Chiang Mai Day 4 (12 Nov 17) – Last Stop of Our Trip: Shopping in Warorot Market

Shopping in a Local Market – Warorot Market

Today is our final day in Chiang Mai. Our flight leaves Chiang Mai at 5 pm and since we have a few hours to kill, we headed for Warorot Market after breakfast. Warorot Market is located around 7 mins walk from the hotel we were staying along the night bazaar street. Warorot Market comprises of 2 buildings on either side of the main road, selling similar goods. The market seems like a place where locals visit to get their daily needs. The stalls in the 3-storey Warorot Market are arranged in a rather systematic manner. Most of the stalls on the ground floor sell food items as well as a section where one can find eateries. At the centre of the ground floor is where fresh food items are being sold. The second and third level of Warorot Market is occupied by stalls selling clothing, shoes and bags. I find more locals visiting this market then tourists. There are more shops around the main building of Warorot Market, making this a great place for visitors to get last-minute souvenirs before heading home. We could have spent hours shopping for souvenirs in Warorot Market, however as we have a plane to catch, we had to head back to the hotel and get ready for our flight home.

Warorot Market is a market that serves mainly locals
Such shops selling clothing are a common sight in Warorot Market
More shops selling clothes in Warorot Market
A section of Warorot Market selling fresh produce
The centre of Warorot Market on the ground floor sells mainly fresh produce
Warorot Market

Time to Bide Chiang Mai Goodbye

We left for the airport at around 3 pm, in time for our flight home. I find people in Chiang Mai are friendlier and more patient as compared to their counterparts in Bangkok. The pace of life is slower here as well. The streets of Chiang Mai is cleaner and the prices of things in Night Market is lower than Bangkok. Chiang Mai is a place where even the locals, especially those from Bangkok visit to get a break from the hustle and bustle of city life. Even the air is fresher in Chiang Mai. There are beautiful sceneries and spectacular waterfalls in Chiang Mai, which I did not manage to visit. Perhaps the next time if I return to this northern city of Thailand, my focus will be more of nature.

Having a glass of mocktail before we depart Chiang Mai in the hotel
Departure drinks from the hotel
Driving towards the airport
Chiang Mai International Airport
Some very last minute shopping in the airport
Waiting to board our aircraft
The bird that will bring us home
Taxiing to runway
Flying past Doi Suthep
Doi Suthep and city of Chiang Mai
Bye-bye Chiang Mai

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