Phuket Day 1 (22 Mar 10) – First Impression After 10 years

The moment I left the aircraft to immigration, well the impression I got from the first Thai I met, the immigration officer, was less then welcoming as compared to Bangkok. Left me wondering if there is too much tourists to Phuket so much so that the locals find tourists a nuisances. Well I am just here for a few hours, too early to even pass that “judgment”. As we were driven towards our hotel, there seemed to be alot of areas on the island that the locals couldn’t really be bothered to develop. After all those are not the “golden” areas. Along the road saw an ambulance, seemed like some traffic accidents. There is this local, who seemed to be performing some kind of ritual to ward off the evil. He seemed to be performing this dance that one would see prior to the commencement of their very own Muay Thai. Despite the held up on traffic, no one was whacking their horns. Everyone was patiently waiting for the opportunity to continue their journey.

As we arrive at Patong beach area, the scenery changes from the vast lands to one that is cramped up. Every inch of land was being utilized on this part of the island, everywhere was establishments of either trade to make tourist money, or restaurants, or massage palours, or hotels. This place indeed was made for the tourists!! Arrival at the hotel took no longer then 40 mins after leaving the airport. Checking in was fast, Service was good (so far). The hotel room was simple, 1 toilet, 1 bed, a balcony that overlooks Otop market. Not too bad I thought, at least quieter then those rooms facing the swimming pool, where you only get peace in the evening when they shut down the pool for the day.

My room in Mercure Phuket
My room in Mercure Phuket
View of Otop Market from the Balcony of my room
View of Otop Market from the Balcony of my room
Pool in the hotel at night

I made my way to Jungcelyon for dinner. Walking along the streets of Phuket was certainly different from that of Bangkok. You will see stores and stores of souvenir shops, massage palours and of course restaurants of all kinds, from western food to Thai food (which was in lesser amount that those of western food), to Indian restaurants. I came across this restaurant called “Hells Kitchen”, wonder if it is inspired by the TV series… gonna try that one of these days. Along the streets you see locals paddling for business, masseuses waiting shouting “massage massage” as they spot foreigners passing by their shop. Indeed this place exists solely for the purpose of tourism. It is the same tourism that seemed to spoil the area. feels too touristy for me. anyway my objective is to catch dinner at Jungceylon, and that is all i did.

Jungceylon Shopping Mall

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