[Airline Review] – Thai Airways A350-900 (TG410) / (TG409) – Business Class, SIN-BKK (13 Feb 17) /BKK-SIN (1 Mar 17)

Thai Airways uses its new A350-900 for both SIN-BKK-SIN leg

On the Ground


Premier Check-in Lounge

Thai Airways depart from Terminal 1 in Changi International Airport. The airline counter is located in row 4, near to the Skytrain in Terminal 1. Premium passengers are treated to check-in at the Dnata Premier Check-in Lounge at the end of Row 4. Checking in at the lounge makes one feel like a VIP, in the classy and earthy designed lounge. The check-in is very fast and the check-in staff briefed us on the standard items like where the gate is and what time is boarding. On top of that, we were also invited to the Thai Airways Lounge before boarding.
Thai Airways Business Class passengers can check-in at the Dnata Premier Check-in Lounge in Changi Airport Terminal 1


Inside the Premier Check-in Lounge
Thai Airways Check-in Counter inside Dnata Premier Check-in Lounge
The check-in experience is very good in the Dnata Premier Check-in Lounge

Thai Airways Lounge

The Thai Airways Lounge is located one floor above the departure hall in the transit area. The earthy lounge is very comfortable and cosy and has a large seating area decked out with mostly armchairs. There are some simple finger food and drinks available for Business Class passengers to enjoy. Reading materials such as local and Thai newspapers, magazines are also available for passengers to read.
Entrance to Thai Airways Lounge in Changi Airport
The lounge is decked out in purple and earthy colour schemes
Reading material for passengers
There are plenty of seats for passengers
Mostly finger food is being served in the Thai Airways Lounge in Changi Airport
Drinks for all passengers
TG410 departs from gate C13 in Changi Airport
Boarding gate at C13



Thai Airways dedicates Row A, located at the left side of Suvarnabhumi Airport, for its premium passengers. Passengers are treated to sit-down check-in at that row and dedicated immigration clearance, which is empty at the time of my checking-in. The ground staff at Suvarnabhumi wasn’t as friendly as I thought. There were no smiles and conversations were non-existent. She just passed us our boarding pass and did not even mention which lounge is nearer to our gate nor where our gate was at.

Dedicated check-in row for First and Business Class passengers
The check-in rows for premium passengers are located in Row A in Suvarnabhumi Airport
At check-in counter in row A
Check-in counters at Row A. We were escorted to a counter that is available instead of hunting for one

Thai Airways Lounge

There are 4 Thai Airways Lounges for Business Class passengers and 1 Royal Orchid Spa Lounge in Suvarnabhumi Airport. Business Class passengers flying out or transiting Bangkok are treated to 30 mins head and shoulder or foot massage in Royal Orchid Spa. However, due to the time constraint, we did not have to go for the massage. We visited the Lounge in Concourse E, which is a fairly large lounge. There are more food options here as compared to that in Changi Airport, food was seen topped up regularly to ensure there are sufficient to go around. There is also a wide range of drinks available in the lounge. As with the lounge in Changi Airport, there are some reading materials like local newspaper and magazines for passengers to read.
Royal Silk Lounge at Concourse E
There are several seating for passengers
Some of the food that passengers can chow before the flight
Some of the food I grabbed before our flight
Phad Thai and Thai Style Hainanese Chicken Rice. Both are tasty and flavourful
TG409 departs from Gate E5



Thai Airways uses its new A350-900 for both legs of the flight. The new aircraft cabin still screams of the signature Thai Airways purple theme, and the seats look classy with the timber finishing. There are 32 seats in Business Class and 289 seats in Economy Class Section. The seats in Thai Airways A350 are arranged in 1-2-1 configuration, which means all Business Class passengers onboard having direct aisle access.
Flight attendants greeting passengers on board the Thai Airways A350-900. This is the only time they are friendly
Business Class onboard Thai Airways A350-900, decked in the signature Thai Airways purple
Even the lightings are in purple onboard in the Business Class cabin
Electronic displays on the ceiling of A350-900
The lavatory onboard the A350-900 is a tad small. There is one at the forward of the cabin and 2 more at the aft of the Business Class cabin. There isn’t much amenities in the lavatory, feels pretty much like an Economy Class lavatory. What I like about the lavatory is the sensor tap and the sensor activated trash bin covers.
The sink in the A350-900 looks modern
Cabinet where tissues and handkerchiefs are stowed in the lavatory
Mirror in the lavatory is large
Ea u-de-cologne and hand lotions are the only other amenities found in the lavatory in the Business Class lavatory
I like the sensor activated trash bin cover in the lavatory
Toilet bowl
There are some coat hangers on the doors of the lavatory


Very basic lavatory onboard the Business Class
The only difference between Economy and Business Class lavatory are the orchids


The seats onboard Thai Airways A350-900 has a pitch of 73.5″ and width of 20″. The seats can be converted into a 180° truly flatbed. The seats have several modes other than being capable of converting into a flatbed, there is also a lounge mode, which I find it very comfortable to sit on while watching movies. Despite having a massage function, the massage function on my seat is not working. I find the seats a little cramp, especially in lounge mode when leaving and entering the seat is rather difficult. Seat controls are situated at the side of the seat at the side of the small table. There are 2 lightings, including a reading light placed at the side of the seat. Inflight reading materials are placed in the pocket above the side table of the seat. There are several storage spaces at the lower side of the seat, however, these impractical storage spaces can only hold magazines, they are too narrow to put my camera, and are too deep to place my passport into (it is rather dirty inside as well). International plug power sockets and headphone jackets are located at the side table, there is a USB outlet beneath the IFE TV.


Business Class seats on board the Thai Airways A350-900
Business Class seats in upright mode on Thai Airways A350-900
Business Class seats in lounge mode on Thai Airways A350-900
Business Class seats in fully flatbed mode on Thai Airways A350-900


Reading light and reading materials in the seat
Aircraft safety card
Power plug and the headphone jack is found on the side of the seat
Seat and light control buttons are found by the side table
Tray table folded up
Impractical storage space which does not hold anything other than books. It is too deep to put my mobile phone in
Footrest in the Business Class seats onboard Thai Airways A350-900
The legroom is good onboard Thai Airways A350-900
Aircraft safety card  and airsick bags are stores in the small seat pocket at the entrance of the seat

In-Flight Entertainment

The new Thai Airways A350-900 has a 16″ flat-screen TV in front of every seat. These touch screen TVs can also be controlled by the new generation, smartphone-like controller at the side of the seat. The system is not at all laggy, which is very much welcomed. The IFE has a large library of movies, including the latest movies to keep me entertained throughout the flight.
The 16″ touch screen TV in Business Class
IFE controller is a touch screen as well
USB ports beneath the TV

Meal Service


Meal orders were taken before taking off, at the same time as the welcome drink is being served. However, I wasn’t volunteered welcome drink onboard and had to ask for one. What a bad start to the flight. After taking off. soon after the seatbelt sign was turned off, pursuers sprung into action serving the food that we have ordered. Food was not served by courses but was given all in one tray, much like Economy Class except that they are placed in more fanciful plates. I had the Seared Prawn with Sweet Chili Sauce, which I find the prawns to be rubberish. Pandan Sago Seed with Water Chestnut is being served as dessert, which I find tastier than the main dish. It is not too sweet and has a nice texture to it.

Menu for the flight
Almond is served after take-off
Table laid out for meal service
Snack before dinner
Sear Prawn in Sweet Chili Sauce


As with the outbound leg, welcome drinks were being served on board before taking off. This time around I did not have to ask for it, it was volunteered. However, the male flight attendant did not know the name of their signature drink. We had to ask for it from another flight attendant. Meal orders were taken. No nuts were served before taking off. After taking off, we were promptly served the food that we ordered, which again was served all at one go instead of by courses. I had to Fried Prawn inLychee Sauce. The fried prawn wasn’t crispy but tasted great with the lychee sauce. I particularly like the Fried Rice that comes with the prawn dish, which tasted good and not too oily. We were served salmon and chicken breast as the appetiser, which I find them to be tasty. I did not take the dessert as I was full.

Meals being served on this flight
The table is laid for dinner. There is no pre-dinner snack
The Fried Prawn in Lychee sauce is rather tasty


Service was lacking onboard both legs of the flight, not befitting of Business Class. I felt no different than flying in Economy Class. Flight attendants were seen just doing their job, instead of making passengers feel welcomed. No help was rendered to any passengers in storing their carry-on luggage in the overhead compartment.

Pursers were hiding in the pantry most of the time on both legs of the flight. The male flight attendant on the right is outright rude and clueless about service


Service is bad on this leg. The pursuers were not smiling and not making passengers feel welcome onboard. This makes me think that the signature Thai smile I have seen in Thai Airways advertisements is just for advertisements. I was conveniently skipped when serving the welcome drink. The tray tables were set up very sloppily, with the attendant holding onto the food in one hand and trying to set up the table with the other. I helped the flight attendant to lower the tray table and layout the tablecloth, she did not even utter a word of thanks.


The worst service got to be rendered from this leg of my flight. A male attendant serving us was constantly in a foul mood. No smiles came from him. When asked for their signature welcome drink, he did not even know what that was and wanted to give us coke. I had to ask another flight attendant for the Thai Airways Signature drink. The same foul mood male attendant did not seem to understand the difference in service between Business and Economy Class. I was handed food over my friend, who was about to have his dinner. The male flight attendant simply did not care if my friend was eating. Instead of putting the food down onto my table, I was made to take over the food from him and placed them onto my table. There is another incident involving the same male flight attendant. After the seat belts signs went off, I went to the lavatory. The light outside the toilet suggested that no one was inside the lavatory. I was trying to open the lavatory door, and the male flight attendant saw it. He just ignored what I was doing, but after some time, he must had felt irritated and told me “Someone inside” and ask me to wait. A female passenger came waiting for the same toilet and he actually told her there is 2 more behind. He could have told me the same information instead of making me wait for the toilet. I overheard him telling the passenger in the toilet before me to lock the toilet door properly the next time he uses it.


While the only A350-900 recently joined the Thai Airways fleet, I thought the use of space for the seats a little lacking. There is not much practical storage space for some gadgets like mobile phones and cameras. The side pocket is too deep and too dirty to be useful. The seats feel cramp and were difficult to enter and exit when in lounge mode. The massage function did not work on both legs of my flight onboard the A350-900. The amenities in the lavatory is lacking.
What irritates me the most is the service onboard. The attendants made me feel as though I was flying in Economy Class. Not much smiles from anyone and certainly no help was rendered. The worst is the male attendant who did not even know the name of Thai Airways Signature drink. Food was passed over my friend’s head by the male attendant. After this experience, I will not take another Thai Airways, especially in their Business Class. They are not worth paying a premium for.

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