[Accommodation Review] – VIE Hotel Bangkok (Grand Duplex Suite), Bangkok, Thailand (9 – 14 Mar 23)


VIE Hotel Bangkok is in a very convenient location and just one BTS stop away from the heart of Bangkok in the Siam area. Most shopping malls near the Siam area are about 7 mins on foot, and the shopping malls at Pratunam are about 10 mins from the hotel. The nearest BTS station is right at the doorstep of VIE Hotel Bangkok, a mere 2 mins walk from the hotel lobby, providing guests with an excellent connection to the rest of Bangkok via BTS. Furthermore, there is no lack of 24-hour convenient shops near the hotel, with the nearest located just across the road from the hotel.

Reception at VIE Hotel Bangkok

The Grand Duplex Suite

We checked into the spacious Grand Duplex Suite with a total floor area of 145m2 shared among two storeys of living space. The upper floor of the two-bedroom Grand Duplex Suite mainly houses a bedroom of the same layout and size as that on the lower floor.

View of the living room in the Grand Duplex Suite from the second level


The Thai wooden theme of the Grand Duplex Suite at VIE Hotel Bangkok is immediately felt in the suite’s entryway. The small area immediately at the main entrance to the suite is tastefully furnished with a high wooden table, allowing us to place small items such as our keycard. In addition, a single potted plant and the two Thai fabric paintings bring life to this otherwise dull part of the suite. Other than looking pretty, welcoming guests into the Grand Duplex Suite, the entryway is also functional, with cabinetry allowing us to put away our shoes neatly without making the entryway look messy.

Located in the entryway is a powder room. The functional powder room is only furnished with a toilet giving occupants of the suite an additional avenue of avoiding fighting to use the toilet. It also provides the convenience of visiting the loo before heading out to explore Bangkok, other than not having to transverse up the flight of stairs to use the toilet while chilling out in the living room of the Grand Suite.

Living Room

The end of the entryway led us to an expansive living room with a high ceiling spanning the two storeys in the Suite. The high ceiling makes the large Grand Duplex Suite look even more spacious. Sitting in the centre of the living room are not one but two beige-coloured five-seater couches, with one facing a cabinet wall that stretches across the two levels in the Suite. The couches are comfortable to laze on while we watch the variety of local and international channels on the large 55″ LED TV. Other than being home to a large LED TV, the cabinet wall is tastefully decorated by VIE Hotel Bangkok with ornaments (along with some fake books) that reinforce the Thai theme in the Suite. A large dark brown wooden coffee table sits in the centre of the couches, and the TV gives us another alternate venue to dine while watching the TV.

View of Bangkok from the living room

Sitting next to the couch area of the Grand Duplex Suite is the minibar area. Instead of having only one minibar counter, VIE Hotel Bangkok furnished the minibar area with a dark brown wooden kitchen island that provided heaps of storage space. The mini fridge and a microwave oven are located on the kitchen island. Tucked by the wall is another minibar countertop space, where a Nespresso machine, electric kettle, capsules, and teabags can be found. I like the inclusion of a kitchen sink here at the countertop, which is very convenient for us to fill up the water in the Nespresso machine and the kettle. In addition, there is more storage space on the countertop space for us to stow away our stuff.

Dining Area

A large dining table is between the two-storey high floor-to-ceiling window and the couch. Despite being furnished with only four dining chairs, the table is large enough to sit at least six comfortably. The inclusion of the dining table enables us to take away many of the delicious Thai street food or order from Grab food to dine comfortably in our suite.


The Grand Duplex Suite comes with two bedrooms. Both bedrooms’ designs and fittings are identical, with one located on the lower floor just after the entryway and the other on the top floor. A waist-height chest of drawers with three large drawers was the first thing we saw when we opened the doors to the bedroom. The height of this chest of drawers is perfect for placing our luggage and, at the same time, provides us additional storage area for smaller clothing items. The main bedroom area is on the left from this chest of drawers, while the bathroom is on the right. The wooden Thai theme in the living room continues into both bedrooms. A large king bed resting by the wall and a beige cushioned headboard look inviting. The king bed is very comfortable to sleep on, providing excellent sleep quality. I find the four pillows on the king bed a tad too soft. Fortunately, there is a pillow menu that one had to request from VIE Hotel Bangkok, which we could request firmer pillows. Other than the two reading lights fitted on the headboard, two additional lamps are on the two bedside tables. The side tables are large enough for us to place our mobile devices despite being equipped with a lap, a phone or an alarm clock. However, I thought the placement of the power outlets by the bedside tables was flawed. These outlets are inaccessible as they are located behind the table we had to pull out to use them.

There are two wardrobes in each of the two bedrooms, one beside the bed and the other opposite. The wooden wardrobes do not come with any additional drawers. They are suitable for us to hang our six days’ worth of clothing. However, the lack of drawers inside the wardrobes meant we had to stow our smaller clothing items in the chest of drawers by the bedroom door. A dressing table that doubles up as a work desk is fitted opposite the king bed, which we mainly used to stow the stuff we bought while shopping. The presence of power outlets at the desk also meant we could only charge our lifestyle devices on the desk. I like to keep my stuff out of sight, but I find the absence of drawers means we have to leave our stuff on the desk. We were quite surprised to find mini fridges under the work desk in both bedrooms. The mini fridge is handy for occupants on the second level as it means we do not need to go down whenever we want a chill drink. Mounted by the wall above the end of the work desk is a 43″ LED TV that faces the king bed. This LED TV provided us with the same entertainment options as that in the living room.

As the bedroom is relatively spacious, instead of leaving the space near the floor-to-ceiling empty, VIE Hotel Bangkok furnished this space with armchairs, a small coffee table, and a floor lamp. I guess the hotel intends for this spot to be allocated as a space for reading while sipping a cup of coffee or tea or even for guests to look out into the Bangkok skyline. We merely use the armchairs to place our bags.

Armchairs in the bedroom by the window


Similar to the bedrooms, the two ensuite bathrooms located inside the bedrooms are identical. Separated by two panels of frosted glass, the yellow marble-clad bathrooms scream luxury. The bathroom has a large sink countertop fitted with two sinks that prevented guests from fighting each other for the priority of using the sinks. The entire wall by the sink is fitted with a mirror, eliminating whatever claustrophobic feeling one might get (as if anyone will suffer from claustrophobia with the size of this bathroom). There are two sizeable walk-in stalls opposite the sinks. The stall next to the entrance to the bathroom is designated as the walk-in shower. Although the walk-in shower is fitted with both regular and rain shower heads, I used the regular shower head most of the time as the rain shower suffers from reduced pressure. The other walk-in further into the bathroom houses the toilet. Instead of a standard bathtub, VIE Hotel Bangkok equips both bathrooms with a jacuzzi tub. I find the jet pressure in the jacuzzi tub jet to be quite powerful, which is excellent for a hydro massage while soaking in the sizeable tub.

Work Desk Area

Despite having a dresser table that also doubles up as a work desk inside each of the two bedrooms in the Grand Duplex Suite at VIE Hotel Bangkok, the hotel also allocated a space on the second level of the suite for a work desk outside the bedroom, overlooking the lower level of the suite. The dark brown work desk, consistent with the dark brown Thai-inspired theme throughout the Grand Duplex Suite, is fairly large and has three drawers that provide additional storage space for us to stow away files and printouts. The two power outlets at the work desk gave us the convenience of charging our laptops so that we could continue working looking out at either the lower level of the suite or out into the skyline of Bangkok through the floor-to-ceiling windows in the suite. The absence of a desk lamp did not bother me as there is sufficient illumination from the ceiling lights in this part of the suite. A large cabinet is furnished at the work desk area, giving us additional option for storage.


This is my third time staying with VIE Hotel Bangkok. I find the service during my previous experience at the hotel inconsistent. However, it was not the case when we were at the hotel this time. We found the service to be constantly impeccable service from every staff we met during our stay with them. The excellent service was already felt when we contacted the hotel regarding our booking and privilege as a Diamond member. The email responses from the reservation staff – Jazz and Jeng, were always fast. Both Jazz and Jeng understood our needs and requirements and provided non-SOP answers to our questions.

Jenny assisted us during check-in. Jenny showered us with the warmth the Thais were famously known for. While Jenny was processing our check-in, things seemed to run like clockwork. The other staff at the reception (I did not manage to get her name) immediately disappeared into the room at the back of the reception and re-emerged with welcome drinks to cool us from the humid Bangkok climate. Not only was Jenny meticulous in giving us all the information that we needed, such as meal times and where the nearest BTS station was, but she also noted that the mini fridge would be empty and gave us additional welcome drink vouchers for us to use daily throughout our stay at the hotel. The hotel handled our air-conditioning issue very well. The air-con in the suite that we were assigned initially did not work. The hotel got some engineers to fix the issue, but we faced leaking from the air-con. We approached Jenny at the reception and requested a change in the room. We were immediately assigned another suite after the duty manager personally checked the condition of the suite before they sent a porter to help us with the shifting.

We found the staff at reception were always welcoming whenever we walked past them. We have always been greeted with the Thai Wai and the biggest smile anyone when we walked past them. The bellboy at the main door is always seen running towards the door to open the door for us. Similarly, the staff at La VIE restaurant were terrific. We were always greeted with a warm smile from them every morning we were at the restaurant for breakfast. In addition, staff at La VIE were observant and diligent in patrolling the restaurant grounds to ensure empty plates were cleared, and food was always topped up.

Hotel Facilities

Swimming Pool

The swimming pool at VIE Hotel Bangkok is located on level 10. There are two ways to access the swimming pool: via the gym at level 11 or from the lift in the separate building in front of the hotel. Despite the rooftop swimming pool being a tad small with limited sundeck chairs available, it still allows guests to swim a decent few laps. Fortunately, few people used the pool throughout the six days we stayed in the hotel. The swimming pool at VIE Hotel Bangkok is an excellent place for those looking for a great spot for suntanning as there are no structures around to block out the sun.


The gym at VIE Hotel Bangkok, located on level 11 of the leading hotel building, is a commercially operated gym under the WE Signature Fitness Club banner. The gym is very well equipped with free weights and machines that enable guests for full body workouts with machines that work out different muscle groups. Besides strength training machines, the gym is equipped with numerous cardio training equipment such as treadmills and elliptical machines. On top of the machines, the gym has a small group fitness studio running numerous exercise classes, from yoga to MMA. However, guests at VIE Hotel Bangkok would have to pay additional fees to join these group exercise classes.

Breakfast at La VIE Bistronomy

Breakfast is served at La VIE Bistronomy restaurant on level 10 of the hotel daily—a good mix of Asian, Thai and Western options for breakfast. The breakfast served was delicious, and I particularly liked the big and puffy croissants, and the hashbrowns served daily were crispy. Food was being topped up constantly by the diligent staff at the restaurant, ensuring all food options were available to guests. I applaud the hotel’s effort to create daily changes to the breakfast. Most hotels attempt to create a particular form of menu changes where the food options are repeated every other day. This is not the case in VIE Hotel Bangkok; we did not see any changed items repeated throughout the six days we dined at La VIE Bistronomy during breakfast.

Cocktails and Canapés at Piano Bar

VIE Hotel Bangkok serves cocktails and canapés from 3 pm to 5 pm daily at the Piano Bar for guests staying in Executive Suite or higher categories. The Piano Bar is located on the hotel’s ground floor, next to the reception. There is a limited list of beverages, from cocktails to mocktails to soft drinks, that guests can enjoy with the canapés, which are topped up constantly. In addition, each day, there is a selection of about eight Thai-fusion finger food items with a good mix of sweet and savoury items for guests. Similar to breakfast, the canapés menu was changed daily.


We had a pleasant stay at VIE Hotel Bangkok. The hotel is conveniently located in the heart of Bangkok with numerous shopping malls under 10 mins walk from the hotel. The proximity to the BTS is a bonus for us to explore Bangkok. The Grand Duplex Suite is spacious and very comfortable, and the bedding provided us with excellent sleep quality. The service we experienced was impeccable. The staff were always welcoming. This is the best experience we had with VIE Hotel Bangkok compared to our previous experience.

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