Bali Day 6 (20 Sep 13) – Last Day In Bali

This is our last day in Bali, we were rather reluctant to leave Bali as that means this is the day that marks the end of our vacation and back to reality. We woke up slightly early then the previous 2 days to start packing our luggages. We ordered breakfast from the reception and it was delivered within 30 mins as with the previous days. We looked forward to the delicious breakfast everyday without fail. Breakfast was delivered in the midst of our packing. We stopped briefly to enjoy our breakfast before continuing with our packing. It did not take us too long to complete our packing and soon we found ourselves checking out of the villa. Checking out was a breeze and we even got the villa to drive us back to Seminyak Square. It seemed that this is our usual hang out place in Seminyak (not by choice as this is the only square in Seminyak). We walked around the smallish square and finally settled for coffee at one of the cafes. We arranged for a Balinese spa massage for today to fill in the time from checking out to our boarding time. After our coffee, we decided to walk around and towards the spa.
Breakfast is served
Breakfast is served
Breakfast is served
View of Seminyak Square
Around Seminyak Square
Chilling in a cafe at Seminyak Square
Chilling in a cafe at Seminyak Square
Chilling in a cafe at Seminyak Square
It did not take us too long to reach our destination, although it is rather out of the way and hidden off the tracks (thanks to the staff from the villa whom brought us there the day before and we just relied on our memory). Although we were around 15 mins late, the warm staffs at the spa was patient and welcomed u with the biggest smile one can find in Bali. We took a 2 hour spa package and the massage skills of the staffs here was fantastic. They took away the aches and completely allowed our muscles to relax. 2 hours whisk past quickly and we were sadden to be leaving this wonderful massage joint with skilful staffs. We attempted to walk back to the villa where we will collect our luggage and be transported to the airport. How wrong we were as we were terribly lost , attempting to find where we were using the google map on our phone seemed to fail. We had to stop a few times to ask for directions and even attempted to hail a cab, but with no avail. Somehow we land ourselves at Seminyak Square where everything suddenly looked familiar and subsequently found ourselves back to the villa, where the staffs readied the car to transport us to the airport.
Time for some Balinese Spa
We booked our spa session at Venus Spa
Inside the spa
Inside the spa
Saw this interesting Guardian Statue while walking around Seminyak
Walking around Seminyak
It took us about 1 hour to reach the airport, where the staffs bid us farewell and thanked us for staying at the villa. What fantastic gesture!! We were slightly hungry at this point and wanted to grab a bite. However the eateries are outside the airport terminal. We initially wanted to check in our luggage before heading back out for food as we did not want to lug our luggage along while looking for food. When we checked with the security personnel at the entrance into the terminal building, we were told we can’t exit the terminal once we went inside (well they are not exactly the friendliest staff). My friend and I then decided to just head into the terminal and get ourselves check in, hoping to find some thing to eat in the immigration area. We soon find ourselves passing through the immigration and were looking for food. Luckily for us there were several options available. We settled for some Indonesian eatery and got our stomach filled up. By this time it is around boarding time and we hurried towards the gate for our flight where we spent the next couple of hours heading back to Singapore.
Some airport lounge food before boarding
Dinner onboard
We ordered a bottle of red wine as well
Dinner is served
Though it is a short 6 days trip, we managed to see some famous sights in Bali, tried the famous Balinese massage and even find the time to relax in the villa and return to Kuta area time and time again. This is a relaxing trip and may our next trip be as relaxing!!



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