[Accommodation Review] UNAHotels Century Milano (Superior Junior Suite), Milan, Italy (26 – 28 Nov 22)


UNAHotels is an Italian brand hotel that operates 25 hotels across the country and has seven properties in Milan alone. We chose to stay at UNAHotels Century Milano due to its proximity to Milano Centrale Station, which is about 7 mins walk to Milano Centrale Station and the Centrale Metro Station (next to Milano Centrale train station). The hotel’s proximity to train and metro stations provided its guests with excellent connections in Milan City and other parts of Italy. The several eateries and cafes near the hotel, in the vicinity of the train station, provided us with options to dine without having addition, there travel too far. There is a supermarket inside Milano Centrale Station, giving us the convenience of getting some drinks and snacks. The quiet but safe location where UNAHotels Century Milano sits, coupled with the numerous shops around, is an excellent place to stay when visiting Milan, especially if one has an early train out of Milan to catch. Furthermore, the hotel is a mere five Metro stops from the Duomo, where most of the shopping in the city congregates, meaning we are not too far away from the actions in Milan.

The Superior Junior Suite

The only type of rooms in UNAHotels Century Milano are Junior Suites. The hotel has several suite configurations ranging from 30m² to 35m². The Superior Junior Suite that we stayed in has a generous (by Italian standard) floor area of 35m². My first impression of the Superior Junior Suite in UNAHotels Century Milano is very spacious and contemporary. We still have ample space to walk around in the Superior Junior Suite after laying our two 28″ luggage on the floor.

Work desk/ Wardrobe area

The Superior Junior Suite employs an open concept making the suite look spacious. We could see the entirety of the suite from the moment we opened the door. The use of a woody tone, mainly in the lighting, flooring and furniture in the Superior Junior Suite, gives it a very cosy feel. The use of an open wardrobe, placed next to the main entrance of the suite, adds to the open theme of the suite. However, I find the wardrobe a tad too small and can only hold a limited amount of clothing. Housed in the same area as the wardrobe is a minibar area, which only consists of a tiny fridge and a set of complementary tea and instant coffee. We cannot find any electric kettle for making tea and coffee, it turns out we had to request an electric kettle from the front desk if we needed to use it. A small safe is mounted below the mini bar area in the suite.

The work desk cum wardrobe area is right at the entrance to the suite.

Nested in front of the wardrobe is a large empty work desk, which we used to place small items on. We also used this work desk as a dining table for the food we packed back as supper. The power outlets on the wall next to the work desk provided guests with the convenience of powering their laptops for work.

The large work desk in the Superior Junior Suite of UNAHotels Century Milano

Lounge Area

The work desk delineates the lounging area in the Superior Junior Suite. A large two-seater sofa, with a matching coffee table, occupies the space in front of the work desk and the window. The couch is very comfortable to sit on and ideal to lounge on while watching the programmes on the 39″ LED TV placed on the shelves mounted on the wall. As the wall was at an odd angle, we would have to adjust the TV to face the couch. The TV programmes in UNAHotels Century Milano are only limited to local channels. Despite having 100-plus channels, we found only one English channel. In addition to using the couch for lounging purposes, we found the sofa a perfect place to place our bags.

Sleeping Area

A twin bed is tucked at one corner of the suite that feels isolated from the rest of the suite, despite having an open concept. The dark brown headboards and bedroom bench were consistent with the colour theme throughout the suite. The bed is very comfortable to sleep on, providing excellent sleep quality that left us recharged to explore Milan. However, I find the only pillow placed on the beds a tad soft for my liking. Besides using the extra pillow found in the wardrobe, we also requested an extra pillow from the front desk, which was delivered to us within minutes. The bedside tables on either side of the bed provided sufficient space for us to charge our phones and power banks.

View of Milan from our suite


The bathroom entrance is located next to the main entrance to the suite. I like the efficient use of space in the bathroom. I find the single-sink set-up, instead of a dual sink, a fantastic arrangement as we had more space to place our toiletries. The toilet and a separate bidet are found mounted onto the wall opposite the sink area. Furthest into the bathroom is where a shower and bathtub combination is located. The bathtub deep and sizeable tub allows us to get a good soak. I thought the movable shower screen was a great idea, making it easier to get in and out of the tub. UNAHotels Century Milano provides its guests with Milanese-branded shower amenities, CULTI. The quality of the shower amenities is excellent, leaving our skin soft after showering.

UNAHotels Century Milano provides its guests with local CULTI-branded bath amenities.


Service in UNAHotels Century Milano is very standard and nothing outstanding. The staff at the front desk initially came across as being stern. However, after interacting with them, we found they are pretty friendly. The check-in and check-out processing times are a tad long, but they are done with due diligence. We also found the hotel’s reception was very responsive when we called them to request additional in-room amenities. The staff at the breakfast restaurant also initially came across as being a tad unfriendly. However, they were very observant and efficient in clearing our plates when they spotted empty plates on our table. These staff at the restaurant were ready to jump in to help guests when they spotted someone needing help.

Hotel Facilities


Guests staying at UNAHotels Century Milano can enjoy complimentary breakfast in the dining room at level 1 of the hotel. The breakfast consists of an assortment of pastries, some cold cuts, and a limited selection of hot food. In addition, eggs can be requested from the servers at the restaurant. Despite the limited breakfast choices, the food is delicious and can fill one’s energy for the day.


UNAHotels Century Milano is a business hotel. The most significant advantage of staying at this hotel is its proximity to Milano Centrale Station and Centrale Metro station. The suites are spacious and clean, and the sleep quality is excellent. The hotel also serves a very hearty breakfast to fuel its guests for the day. Although the service is nothing outstanding, by no means are the staff rude. We had a pleasant stay at UNAHotels Century Milano, which provides value for money and is an excellent base we used to explore Milan.

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