Bali Day 4 (18 Sep 13) – Lazing in the villa

We wake up late today with the intention of lazing around in the villa and enjoy the tranquility of our private pool. What’s the use of having a private pool villa and yet not take the time to utilise its facilities? As the sun has been kind enough for us to tan a little. We called the reception, who are forever so welcoming and attentive in taking our orders for breakfast and have it delivered to our villa. After breakfast, we watched a little TV before hitting the pools for a few laps and enjoying the sun tan.
In villa breakfast
In villa breakfast
Preparing for tanning
Private in-villa pool
At about afternoon, we felt bored just staying in the villa and wanted to go out for a walk. When we were driven to the villa on our second day in Bali, I remembering seeing a big shopping mall near Seminyak. We originally wanted to visit that, however I did not manage to see the name of the mall and started to ask the hotel staffs about it. Apparently they have no idea what I as referring to. My friend and I then decided to get the staffs to arrange for private transport to drop us off at Seminyak Square and find our way from there. Seminyak Square is indeed a small square with limited shops, and not the type of shopping mall we were so used to at home in Singapore. We walked around Seminyak area and finally gave up and hailed a cab. We told the cabby that we were looking for a big shopping mall. The cabby had misunderstood where we wanted to go and brought us to what he deem a shopping mall. This does not seem to be the mall I saw 2 days ago, moreover it reeks of touristy traps all over. My friend and I told the cabby that this is not the mall we saw. At this point, I thought it is rather pointless to go about in a wild goose chase and told the cabby to send us to Legian – a district that is between Kuta and Seminyak.
We alighted in Legian and I was feeling thirsty by now. I saw a Starbucks across the street from where we alighted and proposed to my friend to grab a cuppa from Starbucks. We chilled in Starbucks in a bit before heading out to explore Legian. Legian is just like Kuta, except there seemed to be lesser crowds, mainly due to it being early (around 4pm). We have no idea where we were heading but just walked along the streets of Legian. There are shops setup on both sides of the street, obviously aimed at making tourist dollars. After walking for a couple of hours, the scene suddenly looked familiar.
Streets of Legian
Afternoon Tea at Starbucks
“I think we are in Kuta Square”, I said to my friend. I remember seeing certain shops in Kuta Square. Little did we realise we were actually in Kuta Square. We welcomed the familiar scene and this time round I asked my friend if we wanted to walk towards Discovery Mall and looked for the A&W restaurant, which has extinct in Singapore for more then 10 years! This time round we managed to find it. A&W is actually inside the shopping mall. Discovery Mall is just like any typical shopping mall around the world, with an anchor department store and several other shops. We walked around the mall a bit and settled for dinner in A&W. After dinner we walked to the back part of the mall and it seemed like the mall is built between 2 coastlines.  I turned to my friend and told him this is the quieter part of Kuta. After staying for about 10 minutes, we decided to head out front and walked along the streets of Kuta. By this time, the sky has turned dark and we decided to hail a cab and head back to rest for the day.
The well missed A&W Root Beer
A&W mascot
Coastline behind Discovery Mall
Coastline behind Discovery Mall
Shopping around Beachwalk Shopping Mall
Shopping around Beachwalk Shopping Mall
Shopping around Beachwalk Shopping Mall

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