[Accommodation Review] – Hard Rock Hotel (Deluxe Suite), Sentosa, Singapore (13 – 16 May 16)


Hard Rock Hotel is located right at the doorstep of Sentosa Island, within the grounds of Resorts World Sentosa, and is one of the several hotels managed by Resorts World Sentosa. The hotel is located in the heart of the action with theme parks such as Universal Studios Singapore, Adventure Cove right next to the hotel. There is no lack of eateries around the hotel, making it a very convenient place to stay for guests to explore Sentosa Island and Mainland Singapore. The hotel is very accessible, thanks to the monorail system that ply between Mainland Singapore and Sentosa.
Iconic guitars at the entrance of the hotel
Hotel signage
Artefacts such as items used by rock stars were seen throughout the hotel
The corridor leading to my suite
Hard Rock Hotel signage on the ceiling at the lobby
Spacious lobby
Charges of the rooms in Hard Rock Hotel Singapore

The Suite

The Living Room

Upon entering the suite,  a dark purple themed suite greets guests. The main entrance opens up to the living room of the suite. To the right of the entrance to the suite, one can find a dark themed toilet. The functional toilet houses a toilet bowl and a sink. I find this toilet a tad dark. Further into the suite, one can find a black dining table with two chairs tucked by the wall to the suite. Next to the dining table is the mini bar area, with a small bar fridge well hidden in one of the three cabinets. On top of the cabinet is a huge countertop with a sink located in the middle of the countertop. A Nespresso machine and kettle is placed on the left of the sink, while the cups and Nespresso capsules, as well as the coffee and tea, are placed on the right of the sink. One can find two purple single-seat armchairs located further into the living room of the suite. There is a huge coffee table placed in front of the armchairs. A LED TV is mounted onto the wall in front of the armchairs. The wall separating the living room and the bedroom is mounted with dark mirrors, which makes the suite looked bigger. I liked the high ceilings in the living room of the suite, making it feels bigger. However, I do find the suite a little bare without a 2-seater couch, making the living room look under furnished. The absence of a couch also discouraged guests from spending more time in the living room, as the armchairs are a tad uncomfortable to laze in. I spent most of my time in the bedroom of the suite. There are artefacts of rock stars apparent throughout the entire suite.

The layout of the floor I was put up
Entrance to my suite
The dark toilet next to the main entrance of the suite
The living room of the suite. The absence of a couch makes the living room look empty
Minibar area and sink in the living room
Minibar. The price of the drinks are rather expensive, a can of coke will set guests back by S$6.
Complimentary coffee and tea
Nespresso machine and electric kettle
Dining table in the suite
Close up view of the armchairs in the living room
Only 2 armchairs in the living room. No couch for guests to entertain guests or to laze onto
Reading material on the coffee table in the living room
Night view from the living room in the suite

The Bedroom

Entering the door to the bedroom, guests will find a King bed sitting by the wall greeting guests. The purple coloured room feels spacious with an interesting chandler hanging from the ceiling of this part of the suite. An LED TV can be found mounted on the wall to the left of the door (from the bed). There is a day bed fixed by the window for guests to laze on and enjoy the superb view of HarbourFront and the dolphin lagoons of Adventure Cove. From the window, one can see the dolphins swimming freely in the lagoon. To the right of the door is where one can find the work desk equipped with the standard fixtures like a reading light and the phone. There are limited power outlets in this area of the bedroom. Guests can also find a single sized pull out bed between the King bed and the day bed. The sleep quality on the King bed is great. Guests can be assured of great night sleep on this bed. The pillows are just right, not too soft to my liking. I was able to sleep peacefully and wake up afresh sleeping on the King bed. There are no side tables on either side of the King Bed, however, there is a long bench-like table that stretches from the King bed to the entrance of the toilet. There are no wardrobes in this part of the suite.

Very comfortable King bed greets guests in the bedroom
Day bed by the large window in the bedroom. This is a nice spot to laze in.
Work desk
Very limited power sockets in the suite
There is a dock for iPhone users on the work desk
Single-sized pull out bed
A very unique chandler in the bedroom
A long bench served as bedside table found on only one side of the bed
View from the day bed in the bedroom

The Bathroom

Separated by a panel of translucent glass from the bedroom is the bathroom. The bathroom feels a tad cramp compared to the bedroom and the living room. As one enters the bathroom, one can find the bathtub sitting on the right of the entrance to the bathroom. The bathtub is rather large, sufficient for two to have a romantic soak in. Opposite the bathtub, by the entrance to the bathroom, tucked into part of the wardrobe is where guests can find a small TV. Despite having a remote control here (there are three remote controls in the entire suite, one for each TV), I was unable to switch channel using the remote control. It seems that the channel on this TV is a duplicate display from the TV in the bedroom. There is no lack of wardrobe space in the bathroom, guests are treated to two large wardrobes in the bathroom. The safe and extra pillows and blankets, as well as iron and ironing board, can be found in the wardrobe further from the entrance to the bathroom. I find it a tad weird and somewhat inconvenient for the wardrobes and a ledge for guests to stow their luggage to be located in the bathroom. Having the wardrobe with the rest of the bathroom fixtures makes the entire bathroom feels cramp. Next to the bathtub is a single sink, decked with a large Hollywood styled mirror. There is ample space for two to stow their toiletries on the sink area. There is an outlet for guests to charge their electric shaver, however, it does not seem to work in the suite that I was assigned to. Next to the sink, between the sink and the bathtub is where the walk-in shower is located. The walk-in shower has both the regular shower head as well as the rain shower. I find the water pressure to the rain shower head is a tad weak. When I first entered the suite, towels are placed inside the walk-in shower area on one of the three glass shelvings, which I find it weird as the splashes from the shower would have the towels wet. Behind the sink area, in front of the wardrobe furthest from the entrance to the bathroom is where one can find another toilet cubicle. There are no lack of handles in the bathroom area for one to hand their towels to dry.

Huge bathtub
Sink area with a large Hollywood style mirror
A unique stand to store some of the bathroom amenities. The guitar brings out the “rock and roll” vibe
Walk-in shower. The placement of the towels here seems weird as the splashes from the showerhead might wet the towels
Regular and rain showerheads. The water pressure from the rain shower head is rather weak
Standard shampoo and shower gel in the walk-in shower. The quality of these feels cheap and does not give guests paying S$1200++ per night a premium feel
Toilet cubicle in the bathroom
Art pieces in the bathroom outside the toilet cubicle
Wardrobe with TV opposite the bathtub. This is one of the many lightbulbs that were fused and not rectified
Wardrobe outside the toilet cubicle. Guests can find bathrobes and extra blanket and pillow here together with the in-room safe. Together these wardrobes provide ample space for guests to store their clothing

The Pool

The key feature of Hard Rock Hotel Singapore gotta be the pool, which the hotel brings the beach into the pool area for guests to play with the white clean sand. There are several other pools for guests to enjoy their day in the pool area. Other than the Beach area, there is also a lap pool, a free form pool with a pool sidebar, where guests can order snacks and drinks, as well as a sheltered jacuzzi pool. There is also a pool for children with water slides and fountains for children. Beside the pool is a beach volleyball court, tucked at one corner of the pool area. Guests can spend the whole day in the pool area. Unfortunately, there is some sort of upgrading works at the time of my stay, the shower rooms beside the pool and the gym were closed.

Beach pool at night
Swimming pool in the day


The breakfast service in the Hard Rock Hotel Singapore runs from 7.30 am to 10.30 am. Breakfast is served at the Starz restaurant located next to the reception area of the hotel. There is ample space seemingly catering for maximum capacity for the hotel. There is a huge spread of food available for breakfast ranging from local cuisine to Asian cuisine to western cuisine, catering to a wide range of palates. Despite the huge variety of food available, I find the taste average.

Pastry section
Asian section
Dessert and fruit section
Pancakes and sausages


The service throughout my stay in the hotel was nothing short of excellent. I was warmly welcomed by Yugen at check-in. Due to the time of my arrival, there is no queue and Yugen checked me in swiftly. Yugen also informed me about the location for breakfast and the timing of breakfast. He pointed me to the correct side of the lobby to take the lift to the level where the suite is located. Yugen even took the initiative to checked with me if everything in the suite was okay. When I highlighted that the TV in the bathroom was not working, Yugen took into account the time of my checking in and asked if I would prefer to have the TV fixed now or tomorrow. The staff came at the time I told Yugen the next day to fix the TV. The great service is even showed by the housekeeping staff, Lavinia, who is not just excellent and meticulous in her job, she presents herself as warm and friendly staff. Lavinia ensured that the suite is always in a pristine condition every time she made up my suite, she is also meticulous in ensuring all corners are cleaned. I took some ice from the ice machine the night before, Lavinia even took note to ensure the ice bucket (which was covered) is cleared of melted ice. She is always smiling and greeted me whenever I bumped into her along the corridor. Siew Lam the staff from the poolside issuing towels to guests was also great in her service. She remembered my suite number when I signed out the towel every day. She even advised of the best timing to enjoy the pool. When returning the towels, she recognised me and signed the towels in without me informing her of my room number. The hotel provided welcome fresh welcome fruit and a personalised card signed off by the duty manager of the hotel. The hotel also provides shuttle service to ply through the all the hotels managed by Resorts World Sentosa with 15 mins interval providing guests with the convenience of moving around without much walking. However the hotel does not provide complimentary wifi in the room and guests are expected to pay for each device hooked onto the wifi at a rather expensive rate, even for guests paying a premium staying at a suite. The hotel also does not provide newspaper for their suite guests.
Welcome fruit on the dining table in the living room
Welcome card
Shuttle service


In terms of hardware, the suite is very spacious and comfortable. The air conditioning the suite was excellent. However, I find the living room to be rather empty with the existing furnishing. The absence of a couch also does not make me feel like spending time in the living room of the suite, making the living room a wasted space. The sleep quality on the bed was excellent, ensuring guests of good night sleep and waking up feeling afresh. The service rendered by the staffs in the hotel is excellent, staffs were seen smiling and greeting guests. Overall I had a pleasant stay in Hard Rock Hotel Singapore, with the proximity to amenities and attractions in Sentosa, Hard Rock Hotel is a great place to stay.


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