok.

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