Phuket Day 2 (23 Mar 10) – Lazing around

This Day started with some official business. Included in the visit was lunch at this place called Cape Panwa. The restaurant was facing the sea with the horizon stretching to what seemed like the end of the world. The clear sky, good weather (Was told it hasn’t been raining here for the past few months) and hotels that were built on the cliff in the area. nice view, great lunch… indeed was very relaxing. On the way back I decided to stop by the Otop market just 3 mins walk from the hotel. This big night market that seemed dead in the day. You dun hear the usual touting by the shop keepers. They are either resting, storing up their energy for the night; or busy stocking up of their goods. Now my months of learning the Thai language was put into use this moment when I decided to get a pair of slippers, and a Chang beer singlet (the weather is just too hot to wear even T-shirts). The shop keepers are very willing to cut their prices without much bargaining effort (not too sure if it is my Thai language or simply there do not have the energy in the day to even bargain with me). Got my stuff and headed back to the hotel to laze in the afternoon.

Sunrise from my balcony
Sunrise from my balcony
View from the balcony in my room

After lunch headed back to the hotel. The weather is just too hot to even leave the room. Since the sun is so generous in gracing us with its warmth, I decided to try out the swimming pool. Spent the whole afternoon lazing around in the pool, like the many guests in the hotel. After spending some 2 hours lazing around, time to head back to the room relax abit.

The fantastic pool in the hotel
Buildings around the hotel

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