Hokkaido Day 12 (Sapporo) (25 Feb 17) – Change in Plan: Shopping in Sapporo and In Search of Ramen Alley

Snowing Susukino district where we had a hard time looking for the famous Ramen Alley

A Sudden Change in Plan

The plan today was for us to visit Otaru and leave shopping in Sapporo on our last day. As we were walking towards the ticketing machines in Sapporo JR Station, we saw Daimaru (a large departmental store in Sapporo JR Station building). Since a friend of ours had asked us to buy some stuff for her, I suggested to my friend that we check out the departmental store and find where this store is so that we do not have to waste time tomorrow locating the store. As we were searching for that store, we realise we spent a considerable amount of time as Daimaru Departmental Store is very big (with 7 floors of shopping). By the time we found what we were looking for, we realised that half the day is gone. We decided to change in plan and visit Otaru tomorrow instead. We would see if we have time to visit Hokkaido Shrine and Mt Moiwa later in the evening.

A shopping mall in Sapporo

Walking Through the Malls

Since we were at Daimaru, we started from the top of the departmental store from 7th floor and shopped our way down to level 1. We spent a considerable amount of time shopping for Black and Blue Label, formerly a series from Burberry which is only found in Japan. After getting our stuff, we found it rather bulky and headed back to our apartment to leave our shopping before heading out to shop again (since our apartment is 4 mins walk from Sapporo JR Station). My friend and I went to a few of the nearby shopping malls to shop. As the sky was getting darker,  suggested to my friend to head to the famed Ramen Alley in Susukino area.

Taking a wefie in the streets of Sapporo
We found a snowman in Odori Park


Taking a picture with the snowman
It is already dark by the time we are done shopping near Sapporo TV Tower 

In Search of Ramen Alley

We took the subway from Odori Station to Susukino Station. It started to snow heavily as we exited Susukino Subway Station. As we did not bring our map out with us (trusting Google Map), we spent some time looking for the Ramen Alley. Google Map led us to a building which it stated as Ramen Alley. However, it looks different from the Ramen Alley I saw when I was researching for our Hokkaido trip. Feeling fed up, we decided to forget about Google Map and go around searching. We turned left after exiting the building, hidden between 2 buildings is the Ramen Alley that we were looking for. True to its name, all the shops here sell only Ramen. The ramen shops here are very small with limited seating. We walked along the Ramen Alley, we chose the shop that has empty seats, trusting that all the shops here serve delicious ramen. The ramen broth in the restaurant is delicious and the ramen is very delicious. The serving is very generous and we had a hearty ramen dinner. After dinner, as we exited Ramen Alley to head to Tanuki Koji for more shopping, we realised that Ramen Alley is actually a small alley behind Holiday Inn ANA Sapporo Susukino. We shopped in Tanuki Koji which is nearby Ramen Alley for souvenirs to bring home, as we might not have time to shop tomorrow. As it was getting late, we did not have time for Hokkaido Shrine and Mt Moiwa. We decided to visit Mt Moiwa tomorrow before we head to Otaru.

It was snowing heavily when we arrived at Susukino


Taking a wefie in the snowing Susukino district
Snowing in Susukino
This is the famous restaurant with a giant crab… we did not eat here but just took a picture here
My friend in the snowing Susukino
Susukino district at night
Susukino district
Me covered with snow while looking for Ramen Alley
We finally found Ramen Alley
Ramen Alley is a small alley between 2 buildings
In one of the Ramen restaurant in Ramen Alley. There is a sign that says no photographing, we can only secretly take pictures
I had the spicy miso ramen
My friend had the miso ramen
We also got Gyoza as a side dish
Me in a random street in Susukino with the snow-covered tree and traffic light
Snow-covered tree in the snowing weather
Snowing in Susukino district
Night scene in Susukino
My friend in the snowing Susukino district
Fresh snow near our apartment


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