Bali Day 5 (19 Sep 13) – Another Lazy Day

We woke up rather late as well today, with the intention of taking it easy on this day. Same plan as the day before, we wanted to just relax in the villa and waste our day away. As with yesterday, we woke up pretty late and ordered our breakfast with the reception. Today is rather uneventful. After breakfast and lazing around for awhile, we hit the pool and continued with our ritual of suntanning. We again tried to persist with a whole day of suntanning, however we did not have the determination to do that. After a couple of hours of suntanning and hitting the pool, our patience ran dry and decided to head out. We wanted to confirm our spa session the next day and got the driver to drive us to the spa. We managed to confirm our bookings and hailed a cab towards Kuta. We arrived in Kuta and walked around as though it has already formed part of our ritual. As the sun is about to set, my friend and I went over to the beach and took some pictures before heading back to Beachwalk mall.
I just love the in villa breakfast
In villa breakfast
Breakfast is served
Getting ready for suntanning
and a dip in the pool
A few days ago, I remember coming across a sign which provides free transfer from the mall to Bali Collection. As we have researched, Bali Collection is a shopping mall. This immediately forms the image of mega air-conditioned shopping centre that my friend and I have always fond of. We originally wanted to take the free shuttle bus from Beachwalk Mall to Bali Collection. As we checked with the timing, it is rather late. I proposed to my friend that we do not wait for the bus, fearing that the shopping mall might be closed by the time we got there. We wasted no time and hali a cab to find our way towards Bali Collection in Nusa Dua. The ride towards Nusa Dua is a mere 30 mins away.
Sunset over Kuta Beach
We were bewildered the moment we alighted from the cab. We had thought that Bali Collection is a mega shopping mall like the Discovery Mall in Kuta, but bigger. To our disappointment, Bali Collection looks more like a shopping arcade, with some shops scattered around the open air shopping arcade, a Sogo departmental store and several restaurants serving mainly western food. We walked around and explored the area a bit, but it did not take long to bore us. As it is already way past dinner time, we walked around looking for a restaurant that serves Balinese cuisine. After all, we did not managed to taste Balinese food so far. We shopped around for a suitable restaurant, and managed to find one which serves Balinese food. There are more western food than local food. The open-aired restaurant also has a live band singing and entertaining the patrons having dinner. We ordered our food and ate there. After eating, we decided to head back to the Villa as there is really nothing much that appeals to us in Bali Collection.
Bali Collection
Dinner in Bali Collection
Dinner in Bali Collection
Dinner in Bali Collection
Dinner in Bali Collection
Dinner in Bali Collection
Creating some Mooncake Festival mood


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