[Accommodation Review] – The Westin Grande Sukhumvit (Deluxe Room), Bangkok, Thailand (25 – 26 Dec 13)


The location of the hotel is fantastic, it is just next to the Terminal 21 shopping mall. The hotel is also close to the BTS train system. There is no lack of food options around the hotel and there are several shopping malls around the hotel.

Hotel Signage

The Room

The floor area of the room felt just right for its category, it isn’t too cramp and there isn’t too much unnecessary furniture in the room.


Heading into the room, the toilet door is located on the right side. The toilet itself was presentable and functional. A single basin with racks that the hotel staffs display the amenities. The amenities are of good quality, but the flaw is it is too small a bottle. I had resorted to bugging the housekeeping staff a few times to get more bathing amenities. The walking shower is just next to the toilet bowl, tucked in one corner of the bathroom. On the other side of the bathroom is a smallish bathtub, with a huge mirror hung up on the wall. The bathtub looked too dirty to be used, hence I did not even bother using it.

Walk-in shower and toilet bowl
Storage shelf in the toilet
Storage shelf in the toilet

Sleeping Area

Opposite the toilet is some shelving that houses the minibar and drinks, with a small wardrobe. The main bulk of the room is taken up by the king-sized bed, big enough to sleep 3 adults. Opposite the bed was a large LED TV. There is also a 2 seater couch beside the bed and a study for those who want to do some work in the room. The view of the room we were assigned was facing the city, which is a better view of the 2 sides of the hotel. However, the downside of the room is that it somehow felt wasn’t ready for occupancy. We saw an empty plate on the study desk, which comes with a small note that reads “Please enjoy the complimentary fruits”, it turns out there was NO fruit on the plate! I am not too sure if this is a practical joke that the hotel cracks with the customers on Christmas itself.

Minibar area
The couch in the room
King-size Bed
TV and the work desk
EMPTY fruit plate!!
View from the room

Swimming Pool

After settling in, I headed for the pool for sun tanning. The pool was of the right size, however, the water is very cold, despite it being the middle of the day. The amount of tanning benches at the pool is rather limited. Once one can grab a spot, the pool is a good place for tanning.
Pool area
The facade of the hotel from the pool


I stayed at this property on Christmas day itself. Check-in counters are located on the 8th floor. Upon arrival, I was warmly greeted by the staff at the front door, who had volunteered to help with my luggage to the reception which was pointed out by the staff is on the 8th floor. I told the staff I can manage the luggage and he showed me to the lift that will take me to the check-in counters.

Check-in counters 
Xmas tree in the lobby
At the counter, the staffs greeted me with a smile and helped to process my check-in promptly. I got the keycard and was given a room that matches my requirements. However, there was no special mention about my SPG member unlike the other hotels under the chain. I collected the keycard and proceeded up to our room. When I was at the door of the room as assigned, I couldn’t get the door open with the keycard. I enquired with the housekeeping staff who was a few rooms down regarding the problem I was facing. She promptly put down her work and concentrated on helping me solving the problem. Although she spoke very little English, she managed to find out my problem and called the front desk. Upon checking with the front desk, I realised I was told the wrong room. The housekeeping staff even showed me to my room and ensured that I was comfortably settled down before resuming her work.
I saw some staffs around the pool. All of them doesn’t appear to be interested in working. Spotted some chatting in one corner with their colleagues, while others were busy playing on their mobile phone. I checked out the gym, which was rather small, the staff at the gym saw me entering the gym and gave me a “what the hell are you here for” stare. I am taken aback by the difference in service standards among the staffs that we have met throughout the hotel. Some of the frontline staffs are not interested in ensuring customers are well taken care of, while that level of service was seen portrayed by a backend staff such as a housekeeper was different. The free wifi at the lobby is a joke! I was given one slip, which can only be logged in by one device at a time for 1 hour! However, most of the slips that I was given were expired! Wonder what is stopping the hotel from opening up wifi at the lobby for patrons to use!!


Overall, while the sleep and the room were comfortable in this hotel, the difference in service standards portrayed by the various staffs and the rude joke that we encountered in the room, coupled with the dirty bathtub are serious flaws that the hotel intentionally or unintentionally overlook. There are better hotels around at this price range that will provide better and more consistent service.

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