Bangkok Day 5 (22 Dec 09) – One Last Glance

Today’s my last day here for this trip, my flight departs at 9.15 pm, giving me the whole day to spend around in Bangkok , but I am out of energy to do anything else. Woke up rather late (around 10 am), and started to pack, as I have not to pack yet (my hotel room was kinda in a mess). Since I have to check out the latest by 1 pm, I din have much time to relax at all. Packing din takes me too long, done packing at around 11.30 am. Today din do much. After I checked out of the hotel, I was walking around Siam Square (thank goodness I stayed at Siam Square, at least something to do for me to kill time), making sure that I covered everything on Siam Square. Siam Square was rather empty at the time I woke up when I looked out from my room, however at around noontime, one can see an influx of people, the locals (mostly students and yuppies), tourists. It seemed that the place has gotten a breath of life as the time dwells into the lateness. Now shopping here was a breeze since I can speak a little Thai, prices quoted to me was much much lower than the others. And the locals are more willing to give me a good price (compared to Caucasians who was trying to buy stuff from them). Felt pretty much like a zombie, walking around aimlessly to kill time. Dunno how many times I walked around Siam Square today already. Guess I am so familiar after today that there is nothing in Siam Square that I did not cover. Walked around the nearby malls such as MBK, Siam Discovery, Siam Centre and Siam Paragon, was kinda torture since I dun like shopping. Anyways, managed to killed time and waited for 6 pm and returned to the hotel. When I checked in, the hotel staff told me I could ask for a shower room. Had the impression probably they have shower facilities like those in swimming pools or gyms. I went to the business centre and asked about the shower room, little did I expected that they gave me a hotel room just for showering purposes on the 5th floor. After I entered the room, I found that the room that I was assigned was a good one and is pretty big, compared to this room. After taking a nice shower, time for me to head to the airport.

Can never get sick of this view of Siam Square from the deck of my room
A&W Waffle Burger
Last look around Siam Square

The journey to the airport was a nightmare, even the cabby was complaining about the traffic in the city. Despite his grumble and the traffic which stood still for around 15 mins (as in not moving at all, the light at the junction was red throughout the 15 mins), no one was honking or swearing. People were just waiting patiently for the light to turn green. After we survived the traffic jam (thanks to the knowledgeable cabby who knew how to avoid the jam), we arrived in the airport rather fast (took around 1½ hour with the jam). There was a delay in checking in, as the airline system was down, around 30 mins later we were able to check in once more. Dun have the time to walk around the airport, after checking in, went to grab a bite and then headed towards the aircraft (did I mentioned the airport was HUGE?). The aircraft arrived late and as a result, we took off 30 mins later, well can’t complain coz I am travelling by budget airlines; as long as I got my flight home I am happy).

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