[Accommodation Review] – Aura Hotel, Delhi, India (10 – 11 Jun 11)


The location of this hotel is near to the New Delhi Railway station (about 20 mins walk), and it serves as a good pit stop for travellers who are going to head out to the other parts of India via rail. The hotel is located in an alley that is buzzing with activities, even to the night. Guests will have no problem in finding food nearby the hotel. However, it is located a tad far from the other sights in Delhi.

The facade of the hotel
The street where the hotel is located

The Room

Sleeping Area

From the outside, the hotel does look a little run down, from the reception to the lobby to the lift. However, do not judge this hotel by what you see. Once I got opened the door to the room, my impression changed tremendously.  A huge king-sized bed welcomed me upon my entrance to the room. The room is a tad small and has no windows. However the non-existence of the window does not bother me too much, it might be better given the hot weather in India at this time of the year. The sleep quality of the bed was perfect. The comfortable bed enabled me to have a great sleep through the night. In front of the bed is the LCD TV, which broadcasts international channels such as National Geographic and BBC news. Though the room is a tad small, for single occupancy, it is sufficiently spacious. Beside the bed are the standard bedside tables and a couch for one to rest in. The hotel has one of the most powerful air-conditioning around as it cools the room down relatively fast in no time. The fee Wifi internet is reliable and speedy. 

Stairways in the hotel
King Size Bed
Entrance and TV


Next to the TV is the door to the bathroom, which comprises of a sink, a bathtub and shower combo and a toilet. The bathroom is just nice for one and the presence of the bathtub is surprising. The water was nice and warm, however, it turns cold quickly when running in the bathtub.

Bathtub and Sink area


Despite being a 4 star hotel, the service rendered by the staff matches those of 5 star international brands. Upon arrival, the staff sprung into action and checked me in quickly. The helpful porter even offered to help me with my luggage without even asking.  After being assured that I was brought to the right room, the porter returned within minutes with 2 bottles of 1L cold mineral water, with complements from the hotel. Such thoughtful and personalised acts are to be applaud for.

The staffs greeted me the next morning when I was leaving the hotel to do some sightseeing in Delhi. They even checked where I was heading and volunteered information on how to go and what to look out for.  They even helped me to hail a motorised trishaw and instructed the driver where to drive me in Hindi,  ensuring that I reach where I want to go. Upon my return to the hotel, they even checked how was my day and was interested in what I had seen for the day


Despite the unimpressive facade of the hotel, the hotel proves to be a hidden gem once guests got inside the room. The room is comfortable, though slightly on the small size, it has however everything that one needs for a comfortable stay. The windowless room was a tad depressing. Overall, this is a hotel that is worth staying and the sincerity displayed by the staff makes it a good choice to stay.

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