[Accommodation Review] – Aloft Hotel (Stylish Suite), Bangkok, Thailand (19 – 22 May 16)


Aloft Hotel Bangkok is part of the SPG group of hotels and is a sister hotel of W Hotel worldwide. The hotel is located in Sukhumvit Road, and the nearest BTS is Nana Station, which is a mere five minutes walk from the hotel. Nana Station is three stops away from Siam BTS interchange station and one stop away from Terminal 21 shopping mall. However, do note that the side of the BTS exit does not have escalator and guests to this hotel are expected to climb three flights of stairs to get to the ticketing area of the station. While walking along Soi 11, one might feel the walk takes forever to reach Aloft Bangkok as it is located far in the street, despite only five mins on foot is required. The area around the hotel is sprouted with bars and pubs, which can be noisy and rowdy at nights. If the agenda is to enjoy the clubbing scene in Bangkok, Aloft Bangkok is an excellent base as the pubs are literally on the hotel’s doorsteps. Despite the clubbing scene around, the hotel rooms are well sound-proofed which is very effective in keeping the noise out of the rooms. There are also tons of street food from the hotel to the BTS station, there are also a few convenient shops in the vicinity of the hotel. Soi 11 from the main road to the hotel can be jam-packed with cars and pedestrians at night, one will be faced with traffic jam at nights when going to the hotel.
Hotel Signage at night
Entrance to Aloft Bangkok
There is plenty of seating in the lobby of Aloft Bangkok
The reception area in Aloft Bangkok
Aloft Bangkok has a vibrant vibe throughout the hotel with the use of bright and cheerful colours

The Suite

Living Room

I checked into the Stylish suite, one of the two categories of suite Aloft Bangkok has, measuring a generous 60m². Guests staying in this spacious suite would have ample room to move around, entertain their friends as well as to stow their personal effects. As I entered the suite, a white coloured small round dining table with four chairs caught my eyes. This dining set is placed in one corner of the living room of the suite. There is a door to the left of the entrance to the suite, which gives me access to the walk-in wardrobe and the bathroom.

The corridor outside the suite
The main entrance to the suite. The door on the right leads to the wardrobe area and the bathroom
Guests entering the suite will see the dining area with four chairs

Continuing into the suite, a turn to the left opens up to the couch area. The brown coloured 3 seater couch, together with a large-sized cushioned stool is a perfect place for guests to laze in while watching numerous channels on the LED TV in the lounge area. A coffee table is placed between the TV and the couch. There is also a TV rack placed below the wall-mounted TV, creating more space for guests to put their stuff on. I like the clever use of space in the suite, which creates a spacious feel throughout the entire suite.

Lounge area in the living room 
The lounge area is located right in front of the dining area
The placement of the TV allows guests to watch TV even when dinning

The minibar area is well tucked into the wall space next to the dining table. Here is where guests can find a small bar fridge as well as a coffee machine and an electric pot. There is a magazine rack on top of the minibar area, with the latest magazines for guests to read in the lounge area.

Minibar with complimentary water, coffee and tea
Contents in the fridge (chargeable)
Snacks (chargeable) placed under the TV


Through a sliding door from the lounge area, one will find themselves entering the bedroom. Entrance to the bathroom is to the right of the door to the bedroom. Entering the bedroom, a cosy and comfortable sensation is immediately felt. Aloft Bangkok merged contemporary design with hints of Thai culture into the design of the bedroom as seen in the portraits above the headboard of the bed. the main feature in the bedroom is the super King Size bed, capable of sleeping three adults comfortably. There are a couple of bedside tables on either side of the bed, with power sockets, allowing guests to charge their lifestyle gadgets. Aloft Bangkok also provided an alarm clock cum docking device for users of Samsung phones to plug into on the bedside table next to the entrance of the bathroom. The sleep quality on the bed is nothing short of excellence. I had great quality sleep on the bed every night. The bed is so comfortable that I was fast asleep soon resting on it.

Super King Size bed that we sleep 3 adults comfortably 
The sleep quality on the bed is superb. I was left feeling refresh every morning
Clock cum docking device in the suite

Another large LED TV is being mounted on the wall facing the bed. As with that in the living room, there is also a ledge for guests to put their stuff, creating more storage space. Next to the TV, in front of the bathroom entrance is where one can find a work desk.

A LED TV is mounted on the wall opposite the bed

The work desk is tucked onto the wall facing one of two large windows. There is a series of connecting ports, ranging from USB to HDMI and more power sockets on the wall at the work desk.

Work desk
Spacious work desk allows one to do some decent work
Power sockets and various ports for connecting to the TV is available at the work desk

A white colour single-seater armchair is being placed with a standing reading lamp in the furthest corner of the bedroom. I find this spot a perfect place for guests to do some reading or simply to chill.


Armchair tucked into the corner of the bedroom, providing a great spot for guests to do some reading


There are 2 entrances to the spacious bathroom, one from the bedroom and one from the living room. The design of the bathroom is an ingenious move, by merging the wardrobe area with the bathroom, the bathroom not only is spacious, but it is also very functional. Entering the modern designed bathroom from the bedroom, one can find double sinks mounted onto a white tabletop. The generous double sinks allow guests in the bathroom do not have to fight or waste time waiting for their turns using them. Standard toiletries such as soap, shaver, toothbrush and vanity kits can be found placed between the two sinks.

Twin sink in the bathroom
Toiletries provided. Only one toothbrush is provided despite the records stating there are two of us staying in the suite.

To the right of the sink is two cubicles enclosed in glass, adding even more spaciousness into the bathroom. The toilet cubicle and the walk-in shower are located to the right of the sinks. The shower cubicle does not come with rain shower head, however, the showerhead is sufficient to give me the rainshower feel. As a green effort that Aloft Bangkok is undertaking, shampoos and shower gels are not in small bottles but placed in large containers mounted to the wall in the shower cubicle. The housekeeping staffs ensured that these amenities are topped up every day they clean up the suite. I particularly like the Bliss all-in-one shampoo+conditioner and the shower gel as they left my skin feeling soft after every shower. The body lotion also leaves my skin feeling soft and does not feel sticky.

The use of glass in the bathing area enhances the spaciousness in the bathroom
Toilet cubicle
Shower cubicle. There is no rain shower head.
Excellent quality shampoo and body wash provided in the shower cubicle

Tucked at the furthest corner of the bathroom is where guests can find a Jacuzzi bathtub, which is a great place for one to relax into after a day’s shopping in the streets of Bangkok. However, when I turned on the tap to fill the water in the bathtub, brownish water flowed from the tap. There were also black particles being ejected out of the Jacuzzi jets when being turned on. However, these were being resolved by the staff the next day.

Luxurious bathtub with jacuzzi
Brown water coming from the tap in the bathtub. The tap was also ceased up that we can’t use the shower head by the tub

Guests are treated to a generous wardrobe area from the entrance next to the main entrance to the sinks. This area (about 3/4 of the size of the living room) is where the wardrobe can be found. The wardrobe, a single panel wardrobe is capable of hanging two weeks of clothing, however, there are limited amount of hangers available in the wardrobe. Guests can locate the iron and the ironing board well hidden inside the wardrobe. Beside the wardrobe, built into the wall are a four-tiered open shelving and two large drawers. A hairdryer is stored in the top drawer. The space dedicated to these shelvings are rather generous, guests can put a lot of stuff in these shelves. An in-room safe is being installed in the middle open shelf. Aloft Bangkok designed their suite to give ample space to stow tow big luggage on the ledge opposite the wardrobe.

Wardrobe area in the bathroom. The door leads to the living room
Four tiered open shelves with two large drawers below
The wardrobe is capable of storing more clothing if more hangers were provided 
One of the two ledges for storage of luggage
This can double up as a vanity area or stow luggage

Breakfast Run

Breakfast was served in Re:Fuel restaurant located on the ground floor of Aloft Bangkok. The spread was not a lot, but sufficient to fill my stomach. I am quite surprised to find grilled pork and soup noodles being served. There is a section of cold sandwiches at the entrance of the restaurant. There are however no signs of eggs nor an egg station. Guests would have to request them from the ever-busy staffs.

Egg themed dishes 
Hot food area
Noodle station
Grilled pork and bread station
Cold sandwich station

Swimming Pool

The swimming pool in Aloft Bangkok is located on the 10th floor. The 1.2m deep infinity lap pool stretches to the edge of the building, where guests can relax, looking out into the streets of Sukhumvit Soi 11. There is a small wading pool at the other end of the pool, separated by hip height glass for safety reasons. There are limited tanning chairs around, however, due to the low utilisation of the pool by the guests, I was able to get a spot fairly quickly whenever I visited the pool. There aren’t many trees around at the pool area, guests can be assured of getting a good tan on most of the chairs. There is a small pool side bar indoors, where drinks and snacks can be ordered from. The water temperature in the pool is just nice, I wasn’t feeling too cold when swimming there.

Infinity lap pool that stretches to the edge of Aloft Bangkok
All the tanning chairs are free from vegetations. Guests can be assured of having a great tan here
Infinity pool with Aloft logo
Edge of the pool


On the same level as the swimming pool, located by the lift lobby on level 10, is where the gym is located. The gym space is rather small, however, there are machines that allow guests to work out every part of their body. There are limited numbers of each type of machine. The gym in Aloft Bangkok has a small corner where the weights are located. A water dispenser is available in the gym for guests to hydrate themselves.

Small but well-equipped gym


Service rendered in a hotel is another factor that I pay attention to. The service in Aloft Bangkok is a mix. Service at the reception of Aloft Bangkok is exemplary. I was warmly welcomed by the staff and the duty manager at the time of my checking in. The staffs at the reception introduced themselves to me and ensured that the check-in process does not take too long. I was briefed on the breakfast timing and the location for breakfast. The duty manager even assured me to give her a call should I require more assistance to ensure my stay is comfortable. There was this occasion when I raise some issues to the duty manager, instead of being defensive the duty manager listened with empathy and assured me that the issues raised will be rectified.

I approached the reception the next day to inform them about the brown water from the tap in the bathtub, instead of pushing it away, the staffs ensured that the piping was checked and I returned to the suite with clear water from the tap after the issue was being raised. Staffs at the reception area were always smiling and listening attentively to guests. When I asked to extend my late check-out, by another hour, the staff immediately acceded to my request without asking for reasons. She even voluntarily encode the keycard to my suite to ensure I will still be able to gain access to my suite. The check-out process is swift and fuss-free.

My friend arranged with the hotel for a birthday cake for me. The cake and a bottle of sparkling wine were placed in the suite when we entered.

The professional staffs ensured that I was not held up unnecessarily and even gotten her colleague to hail a cab to the airport. The hotel also provides complimentary tuk-tuk shuttle service to the nearby Nana BTS and some other nearby locations. However there was no sign on how to get the service, I only found out on the last day of my stay when I approached the concierge desk in the lobby.

Hotel tuk-tuk that ferries guests to the nearby BTS station
Locations that the hotel can pick up guests from in their tuk-tuk

However, the service during breakfast runs at RE:Fuel does not match up with that provided by their colleagues in the reception area. I was greeted by an impatient and frowning staff at the entrance to the breakfast restaurant on the second day of my stay. The staff tried to put me up in a table (for four pax, we were a party of two) underneath the staircase leading to the second floor. When I scanned around and saw an empty table by the window and requested to change table, I was told off by the staff that the table is a larger table for four pax. I was only allowed to change table (reluctantly) when I told the staff that the size of that table (by the window) is the same as that underneath the staircase.

On the third day of my stay, we met the same staff at the entrance to RE:Fuel who told us that the ground floor restaurant was full. We were invited to use the dining area upstairs. My friend and I went upstairs after getting our food and realised that none of the tables upstairs was set up for dining. There was no cutlery set up in any tables upstairs. This is the time we went back downstairs and inform another member of the restaurant staff of the situation upstairs. After learning of the situation, this is when the staff swiftly cleared a table for us. In the process of setting the table, the staff dropped the table mat on the floor (the floor of the restaurant was dirty, at least in the area we were seated), instead of replacing the table mat, she put the same table mat on the table right in front of my eyes. I told another staff of what had happened, he apologised immediately and had the table mat changed.

Stained table mat during breakfast service
The coffee machine in the restaurant was also stained.  There were insufficient teaspoons provided

Despite the service lapse at RE:Fuel, the housekeeping staffs were friendly. I approached one of them to request for body lotion and was met with a smile, despite me disrupting their work. The housekeeping staff was diligent in keeping our suite clean and tidy, ensuring we always come back to a clean suite every day. However, I find it weird that only one toothbrush was provided in the suite when the records showed that there were two of us in the suite.


I had a comfortable stay at Aloft Bangkok. The hotel has a hip and vibrant personality, extending from the lobby to the suite. I particularly like the spaciousness and the clever use of space in the suite. There is ample space for my friend and me to store our luggage and our daily shopping. The design of the large and brightly lighted bathroom with direct access to the wardrobe area is ingenious. In terms of service, staffs at the front desk of Aloft Bangkok did a great job to ensure guests feel welcomed. However the same cannot be said of those in RE:Fuel. I would recommend Aloft Bangkok for visitors who like to pub or appreciates the spaciousness of the suite, however not so for the patronage of the restaurant on the ground floor.

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