[Accommodation Review] – Royal Orchid Central, Jaipur, India (11 – 13 Jun 11)


The hotel is located outside Jaipur city itself.  In terms of location, this hotel isn’t that fantastic. There isn’t much eateries nor sites around the hotel. One would have to either grab a bite in Jaipur city or eat at the hotel. It is about 20 mins bus ride from the nearby MGF Metropolitan Mall, where one will be able to find eateries.

The Room


The room in the hotel is fairly large for the class of the room. Once entering the room, a corridor leading into the sleeping area welcomed me. To the right of the corridor is the bathroom area. The bathroom comprises of the standard bathtub, which has the showerhead together with it. The tub is placed right next to a huge glass wall, which was somehow tainted to provide more privacy. Next to the bathtub is a single sink, which is placed rather close to the tub.  The toilet is situated on the other corner of the bathroom. The bathroom is just the right size and is rather functional.


Wardrobe Area

To the left of the corridor that ushers guests into the room are the wardrobe. The 2 panelled door wardrobe is sufficient for one to unpack their luggage. There is also a safe inside the wardrobe. After the wardrobe is the minibar area, where one would find the standard fridge and some cups for the complimentary coffee and tea provided by the hotel.

View of the room from the couch area

Sleeping Area

Further into the room, one can find the king-size bed, a couch tucked at the far corner, next to the ceiling to the wall glass panel, as well as a study desk. The TV is situated opposite the bed as with other hotels. The study desk seemed to be clattered with all sorts of pamphlets and information on the hotel, which means one would have to clear the table to do some work. The sleep on the bed was fair, however, it serves its function by providing guests with a night of decent night sleep. The pillows are however too soft for my liking. Lighting for the whole room is just nice, not too bright and not too dark.

View of the room from the corridor

Soundproofing of the room is quite bad as I could hear kids running along the corridor from the bed in the room.


The service level of this hotel is top-notch. I did not expect them to be able to address me by my last name the first time I walked up to the reception for checking in. This goes to show that the staffs bothered to look through the records of the list of guests checking in and memorise by their last name. Checking in was a breeze and rather speedy. The staffs provide guests with sufficient information about the hotel and the surroundings, yet not too much information that holds up the guests’ time. The doorman, Mr Hukum Singh, is a star in the hotel. Not only he opens the door for guests, but he seemed interested in finding out where you are going and how to help you get to your destination. His knowledge of Jaipur enables him to provide well needed advise when I was visiting Jaipur.


If one is looking for a hotel in a convenient location, with a range of eateries and shopping, this hotel is probably not for you.  The infrastructure in the room is pretty much standard and pales in comparison with international hotels. However, the lighting is great in the room and the rooms are always kept clean. What I like about this hotel is the staff who took pride and understood what it means to be customer-centric.

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