[Airline Review] – Thai Airways B777-200ER (TG402) – Business Class, SIN-BKK, (25 Dec 13)


Thai Airways counter is located in Terminal 1 of the Singapore Changi Airport. The check-in counters are sufficiently manned, as such the waiting time isn’t long. I was initially flying on Economy Class (hence was not escorted to the Premier Check-in lounge) but decided to get an upgrade at the airport. After paying for the price difference in classes, checking in was swiftly done. The staff at the counter did the usual by reminding me which gate the aircraft is located and the boarding time. She also handed me the invitation to the Thai Airways lounge and provided directions on where it is located.

Thai Airways Lounge

Thai Airways lounge is located on the level above the immigration counters and there are signs that lead up to the lounge. The exterior of the lounge looks refreshing, however, nothing seemed to be changed from my previous visit 3 years ago. The staff at the front desk saw me walking in and greetings were accorded promptly. I surrendered my invitation to the lounge and headed for the lounge to relax a little before my flight.
Entrance to the Lounge in Changi Airport
The interior of the lounge was dim in colour, the central theme colour was brown to give it a sense of class and cosiness. However, the lounge felt a little underwhelmed, as it is rather small facilities are limited. There are very limited options for food and drinks. The main bulk of the area of the lounge is dedicated to seating patrons, while the food counter occupies a small portion of the lounge. There is also a very small corner where one can find business facilities such as computers and internet access. There are also some reading materials, with a collection of major business and travel magazines and newspapers.

Snack area
Snack area
Snacks that I opted
Internet terminals
Reading materials


The flight from Singapore to Bangkok is serviced by the Boeing 777-200. This aircraft has only 2 classes – The Royal Silk Class and the Economy class. Upon entering the aircraft, pursuers are standing at the gate greeting and welcoming passengers on board. I showed them my ticket stub and was briefly told where my seat is located. Drinks were served shortly after I settled down and menus were distributed at the same time. The pursuer came back shortly and asked for my option for the meal.
The bird that is taking me to Bangkok
Pre-flight drinks
The Royal Silk Class is decked in purple colour and the seats are in egg-shell shaped. The seats offer 152 cm (or 60″) pitch, which feels spacious. The seat is capable of reclining to around 170 deg for sleeping. The seats are electronically controlled via the panel on the armrest located in the centre of 2 seats. The Royal Silk Class onboard this flight is arranged in a 2-2-2 configuration. The seats are very comfortable and have massaging functions for passengers. Tables on the seats are stowed inside the armrest. There are also reading lights located on the top of the seats for passengers to utilise.
Cabin in Royal Silk Class
Seat Controls
Reading lights
The controller for the AVOD is located on the side of the armrest and the system offers passengers variety options to keep oneself entertained throughout the flight. The screen of the AVOD is rather large however the AVOD system seemed to lag a fair bit.
AVOD system
Large screen
AVOD controller

Meal Service

As this is the morning flight, only one course is being served. Before the meal service, pursuers were seen placing a small piece of table cloth. Soon came the meal with the option that was consulted before taking off. After which, the pursuer was seen popping around the cabin with a basket of bread for passengers to choose from. I opted for the chicken omelette and the taste was pretty standard.
Meal options
Drinks options
Drinks options
Chicken omelette
After the meal, pursuers came by to clear the table and asked passengers if they want coffee or tea. As I saw on the menu the option for cappuccino, I opted for one. Drinks were made available throughout the 2-hour flight.
Drinks onboard


The lavatories are located to the front of the aircraft and were decorated with orchids. There are amenities such as eau de cologne, moisturiser and hand soap made available.

Orchid decoration in the lavatory
Toilet bowl
Toilet paper


Service is rather disappointing onboard this flight in their Royal Silk Class. The pursuers were seen to be friendly to selected passengers but not all. Pillows were placed on every seat but not the blanket. The pursuers subsequently distribute quilts to every passenger except me. I had to ask for practically everything onboard this flight. The pursuers also took some time to return to me with a blanket.
I asked for a cappuccino after the meal but was given a long face when I rejected both coffee and tea and opted for a cappuccino instead. The pursuers also stop short of me when distributing immigration card. I had to ask for one, which took them 20 mins to return with one for me. Similarly, the pursuers did not even come round to collect the meal tray while they were going around collecting for other passengers. I had to press the buzzer to alert them that I had long finished my meal.


Thai Airways has a huge room to cover for their service lapse on this flight. I was treated transparent most of the time despite being in their business class. Everything had to be asked and I was often skipped a few times.  The seats are however very comfortable and passengers have no lack of entertainment options onboard.

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