[Accommodation Review] – YotelAir Singapore Changi Airport (Premium Queen Cabin), Singapore (4 – 5 Sep 21)


YotelAir is located on level 4 of Jewel at Singapore Changi Airport. This hotel primarily targets transiting passengers who have extended layover time. The location within Jewel gives its guests the convenience of assessing all the amenities within Jewel without leaving the shopping mall. There are tons of shopping options within Jewel, ranging from international food to clothing and even luxury items. In addition, there are some paid attractions at level 5 of Jewel and an indoor garden where transiting passengers can kill some time with. Then there is the famed indoor fountain in the heart of Jewel, where guests can enjoy complimentary light and sound shows at certain hours of the day.

Entrance to YotelAir Changi Airport
YotelAir Changi Airport is located in Jewel.
Reception (termed as Mission Control) in YotelAir Changi Airport

The Cabin

We checked into the Premium Queen Cabin (all the rooms are termed cabins), which is a little tight at 10m² of real estate space. However, the small space is sufficient for transiting passengers to catch a snooze, freshen up before catching their onward flight.

Sleeping Area

The cabin is tiny that I can see the entire cabin the moment I open the door. The cabin is only large enough to house two adults before feeling cramp. The cabin’s set-up is straightforward and only has the essentials sufficient for travellers who need a space to snooze before their onward flight. There are no windows in the cabin, but the clever use of mirrors and glass to partition between the bathroom and the sleeping area does not make me feel claustrophobic. The first item that comes into my sight is the Queen Bed, occupying most of the space inside the cabin. The unique feature of the bed is that it can be adjustable to an angle that suits its occupant’s preference. The bed is topped with a memory foam mattress and is very comfortable to sleep on. However, the pillows are a tad too soft for my liking. Even with the adjustable angle for the bed, I find it hard to find an optimal angle for me to sleep on. There is some storage area under the bed that seems to fit a 28″ luggage.

The queen bed in the cabin occupies a good amount of space in the cabin

There is a large LED TV mounted onto the wall next to the main entrance to the cabin. I was able to find cable channels akin to those found in 5-star hotels on the TV. There are no closets in the cabin, and I had to hang my clothing on one of the two hangars found on the wall next to the door. There is some shelving space mounted onto the wall next to the bed, where I could place some small items. These shelving spaces are not the most generous that one can find. However, given the tight space, I thought this is sufficient. Beneath the shelving is a small table, which can be folded away if not in use. I used this table to charge my lifestyle devices. I found a luggage rack, which I could use as a stool for the table nicely tucked next to the bed.

The TV in the cabin has lots of cable channels.
Shelving in the cabin that provided me with some storage space


Behind the Queen Bed is a small area dedicated to the bathroom area. Forget about finding a bathtub here in the bathroom. Due to the amount of space, the bathroom is fitted with the bare essentials. There is hardly any space on the sink for me to put anything on. Lucky, there is some shelving by the sink where I was able to stow some toiletries on. Pass the toilet the walking shower is tucked to the end of the bathroom. Despite the size, YotelAir Changi Airport can still fit both a rain shower and a regular shower head in the shower area. Most of the bathroom is enclosed in glass with a curtain for privacy.

The toilet and the walk-in shower in the bathroom


The service at YotelAir Changi Airport is decent as there are not many touchpoints with the staff at the hotel. The only touchpoint we had with the team is during check-in, where the staff readily sprung into action once we were spotted at the entrance to the hotel. Our check-in was processed with much efficiency. The team briefed us on the open facilities and how to get the complimentary coffee at the lounge. Check-out was also done swiftly by the efficient staff.

Hotel Facilities


There is a small gym next to the reception of YotelAir. Guests at the hotel can do some decent workouts at this small gym equipped with cardio machines such as treadmills and stationary bikes. The gym is also equipped with some weight machines and free weights. Unfortunately, the gym is closed at the time of my visit due to government restrictions to curd COVID-19.


There is a small lounge area at YotelAir Changi Airport where guests can get complimentary coffee and tea at all times (have to request a cup from the reception). Due to the pandemic measures, there are only two tables in the Komyuniti. Guests are also welcome to pack their food from the numerous restaurants within Jewel and dine here or purchase a set of meals from the reception at YotelAir. Komyuniti is also where guests can snack their purchase from the vending machine at the reception area that sells overpriced snacks, drinks and instant noodles. I can imagine guests enjoying the range of snacks available during tea time on the numerous tables at the Komyuniti during regular (non-pandemic) times.

Lounge area in YotelAir Changi Airport that where guests can get complimentary coffee
Limited menu up for purchase at a reasonable price
I find the prices in the vending machine to be a little steep


I thought YotelAir Changi Airport is not ideal for staycations. There are not many facilities on the hotel premises, and the cabins are tiny. After all, YotelAir Changi Airport is mainly targeted at transiting travellers. The mattress on the bed is comfortable, but the pillows are not to my liking. Even though the cabins are closely located to each other, the soundproofing in each cabin is excellent. The service is also very minimal as there are not many touchpoints with the staff.

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