India Day 1 (10 Jun 11) – Journey into India

Journey to India

The decision to travel to India is rather ad hoc. I was rather hesitant to make this trip, as it is the middle of summer in India with a daily average temperature of 40°C. However I couldn’t resist the opportunity to travel, thus 2 months ago I made the plans to travel and did the necessary arrangements and now here I am travelling to India. Today is rather uneventful as I practically spent the whole day travelling to India. I took Thai airways to India, transiting Bangkok. The only highlight is the free massage in Bangkok Airport that I was so looking forward to. The lady who did the message is not only skilful, she also got rid of the shoulder ache I have since before my Iran trip. Kudos to her!!

Shopping around Singapore Changi Airport
My Seat for the next few hours
Reaching Thailand
Transiting Thailand Airport
Transiting Thailand Airport
Flying off to Delhi
On My way to Delhi

Arrival in New Delhi

After spending almost 10 hours of travelling (plus transit time), I finally reached the Delhi International airport. The first impression of this airport is it is very new, very modern and is comparable to the Singapore Changi Airport that most Singaporeans is so proud of. Immigration was swift and there wasn’t a lot of people as I had anticipated. Customs clearance only took about 10 mins. After collecting my luggage, the moment I step out of the airport, it doesn’t feel and look like India at all. There is not much crowd, which could be due to the time that I arrived. I headed happily towards the airport express metro that took me to New Delhi train station. The ride was rather fast and I was at New Delhi train station in less than 20 mins.

Waiting for the subway
Waiting for the subway
Subway to downtown Delhi
Me on the subway to Delhi

Exiting the train station, this is the time I felt I am really in India! The usual cab touts that the guide books mentioned sprung into action upon seeing that I was a potential target. They quickly rushed up to me trying to get business. As the guide books have mentioned, these touts that approached the foreigners often quote a higher price, so I told them I am at my destination and do not need auto rickshaw. I gotta give it to their determination, these touts do not seem to buy my excuse and kept following me till a distance where they stopped and approach other foreigners. Well, I was intending of getting train tickets to Jaipur the next day, so technically I am at my destination. There are Xray machines at the entrance of the train station. I asked the guard at the Xray machine if the ticketing counters are closed (it is 9.30 pm when I reached New Delhi station). The guard mentioned that they are closed for the day so I see no purpose in going into the station. I tried to walk towards the hotel that I will be putting up for the night. 

After some distance I saw some tourist police and approached them for directions, they mentioned that walking to my hotel is quite far and they helped me hailed an auto-rickshaw, negotiated the price for me and off I go towards the hotel. The journey to the hotel is indeed far, I was grateful to the tourist police for telling me walking is too far. The hotel was very inconspicuous, however, the diligent auto-rickshaw driver managed to find it. After settling in, I walked around nearby looking for dinner. After dinner, I returned to the hotel to rest for the night.

My nest for the night
Hotel entrance
The street around the hotel

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