[Accommodation Review] – Fairmont Singapore (Signature King Saloon Suite), Singapore (2 – 4 Apr 21)

The Location

Fairmont Singapore is located right in the heart of Singapore, within walking distance to nearby attractions such as Esplanade Theatre, the Merlion Park and Gardens By the Bay. Fairmont Singapore is very well connected by the MRT subway, sitting right above City Hall MRT station, allowing guests to explore the Island state by subway. There are tons of shopping options in the vicinity of the hotel. Right below the hotel is the Raffles City Shopping Mall, where restaurants and boutiques are located. Guests at Fairmont Singapore do not need to leave the hotel premises to fulfil their food and shopping needs. Nearby the hotel is the Bugis Junction Shopping Mall, Suntec Shopping Mall and Marina Centre Shopping Mall, where more shopping and food options are available for guests at Fairmont Singapore.

Fairmont Singapore Lobby
Reception in at the lobby of Fairmont Singapore

The Suite

I booked this staycation for the Good Friday long weekend during the Black Friday Sale last November, where I bagged a deal on their Signature King Saloon Suite for 40% off and comes with breakfast arrangements. Fairmont Singapore has a total of 778 rooms and suites spread across both North and South towers. Due to the pandemic,  the South Tower, where the higher category suites and rooms with superb views and the Gold Lounge are located, is closed for guests serving their quarantine upon arriving in Singapore. Only the North tower is open to receive guests for staycations. The highest category suite Fairmont Singapore has in the North Tower is the Signature King Suite, which essentially is a Junior Suite with a total floor area of 56m². Fairmont Singapore has two configurations of Signature King Suite – The Signature King Suite and the Signature King Saloon Suite. The former is older and has a Peranakan theme, while the latter has been recently renovated with a contemporary theme. Fairmont Singapore has only one Signature King Saloon Suite in the North Tower. 


The Signature King Saloon Suite is renovated with an earthy theme decked in dark brown colour flooring and furnishing, together with the yellow lighting in the entire suite makes guests feel relaxed during their stay in the suite. The earthy tone of the suite can immediately be felt the moment its occupants enter the suite at its entryway, owing to the dark brown wooden wall panel on the left wall of the corridor that leads into the suite and parquet flooring laid throughout the entire suite. Together with the soothing warm lighting, the colour theme of this corridor exudes a sense of claim and relaxation to its occupants. A large mirror fitted on the right side of the wall not only makes this area of the Signature King Saloon Suite at Fairmont Singapore feels larger, but it also allows its occupants to do last-minute checking of their attire before heading out. 

The earthy tone in the Signature King Saloon Suite can be felt from the entryway
Main controls at the entryway


The entrance to the bathroom in the Signature King Saloon Suite is found along the entryway, mere steps away from the primary access to the suite. The white-grey marble-laden bathroom gives it a luxurious feel; hints of the central theme in the Signature King Saloon Suite are still subtly present in the bathroom in the form of wooden panels by the sink area. A bulk of the walls in the bathroom is fitted with large mirrors, making it feels more extensive than it is. As guests enter the bathroom, guests can find the sink area on the right of the entrance to the bathroom. Due to the size of the bathroom, fitting it with a single sink gives guests of the Signature King Saloon Suite more space to stow their toiletries on the black marbled countertop. 

On the left of the bathroom entrance, opposite the sink area, is a partially enclosed wet area behind a single glass panel. The wet area did not come with a door, which I initially feel the water from the wet area might get into the dry area of the bathroom. However, after three days of usage, I did not find any water getting into the dry area. The wet area of the bathroom in the Signature King Saloon Suite is where guests can find a deep bathtub sitting by the wall in the wet area. The foreground of the wet area is the walk-in shower area, fitted with both a rain shower and a regular shower head. 

Wet area in the bathroom of the Signature King Saloon Suite

Further into the bathroom, past the sink area, one can find an open toilet area tucked in one corner of the bathroom. The placement of the toilet is well hidden behind a wall panel, giving guests greater privacy. The toilet did not come with bidet functions. I do find the bathroom lack hooks to hang one’s clothing.

The porcelain throne is well hidden in the bathroom

Lounge Area

The end of the entryway opens up to a spacious main area of the Signature King Saloon Suite, which can be further segregated into the lounge area and the sleeping area. At the end of the entryway, a couch sitting at a corner of the suite welcomes its guests. The fabric beige coloured couch is capable of sitting three to four guests comfortably. A leather armchair placed next to the sofa, short of the floor to ceiling window panel, adds more space for guests to rest into. A small black colour side table is placed between the couch and the armchair, allowing guests to put small items on it. A larger wooden oval shaped coffee table, lacquered in black colour, is placed in front of the couch.

The couch and armchair in the lounge area is placed by the wall in the suite to create more space inside the Signature King Saloon Suite

Placed by the wall in the lounge area of the Signature King Saloon Suite in Fairmont Singapore is a black wooden cabinet in gold trimming, housing the minibar in the suite. A Nespresso machine, complete with six capsules and TWG teabags, is stored in the left top cabinet, while a tap with both hot and cold water and mugs are found in the right cabinet. The Signature King Saloon Suite in Fairmont Singapore does not come with plastic bottled water. Instead, a couple of empty glass bottles are found at the minibar. Guests can use the tap at the minibar to store water in these bottles. As this tap also has hot water functions, there is no electric kettle in the suite. A small fridge is well hidden in the left bottom cabinet at the minibar. Due to the pandemic, no beverages are stored in the fridge.

Sleeping Area

Further in the Signature King Saloon Suite, past the lounge area, is the sleeping area. The centrepiece in the sleeping area is the King bed placed by the wall in the suite. The king bed has a design that resembles an airlines Business Class pod with the headboard curving out slightly. The bedside tables are designed to extend out from the sides of the headboard, complete with a small drawer on each side for guests to stow small items. The bedside is also very well designed with convenience features such as light controls, curtain controls, and international power outlets, as well as USB charging ports for guests to charge their gadgets. However, I find the bedside tables a tad too small, leaving not much space for guests to put their stuff on as they are being furnished with the hotel phone on one table and an alarm clock on the other table. Above the bedside tables are a couple of lamps that were fixed to the ceiling, freeing precious space on the bedside tables. The bedsheet used by Fairmont Singapore on the King bed, together with its firm mattress, makes it very comfortable to sleep. However, sleep quality would be better if the pillows are firmer. Despite being given a firm pillow that I requested from the hotel, I still wake up with a stiff neck on the first-night stay at the hotel. 

The king bed in the sleeping area of the Signature King Saloon Suite in Fairmont Singapore

There is only one TV in the suite that is mounted on the wall opposite the king bed. The 55″ LED TV in the Signature King Saloon Suite is fitted onto a mount that can be swivelled to face the bed or the couch area, depending on where guests wanted to watch the TV from. There are plentiful local and international channels on the TV to keep guests entertained during their stay at Fairmont Singapore. Most of the hotel information can also be found on the TV.

The Signature King Saloon Suite is furnished with a 55″ LED TV that has plentiful international and local channels

In the Signature King Saloon Suite, the wardrobe is fixed onto the wall next to the king bed in the sleeping area. The closet has ample open space and two narrow enclosed space on either side of the open wardrobe space. The use of glass doors for the enclosed wardrobe space makes the wardrobe looks contemporary. Guests would have hung their clothing in the open space at the closet as the space in the enclosed closet is very limited. A small drawer is fitted into one of the two enclosed wardrobes. A ledge in the open wardrobe area provides space for guests to stow away their baggage. There are two drawers below this ledge. However, the large drawer is occupied by the in-room safe, leaving the smaller drawer the only drawer for guests to use. Overall, I thought there are limited spaces for guests to put away their items in the Signature King Saloon Suite.

The wardrobe in the Signature King Saloon Suite has a large open closet area

The work desk is tucked in the furthest corner in the Signature King Saloon Suite. The work desk is slim and long, providing great space for guests to do some decent work. A small drawer at the work desk allows guests to stow away small items. There are two power outlets and two USB charging ports conveniently fixed on the wall at the work desk area, ensuring the electronic devices that guests are working on the desk has sufficient juice to complete their work. I like that the work desk is placed facing the balcony into the Singapore downtown skyline, which makes it a very therapeutic space to do work. 

A sizeable work desk is tucked in one corner of the Signature King Saloon Suite


There are two balconies in the Signature King Saloon Suite. These balconies are rather modest in size and are not being furnished. The balconies are accessible from the lounge area and the sleeping area and are not connected. The balconies provide a space for guests in the Signature King Saloon Suite to take in the skyline of downtown Singapore.


Despite the limited contact time with the staffs at Fairmont Singapore, the exceptional service from the hotel staff can still be felt during our stay at the hotel. The good service at the hotel started on the day of my check-in when I called the hotel to request for early check-in. My call was answered by James who not only granted me early check-in, he also listened and understood my concern with the confusion on my booking. I originally booked the Signature King Saloon Suite back in November 2020. I subsequently received an email stating that all the Signature King Saloon Suites are located in the South Tower, which Fairmont Singapore used for guests serving quarantine as such my room was changed to Signature King Suite. I received an email in early March 2021 stating that my room type was changed to Signature Gold King Suite, to which I was given Gold Lounge access. I was informed by another staff that the Gold Lounge is closed as it is located in the South Tower. When I raised my concern to James regarding giving me lounge access that is close seem to defeat the purpose. James listened with empathy and even got his colleague to investigate the confusing booking status. I was warmly welcomed by James at the hotel, who processed our check-in. Not only did James took the initiative to arrange for late check-out, but he also acknowledged the confusion in the booking system. James also gave recognition to my friend’s Accor Platinum status during our check-in. We were pleasantly surprised to receive a call in the suite from one of the staff explaining the reason for the confusion in the booking status.

We met another staff, Katherine during the first night at the reception. As we have forgotten to bring our key card out, Katherine quickly issued another card to us. When I brought up the issue of getting a soft foam pillow, Katherine quickly jumped into action and arranged for housekeeping to send up a firmer foam pillow within minutes of us reaching our room. We met Katherine during check-out who processed it with much efficiency and we were checked out within 5 mins.

The staffs at Willow Stream Spa whom I had most contact with during my stay at Fairmont Singapore, always made us feel welcome. The staffs helped us booked the usage of the swimming pool and gym facilities despite short notices. When check-in for facilities usage, they are always warm and welcoming. 

The staffs at the Royal Service line were always ready to ensure that our stay is comfortable. Our calls to the Royal Service were always being answered without having to wait for too long and our requests for toiletries are promptly arranged and delivered to our suite by the housekeeping staffs in a relatively short period of time. I am pleasantly surprised to see the fitness kit that I requested waiting for us in the suite. Other than the usage welcome fruit platter in the suite, we were pleasantly surprised to find a cake waiting for us in the suite.  

Care kit provided by Fairmont Singapore

Hotel Facilities

Breakfast @ Prego

During this pandemic period, breakfast at Fairmont Singapore is served at the Prego Restaurants. Breakfast at Prego comes with one breakfast set, coffee or tea and a glass of fruit juice. Guests with breakfast plans can only choose from one of the sets from the breakfast menu, guests will have to pay extra for any additional sets they ordered. Prego was very empty on both days we were there for breakfast. Breakfast was served relatively fast on both days. I had the Full American Feast on the first day and thought it was fairly normal, and the Nonya Coconut Rice on the second day, which was a tad too wet. Unless the room rate comes with breakfast, I thought it is not worth the money to dine at Prego for breakfast. Moreover, there is no lack of options in the Raffles City Shopping Mall under Fairmont Singapore.

Swimming Pool

The Swimming Pool at Fairmont Singapore is located on the 8th Floor and can only be accessed from the 6th Floor due to the pandemic. There are two circular pools, one for adults and another for children, both of which are fairly small. Despite the size, guests can still get some decent laps out of the pool, thanks to the lane demarcation by the hotel. There are numerous deck chairs and three cabanas catering for families at the pool area. I did not have problems looking for space at the pool as it was not at all crowded at the time I was at the hotel. Fairmont shares the pools with the nearby Swissotel Hotel, but the pool is relatively empty during the period I stayed at the hotel. To prevent overcrowding and manage the capacity at the pool, Fairmont Singapore has in place a booking system for pool usage. Each room is allowed to book one 2-hour slot for the usage of the pool per day.

Swimming pool at Fairmont Singapore viewed from the Signature King Saloon Suite


The gym at Fairmont Singapore is located on the 6th floor of the hotel. The gym is large by hotel standards, capable for guests to do some serious workouts. The gym is segregated into a strength and conditioning area and a cardio area. The strength and condition area is located on the mezzanine floor of the gym and is very well equipped with machines, dumbbells and barbells that one can find in any fee-paying gyms. The cardio area is found on the lower floor of the gym equipped with cardio workout machines like spinning bikes, treadmills and elliptical machines. The gym is mostly empty at the time of our visit and the staff allows us to use the gym without any booking for the usage of the gym. Guests are allowed to use the gym for a maximum period of 2½ hour each day so to cater capacity for the other guests of the hotel to use.

Willow Stream Spa

Guests staying at Fairmont Singapore can use the jacuzzi facilities at the Willow Stream Spa, located on the 6th floor of the hotel. There are three warm jacuzzi pools and one cold dip pool at the Willow Stream Spa for guests to soak their stress away. The sauna and the steam room in the Willow Stream Spa are open for guests to use. There is even a relaxation room for guests to use after their soak in the jacuzzi. Prior booking can be made at the entrance of the spa for guests who wish to use the spa facilities and each booking is for a period of 1½ hours at the Willow Stream Spa.


Despite being allocated for COVID-19 quarantine, our stay at Fairmont Singapore felt safe. The hotel has an excellent process to ensure the safety of its guests. The recently renovated Signature King Saloon Suite is very spacious and contemporary. There are sufficient furnishing in the suite to ensure the comfort of its occupants, yet not too many that makes the suite feel cluttered. The earthy theme that runs throughout the suite makes staying in the Signature King Saloon Suite feel very relaxing. The service at Fairmont Singapore is great with staffs readily to ensure its guests enjoy their stay. The breakfast quality at Prego falls short of expectation and gives me the feeling dining at this restaurant for breakfast a tad unworthy. I would not pay extra for the breakfast if not for my staycation plan comes with breakfast. I would return to Fairmont Singapore again for another staycation once the entire hotel is up and running to experience another suite category.

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